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UK Mistress Guide
Alma Faronda (Nottingham, Midlands Mistress) Broken Link Button
I am Mistress Alma Faronda, a dominate ebony dominatrix. If you are looking for a beautiful and bossy black superior mistress with a sensual side to serve and to worship, first you must ask yourself if you deserve a beautiful and powerful ebony mistress like me to consider you to be my sub. I am very bossy by nature and I am also demanding. Once you enter my domain, it does not mean that you have automatically become my sub or slave. You should know that as a demanding black ebony mistress, I will have the final say after the initial contact. Once I consider you to be my sub, you will always address me as Mistress Alma or Miss Faronda, because once you enter my domain, you will experience a powerful, dominant yet elegant and beautiful ebony superior mistress.
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Atrum Dea (Gillingham, Kent Mistress) Broken Link Button
I am a BBW Superior, strict and caring Dominatrix. I have been into BDSM for all my adult life and am very experienced. I have been Pro-Domme for quite some time now. Off scene I am bubbly and approachable so do not be afraid to contact me. In scene I can be as gentle or as vicious as you need! For the brave I specialise in breath control with plastic bags (subject to medical questionaire). I love but am not limited to bondage, sensory deprivation, orgasm control, anal play and spanking. I DO NOT DO PERSONAL SERVICES/SEX - PLEASE DO NOT EMBARASS YOURSELF BY ASKING! I have a full-time gimp at home who likes to wait on me, serve me, lick my shoes, suck my rubber-covered fingers like a cock, take harsh beatings to his balls and pamper me by washing my hair and doing my nails. Come and visit me at my Dungeon in Gillingham, Kent.
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Ball Busting Glasgow Mistress (Glasgow Mistress) Broken Link Button
Glasgow Mistress in her Glasgow Dungeon offering the services as described in ballbusting Glasgow site. I enjoy sessioning, especially ballbusting, and have found that because of my medical background and compassion for others, I can hurt you, but just up until you reach your limit, and in a safe way.
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BBW Mistress Maya (Kent Mistress) Broken Link Button
BBW Mistress Maya, elegant and strict fetishist who's passion for BDSM goes far, naturally dominant and internationally known due to my travels, I specialise in novice and young slaves (over 18) and I cater for most fetishes. Come and worship a true BBW mistress, your life will not have meaning until you've met me.
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Celeste BBW (Castleford, Yorkshire Mistress) Broken Link Button
Hi I'm Celeste a confident, caring BBW lady, I've enjoyed BDSM for many years now and I'm a tad different to other Mistresses in the fact that I don't work from a dungeon, I prefer the comfier, more relaxed and homely setting of a boudoir. I offer many different 'services' but do like to make our session tailored to your needs, I like to work ad hoc and go with the flow on how you react to my requests and administrations, always within your pre agreed boundaries with safe word in place. I do try to accommodate most fetishes (apart from smoking), please don't be afraid to ask, I'm very easy to talk to and will either say yes or no or try my best to fulfill your needs, but I can assure you that you will never be judged.
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Darla (Glasgow Mistress) Broken Link Button
Offering erotic domination and fetish in Glasgow, Edinburgh and beyond!
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Facesitting Mistress (Watford Mistress) Broken Link Button
I have been a dominatrix for many years now and am interested in many things but have grown to particularly love facesitting. Using a man as my seat or sofa is a favourite pastime of mine. I love to feel them suffocating under my bottom and gasp for air for the few moments when I let them, before smothering them again. My bottom is apparently made for the job. I do 1-2-1 private sessions where I love to sit and smother you. Take a look at my site where you can read some session reviews if you're interested in a private session. You can also view photos of me in action as well. I also have a facesitting video clip members site which you can join. Or buy individual facesitting clips4sale at my stores. Not only are there solo clips, but I also get my friends to help me sit and smother for some great double domme videos. Based in Watford (fulltime) and Glasgow (visit regularly).
Fenland Amazons (Cambridgeshire Mistress) Broken Link Button
Fenland Amazons is the home of Mistress Lissa and Lady Samantha, two mature BBW Dommes.
