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Featured Mistresses

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Latest Updates

Miss Fitzgerald
UK Mistress
London Mistress
I am an elegant English Dominant Courtesan to the elite, seeing discerning gentlemen for D/s lifestyle-based experiences within the context of a Female-Led Relationship. I do not offer ‘sessions’ but dates with myself as a Dominant Lady where we spend time together socially, whether that is over a meal, attending a cultural event or simply going for a stroll. Perhaps you enjoy the company of a woman who will take charge of the decisions and create a plan for our time together? You do not need to know what the plan is; all you need do is relax, follow my lead and enjoy.
BDSM Escort
Since learning what the term meant, I've considered myself an 'alpha sub'. That is, someone who is submissive in the bedroom, but is a powerful and independent person outside it. I've spent years trying to reconcile those seemingly opposing facets of my personality and identity... The answer is that there is no answer; whilst my sexuality is intrinsically linked to my identity, it's not a matter of one part of my personality trying to compensate for the other... I simply enjoy being sexually submissive from a psychological and sensory perspective. Come visit me to see what I mean.
BDSM Escort
Young petite submissive offers outcalls in and around London. I specialise in these services: - receiving spanking and bondage - Submissive escorting, prosub - Taboo roleplay & fantasy - professional LG, Daddy'd girl escort. - BDSM, fetish, kink - GFE escorting.
Mistress Eliza-Lou
UK MIstress
Halifax Mistress
This alluring 'Little Madam' has a very cheeky charm within her persona that makes it difficult for you submissives not to descend deeper into her clutches of hysteria! Eliza-Lou is a stunning petite Domme with plenty of personal and professional experience within the fetish and BDSM scene.
Haydee Rodriguez
USA Mistress
New Mexico Mistress
Sexy, Curvy, Exotic Mistress ready to be spoiled the way I deserve!
Mistress Katarina
UK Mistress
London Mistress
Being a Dominatrix was always to be my calling, I knew I had a Dominate Personality with Kink in me and i've been honing my skills for as long as I can remember and now it becomes even more clear. Eventually after going to the United States and becoming top rated in the industry I delved into the scene of being a full time Mistress for all those seeking to fulfil there desires and unknown wants. Knowing very well how much I loved being a Pro Dominatrix and combining my skills together so those who see me can enjoy my repertoire of skills that come along with our experience.
Sexy Thai Mistress
Thailand Mistress
Bangkok Mistress
I am an Asian Mistress well versed in all aspects of BD & SM. If you are looking for a strict Mistress to control you should come to me. BDSM and Domination is my passion. You will love it to be degraded, tortured and abused for my pleasure. And you will come back for more.
Goddess Asha
UK Mistress
London Mistress
A sweet, loving and caring South Indian female supremacist, I am a connoisseur of both pain and pleasure. I will introduce you to a world that you have only before dreamed of. With long black hair, a face of a cherub and a highly deceptive appearance, I specialise in creating a connection, capitalising on chemistry and creating a special bond between Dominant and submissive. Even in delivering what most would considered pain, I hold your trust as paramount. I control your person in complete love.

