Punterlink Chat Rooms

Room Rules:
ADULT ONLY chatroom.
Do not PM without asking in main room first.
Do not post ANY urls in the main room without getting permission from a moderator first.
Do not use foul language in the room otherwise you run the risk of being kicked/banned.
Chatters will be kicked/banned from the room at the discretion of the moderators only.
Please use only English in the chatroom.

Bringing to the attention of a moderator, someone you think to be breaking the rules should be done in PM only.
If you don't like the way someone is chatting in the room, there are 2 options:
1) To put them on ignore by typing /ignore nickname (nickname being the name of the person concerned)
2) By leaving the room and coming back at a later time.
Anyone whose name is in the room and obviously not chatting/present will be kicked


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