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Foot Fetish Domme (Scotland Mistress) Broken Link Button
I have been a Professional Dominatrix for over a decade now, and the most common session I get asked to cater to is Foot worship. HEIGHT 5.9, FLAT SHOE SIZE 8UK, STILETTO SHOE SIZE 9UK. You can visit me in my private studio, where you can relax, massage my feet, worship them and be comfortable with your fetish. You do not need to be naked at all, I have many foot fetish clients that prefer to remain clothed and worship my tootsies! As long as you are comfortable, thats all that matters.
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Glasgow Mistress (Glasgow Mistress ) Broken Link Button
I have not only trained many a Domina, but I have excelled in the art of BDSM. I am an entrepreneur in balancing perversion and domination, and a true Mistress that does it for the love and respect of the craft itself. I offer private sessions in a secure, clean dungeon chamber in the city centre of Glasgow. Beautiful, sensual and with over a decade of experience, an Elite in Pro domination in Scotland.
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Goddess Athena (Scotland, Glasgow Mistress ) Broken Link Button
I am a sophisticated lady in her late 20's, privately educated and well spoken. I cut a tall and imposing figure, standing at well over 6" in my heels. You will have no choice but to submit to me in my beautiful chambers which are based in the city centre of Glasgow.
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Goddess Bellaa Rosso (Scotland, Glasgow Mistress ) Broken Link Button
Dominatrix - Humiliatrix - Sadist - Masochist Owner Of A Corrupted, Perverted & Twisted Mind. Lover Of All Things Fetish. Based in Glasgow, Scotland.
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Lady Annabella (Glasgow Mistress) Broken Link Button
Glasgow Mistress Annabella, Elite, exquisite Sadist from Scotland. Highly skilled in the arts of Domination, manipulation and exploiting a slave's fetishes.
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Lady Nina Birch (Surrey Mistress) Broken Link Button
A resident mistress of The English Mansion,star of more than 100 CP and BDSM movies and with 14 years of experience behind me. Although more than familiar with all aspects of domination, I'm passionate about corporal punishment and the uniforms, outfits, and props that go toward building the fantasy. My personal collection of CP implements exceeds 100 and Im always on the lookout for more (call me a CP anorak if you will). Ive also had larger pieces of equipment built to my own specifications, allowing me greater versatility within play. Recently I have been entertaining myself with the many aspects of 'dressing' and forced feminisation. Humiliation and control is very enjoyable for me and I now have a great collection of sissy, slut and maid attire including some beautiful wigs and larger shoes. You may find yourself in my Boudoir being feminised and taking care of my strap-on. You could be made to to serve me as my maid, lap-dance for me or worship my feet and legs. Your male clothes confiscated until I'm finished with you. ;) Im extremely open-minded and genuinely interested in peoples sexuality and their deepest fantasies. Im also fun which I hope my website reflects. But dont let this fool you; at the drop of a hat I am more than capable of showing you my sadistic controlling side.....
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Lady Von Teese (London, Midlands, Belfast, Dublin Mistress) Broken Link Button
Lady Von Teese is a naturally dominant, sexy hot minx, fun loving mature lady, oozing eroticism, sensuality and sophistication. She loves to have clean and safe fun with like minded individuals. Originally from Ireland, she now lives in the Midlands but relgularly holds session in London. She is 5'10 in height, with a exquisite, slim yet curvaceous body! She offers an amazing GFE, foot jobs and other fetish experiences, so you can lose your inhibitions and explore your innermost fantasies. She is most famous for her beautiful and sensual feet. Are you interested, you should be! Lady Von Teese believes that in our day to day lives we are faced with responsibilities and pressures, which control our state of mind. Many of us are not able to live in the moment, as our thoughts of consequence and reaction always linger in our minds. So why not retract from all that with Lady Von Teese and live for the moment, a moment that you will cherish with fond memories for a long, long time.
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Madame Luna (Southampton Mistress) Broken Link Button
My name is Madame Luna and I am a Pro-Domme based in Hampshire but am happy to travel across the UK and Europe. I can be booked for Real Time Meets and/or online domination. I want to point out that I will meet you once you have booked. I will NEVER take money in advance or make demands for 'tributes' before a session. I am a Madame and not a Mistress, that means that I enjoy dishing out abuse and humiliation, but also like My slaves to satisfy Me sensually. Body worship is a MUST! I am currently looking for submissive men, sissies, women or couples to serve Me in booked sessions. I have been working as a Pro-Domme full-time for three years and in this time have held a lot of interesting sessions, all of which I have enjoyed greatly. Every sub, slave, sissy I see is different, and as such the sessions are individually tailored to each booking.