Recent Updates
BDSM Escort
Roxy Blu
I am a sensual and seductive escort who loves to give pleasure to everyone, particularly those who have been very naughty and deserve to be punished. I will spank you, treat you as my slave, tie you up and have my wicked way with you. You name the punishment and I will provide it.
UK Mistress Guide
Princess Lola
Hello, my name is Princess Lola, welcome to my world! A world where, men grovel and throw themselves at my feet... A world where I see men as slaves, subs and sissys, put here to serve and please me. Obey my every command and exceed to the highest standards to fulfil my wishes... A world where you will always be on your knees in front of me, awaiting your pain stricken punishment... I believe that I deserve to be pampered and treated like the true Princess I am.
California Mistress Guide
Mistress Natasha Muller
Sadistic cruel International Pro-Domme. I will drag you into My QueenDomme with My exceedingly skilled and wide experience about the physical, mental and emotional elements of Domination. I Am well versed in all types of play that range from seductive and suggestive to merciless, wicked, fierce play. I'm an old school Mistress, so you must understand the meaning of being before a Powerful Goddess. My rules must be followed as you are here to serve Me and be used by Me.
London Mistress Guide
Countess Steel
I am Countess Steel a blonde british dominatrix who has been sessioning for the past 5 years in London. I am also the one and only "blonde, blue eyed, British Mistress who has consistently dominated submissive's in Dubai for the past 3 years. I TOUR the middle East, when Im not here in London or New York. Whatever your predilection I will accommodate it, there is nothing that shocks me or surprises me.
London Mistress Guide
Mistress Deville
A dominatrix is a female who takes the dominant role in a bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism (BDSM) relationship. As a dominatrix I do not offer sexual services; on the contrary I offer a highly specialised and specific service to the person that craves and desires the need to be punished, disciplined and in some cases severely caned by a beautiful woman. I am a very attractive, long legged, tall brunette who has always been able to command attention just by entering a room.
UK Mistress Guide
Mistress Darkfaye
I am Mistress Darkfaye a Pro Domme, Experience Mistress and Dominatrix. I offer the choice of a soft and sensual, mild and gentle introduction to the world of Bondage, Domination, Submission and Masochism with a heady mix of Tantric Massage, Naturist Nuru Massage or my excellent Tie & Tease Bondassage style sessions. OR you can choose a more intense BDSM experience with my merciless professional S&M Dominatrix services all perfectly tailored to your every need and desire.
Thailand Mistress
Mistress Alexa
Hi, I am Your Russian Mistress Alexa and I am the ultimate dominatrix in Bangkok. Despite my youthful 30 years of age I am an experienced and confident woman of power and will take pleasure in providing you with the complete domination experience!
Manchester Mistress
Mistress Cornelia
Manchester's most Sexy Sensual Domme and Fetish Mistress, Mistress Cornelia one of the best of Premier Mistresses in Manchester. You'll be shivering at the sight of this fabulous, tall, mature, long-legged, sexy and sophisticated Mistress while she'll be dominating, controlling and mocking you! You'll fantasies about being tormented and punished by a sultry, blue-eyed, blonde who is an amazing mature Dominatrix in Manchester. You'll want to know what it feels like to be kneeling in front of her waiting in anticipation to give up your control to a Spectacular Prodomme.
USA Mistress
Miss Vicious
Cruel Gothic Goddess specializing in Cosplay kink, fetish exploration, slave training, and overall Femdom lifestyle. RT & online sessions for subs, slaves, and sissies of all experience levels.
BDSM Escort
Mistress Bella
Taking control and asserting My will are as natural to me as breathing. Being deeply sensual, fundamentally sexual, and thoroughly kinky are also authentic aspects of My personality. I have various mental, physical, and emotional talents, such as a sharp and insightful mind, a dexterous and staminal body, and strong sensitivity and intuition. These provide Me with the tools to best explore these opportunities.
Anna Fatale
Anna Fatale - passionate, voluptuous, sophisticated Mistress in Berlin. Mistress Anna Fatale is the Goddess for those discerning subs and slaves who dream to submit to the most exquisite femininity, and are ready to go on their knees in front of it. Tall, stunningly beautiful, elegant, educated, hedonistic and very sensual Lady, both warm, vivacious, and marvelously imposing, powerful in her feminine confidence. Genuine Venus in Furs, Anna enjoys entertaining and indulging herself, disciplining her slaves, and takes pleasure in mutually enriching BDSM interacting.
BDSM & Bondage Sites
Darkside Magazine
Produced by BDSM fans for BDSM fans, Darkside is a new online magazine which aims to entertain, inform and inspire singles, couples and groups to get their kink on! Each issue, we delve into the BDSM world and promise you lots of erotic stories, articles, photo shoots, interviews and more! Published six times a year, Darkside wants to engage with the BDSM world.
BDSM Escort
Carnal Pleasures
Carnal Pleasures- Excite awaken Deepen, BDSM sessions, tantric training for those that seek a more adventurous sex life. Professional Master and his switch offering sessions based near Grantham, East Midlands.
London Mistress Guide
Mistress Valentina
Mistress Valentina is an alluring and accomplished transgender Domina based in Brighton and London UK. Although Mistress Valentina is one of the youngest Dommes in the scene, she has been involved in fetish and kink from the onset of her sexuality. She has always had a passion for BDSM and domination, both in her personal life and as a Mistress. Mistress Valentina has the natural ability to take control and be served as the beautiful and authoritative Dominatrix that she is.
Antoinette Domina and Fetish Escort
You are entering my exciting universe full of delights, a world full of erotic fantasy, hedonistic pleasures, well-measured soft-domnation. My world has intelligence and esprit. It offers you slow-paced seduction, subtle ravishment and an unleashed lust for life, adventure, exchange and: humor. You will be captured by sensual touch. It is my great delight to enlarge your horizons beyond what your eyes see now, to add a new dimension not only to the erotic space, but a new world; away from the mainstream, a new world that is far more about the subtle than about mere sensory overload.
UK Mistress Guide
Mistress Lucrezia
Strong, sadistic Mistress, who will help you explore your kinks and deepest dark fetish fantasies.