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Maestra Morgan (Leicestershire Mistress) Broken Link Button
NO SAFE WORD, NO RELIEF, NO MERCY I am proudly sadistic. Not sensually sadistic, not quite sadistic, not softly sadistic but the sort of sadist you should run away from! I have it from reliable sources that I am charming, erudite, refined and spectacular to behold; so, not your average psycho-nutter. Standing at 6ft in my bare nylons, and being rather arresting in both carriage & visage, I command attention with ease. When you encounter me, you will suffer and you will suffer because I am a true artist when it comes to delivering pain. You will suffer because it pleases me and the sound of my laugh as you scream thrills you more than life itself. You will suffer because some people need anguish and torment to make it beautiful to live! I don't really care whether you are a masochist, survivalist, submissive, slave, adventurer, adrenaline seeker, whatever, I do not require your devotion or submission to me in order to transform you into a living canvas for my beautiful art of pain. I don't need to adopt a persona or enter into role-play to get into the mind-set, this is as natural and real to me as breathing & such fun! I couldn't possibly describe it darlings, you have to be there. I won't ever stop just because it hurts you; I want it to hurt; I need it to hurt; I seek & savour the moments when I hurt you!
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Miss Cane (Yorkshire Mistress) Broken Link Button
I am a renowned English Mistress specialising in Corporal Punishment and discipline. I am a firm believer in the "Don't spare the rod" approach to the training and correction of males and females. I welcome all levels from the hardened CP Masochist to the complete novice and I am very gentle and understanding towards the complete beginner.
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Miss Jessica (Watford Mistress) Broken Link Button
This is where you can buy full length and short movie clips of me punishing my favourite sub. Hand spanking, hairbrush, cane, riding crop, tawse, wooden and leather paddles and birch are some of the implements I use to cause pain to my victims. I also specialise in facesitting & ballbustiing as well as enjoying lots of other punishments. Also, in my clips there are not only hard beatings and punishments but imaginative scenarios and storylines as well as the pure action. You can also see me for private 1-2-1 sessions.
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Miss Julia Taylor (Telford Mistress) Broken Link Button
Erotic English Mistress & Harlot, Miss Julia Taylor. A fabulously inked, beautiful, confident & experienced Mistress & Harlot. Finally able to offer her callers a platform to live out all those kinkiest fetishes & fantasies. Available by appointment from her Playrooms based in Telford, Shropshire.
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Mistress Alaska (Portsmouth Mistress) Broken Link Button
I am Mistress Alaska, a Professional Mistress working out of my fully equipped chambers in Portsmouth. I am a cold hearted mistress with a deviant sense of humour. I enjoy seeing others suffer beneath me, I am firm but fair. Enjoying all elements of BDSM but particularly enjoy CP and CBT, I will have you crying for mercy at my feet. I respect boundaries but expect you, as the submissive to submit to me without question. I can offer double domme sessions on request. I am also a fully qualified beauty therapist, so for those of you brave enough to request it, I offer a full waxing service.
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Mistress Alecto (Huddersfield Mistress) Broken Link Button
Huddersfield Mistress Alecto is a BDSM Mistress who works with and alongside Mistress Juliette De Sade at The Priory 1740. Huddersfield's most elite Fetish, Kink and S and M chambers. A sadistic switch who is also available for Double Domme and Sub sessions, Mistress Alecto is very well experienced at being both in control of a paddle and taking one.
UK Mistress Guide
Mistress Argenta (Glasgow Mistress) Broken Link Button
I am an exceptionally talented Mistress having been in Professional domination for 10 years now. Submit to me and enjoy a unique menage-a-trois of erotica, perversion and domination at fully equipped Professional Chambers (not a flat!) I am also Dungeon Mistress at Scotlands longest running and best fetish club Violate!
BDSM Escort
Mistress Chatterley (Mistress Oxford / South East ) Broken Link Button
Sessions with me can be described as erotic, sensual and strict. As a Pro Domme my sessions are tailored to the level of experience and fantasy that you desire. Mistress Chatterley invites submissive slaves both male and female to her well-equipped chambers in the heart of Oxfordshire. Only those willing to obey me and realize their innermost fantasies should contact me. The Submissive should expect their Mistress to push them to their limits in an effort to please their Mistress and become a true submissive. She will take you to a place where minds are controlled and fantasies explored. I seek your attention and up most respect. Are you a worthy submissive or slave? I can corrupt, train you to obey and comply with my innermost desires. Mistress Chatterley stands over 6ft tall in her 5" heels with long slender legs complimented by a more than ample bust. A mistress to be admired, to serve and surrender too.
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Mistress Cristal (Online / Cyber Mistress) Broken Link Button
Cyber Training & Financial Domination with Mistress Cristal.
UK Mistress Guide
Mistress Eleanor (South Yorkshire Mistress) Broken Link Button
I am based between Doncaster, Barnsley & Rotherham in South Yorkshire. Slaves, subs, sissies and bitches, you need Me to teach you how to bow down and worship your superior Mistress. you need to kneel at My feet, lick My boots, and obey My commands. Do as I say, or punishment WILL follow. Good subs will describe Me as strict but gentle. Obedient subs will describe Me as firm but fair. But don't mess with Me, or I'll fuck you up! I will be the love of your life, and your worst nightmare, you will love Me and fear Me. I will warn you before you are punished, but the anticipation of the punishment to come will disturb your thoughts, for minutes, hours, or even days. Read My website carefully before contacting Me. I do NOT suffer fools. I only want to hear from serious subservient slaves intelligent enough to string a sentence together, and competent of following instructions.
UK Mistress Guide
Mistress Elise (Birmingham Mistress) Broken Link Button
I am a Beautiful Black British Domme with 7 years experience in all aspects of domination, fantasy, kink and role-play.  I am strict, intuitive, seductive and also very cruel when the mood takes me. Naturally dominant I really do not suffer fools lightly and love nothing more than correcting and using inferior men for my use or pleasure. Slim, sexy and extremely strict I stand at a poised 5'7 in my high heeled stiletto shoes. My playful demeanour and no nonsense manner quickly gets me what I want and you into trouble.. Always.
BDSM Escort
Mistress Gemma (Cranleigh Mistress) Broken Link Button
I'm a horny little minx that will leave you with a huge smile on your face and totally satisfied!!! Disabled Gents are always welcome. I have many whips as well as a foot restraints. I have a whipping bench to tie you up to with a full punishment DVD playing whilst I administer your beatings, you naughty boys!!!!! I can give you very heavy canings and spankings and with a very extensive wardrobe can cater for any fantasy, so if you have been a bad boy or want to be, then let me dominate, punish and humiliate you. The more you scream the more I will punish you
BDSM Escort
Mistress Giselle (Mistress Essex) Broken Link Button
I am an experienced pro-Domme with my own dungeon in central Essex. I specialise in Foot Worship, CBT, CP, WS and Role-Play. I have beautiful feet which require constant attention from my boys and girls. I love to see my clients on a regular basis, believing this to be the foundation stone for a successful domme/sub relationship. I am strict but fair... yet do not antagonise me or get on the wrong side-you will regret it.
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Mistress Isabella (Swindon Mistress) Broken Link Button
I am Mistress Isabella, a slim, beautiful, sensual yet sadistic Goddess. I offer high class BDSM and fetish services from my luxury discrete premises in N Wiltshire to males, females and couples. Those who have been bad will be punished, those who need to be taught a lesson will learn. If you have desires to be corrected then come learn in the delights of CP, there is nothing I like more than to verbally and physically humiliate you, wield the cane and whip and tease you by talking dirty to you. It gives me great pleasure turning your fantasies into reality, whether you are an experienced player or a novice taking your first steps into my erotic world of BDSM, role play and fetish. I really enjoy and thrive on many different types of BDSM and fetish sessions and will consider most serious requests/scenarious. The question is "Are you worthy of my precious time?"
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Mistress Jay (Birmingham Mistress) Broken Link Button
I have been active in the "scene" for a little over 20 years and with that comes an equal level of knowledge and experience. Add to that a deviant imagination and a wicked sense of humour and I look to expand boundaries and introduce experiences not yet considered. I have often been asked to describe my "style" and I would say I fall into the category of the Sensual Sadist. Pain and Pleasure are intertwined partners and both can be such wonderful tools for use on the mind and the body. There is nothing better than bringing someone to the point of begging for more for no other reason than I want it from them. To know I have achieved total control of reactions and emotions to allow the tears to fall over the smiles.
UK Mistress Guide
Mistress Juliette de Sade (Huddersfield Mistress) Broken Link Button
I am a well educated, sophisticated and equally sadistic Mistress. I have catered for real time 1 to 1 BDSM sessions for surplus of 9 years. I operate from The Priory 1740 an authentic disused stable converted into a fully equipped chambers in the Huddersfield area and cover a vast variety of preferences. From tied and teased right through to edge play.
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Mistress Katinka (Glasgow Mistress) Broken Link Button
You may be successful, living a full, happy life but inside there's an aching, a yearning to serve a strong beautiful Mistress who will take control and lift you out of your world with an hour or two in her presence. Well that would be me and I'm ready to take control of you in my world. Witty, Strong, Beautful and Creative, the recipe for a Mistress you'll be dying to serve time and time again!
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Mistress Kent (Margate Mistress) Broken Link Button
Mistress Kent, Smoking Queen and Strapon Humiliatrix... Serve me, Pamper me and be my Ashtray.
UK Mistress Guide
Mistress Kitty (Bristol Mistress) Broken Link Button
Mistress Kitty, loves NAUGHTY BOYS, and there are alot out there, Are You One? I now have my own room, doing what a Mistress likes to do! I have a variety of equipment for your pleasure. Mistress Kitty has a brand New Room, for you to experience the Harsher Side Of Life. I love to Spank and I now have my very own Toys that are waiting for you! This can be as Extreme as you like, Whips. Paddle, Ball Gag, Clamps, Pegs Vampire Gloves, Anal Fun Toys. Intelligent, and with an engaging personality, Mistress Kitty is an expert in the art of teasing, yet cruel and harsh in her treatment of disobedience. Her Domination scenarios include: Bondage, Corporal Punishment, Torment, Humiliation, Degradation, Teasing and Denial, Spanking, Discipline and Role-Play and are suitable for both beginners and experienced submissives alike. Your pain is my pleasure Slave! Cruel yet understanding at the same time, you'll experience a bitter sweet mixture of pain and pleasure in perfect combination.
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Mistress Kym (Nottinghamshire Mistress) Broken Link Button
I am a mature woman and a very experienced Mistress. I have medium length dark blond hair, brown eyes and I'm 5ft 4 in stocking feet, dress size 12. I am happy to deal with males, females or couples, TS, TV and cross dressers over the age of 21; to experience submission and domination. Spanking, Tied and Tease, Corporal Punishment, Caning, Whipping, Flogging, Humiliation, Fantasy Role Play, Foot and Leg Worship, Nipple torture, Bondage and Restraints, Collar and leash, Candle wax, Blindfolds, Strap-on and CBT are a few of the many sessions available.
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Mistress Lauriana (Croydon Mistress) Broken Link Button
I am a young but experienced Mistress in all aspects of dungeon scenarios but personally gain a sadistic pleasure from CBT, CP and electric play sessions. I do also love facesitting, foot worship and forced feminisation. Standing at 5ft 9" tall with a more than generous bust, I can intimidate and humiliate the toughest of men...but I do love a challenge. I can be sensual and seductive providing you with the gentlest of tie and tease sessions giving you sensations you have never felt before, alternatively, if you desire a strict and unforgiving Mistress then I can more than fill those shoes also. My sessions are completely tailored to your requirements and needs and no two sessions are the same. When you contact me, you will find that I will speak to you as a human being, you will not be met with someone stern or frosty. We will discuss your desires and create a session you will never forget. Above all things, I believe in looking after my subjects and ensuring they have received a fluid and professional service. All I ask of my subjects in return is respect, good communication and trust.
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Mistress Leah (Croydon Mistress) Broken Link Button
Superior London Mistress BDSM Dominatrix.I specialise in erotic sadism, relentless discipline and imaginative punishments that transport my subjects to their limit.I am a professional Dominatrix based in East Croydon. I have very well equipped premises called the Corrective Control Centre (CCC). You can find photos of these facilities and how to hire them on my links page.The Corrective Control Centre is spotlessly clean and discreet and is ten minutes walk from East Croydon main line station. From London Victoria, Waterloo or London Bridge it is a 15 minute rail journey to East Croydon.
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Mistress Lucinda (Telford Mistress) Broken Link Button
Mistress Lucinda is a truly unique 6ft 2 Superior Dominatrix, Amazon and Wrestler. Mistress offers a full range of BDSM activities from her discreet, lavishly equipped chambers in Telford, Shropshire, although She is also available for outcall appointments. Mistress is extremely experienced in all aspects of discipline and humiliation and Her specialisms include anal training, medical and role-play scenarios, She also has a Boudoir filled with feathers, lingerie, wigs, stockings etc for forced feminisation or crossdressing sluts or sissies.
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Mistress Maggie (Preston Mistress) Broken Link Button
Experienced mature Preston Domme and fetish practitioner. Nicely equipped private chambers and dedicated fetish clinic, close to M6/J31. Gentlemen over 18 only, over 26 preferred. Most aspects and levels catered for - just ask. Specialities include - one to one domination, serious bondage and encasement, medical themes, breathplay, discipline, CBT. If you like a lady who enjoys classic styles, high heels, boots, fetishwear and uniforms you will be well catered for. I have plenty available for your attention and worship. Advanced bookings essential. Polite enquiries welcome during opening times - Monday to Friday, 12 noon 'til 10pm. Please check my website for a full guide to session possibilities.
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Mistress Maria Harlow (Birmingham Mistress) Broken Link Button
Having been involved in professional domination for many years now I feel more than qualified to demand and receive complete compliance from those of you lucky enough to serve your stunning, and extremely assertive mistress. I am strict, often very angry, you will be punished UNTIL I AM SATISFIED BY YOUR EFFORTS TO WORSHIP ME and then your rewards will be great. I stand at 5ft 9 inches tall in bare footed seamed black stockings and have legs which go on forever but add a pair of black 3 inch heeled stilettos and you can only dream of the image to behold. I especially enjoy having my long legs and stiletto heeled feet worshipped, often whilst using you as a foot stool on which to rest those beautiful heels. I am an elegant, educated Mistress who loves to deal with fantasies and fetishes, in particular the administration of Over the Knee Spankings, Canings and Ball Busting all very much appeal to me. I also have a male Slave / Slut maid who can be made available by prior arrangement. I am now available at several locations throughout the West Midlands, Birmingham and Warwickshire.
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Mistress Megara (Glasgow and Paisley Mistress) Broken Link Button
Charming, well educated, young Professional Domme with own fully equipped, clean and discreet chambers. Multiple themed rooms means all fetishes and levels of experience catered for and we can go between rooms as required. Double domination is a particular speciality as is roleplay and splosh.
UK Mistress Guide
Mistress Melanie (Bournemouth, Dorset Mistress) Broken Link Button
I am a mature Mistress / Dominatrix who is also a qualified Masseuse. I provide a real time experience from either a sensual massage or from a sensual erotic Domination to the more broader and varied lifestyle or personalised interests, depending on what you seek. I can be kind or strict - depending on how good you are or what control is required. Old or young, male, female or couples all catered for. TV / CD's catered for re sissification, make overs and forced feminisation. I can offer Double Dom, or other relevant 4 way services with maid, gimp, sub-female or my own T-Girl slave. Foot Fetishes catered for along with Bastinardo and related specialisms.
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Mistress Scarlett (Brighton Mistress) Broken Link Button
I am an expert in the art of escapism and fantasy. My most notable skill is that of tranformation. I can adapt to an array of requirements and scenarios. I enjoy many aspects of BDSM, and will not participate in any that I do not have fun with, having said that, I am always up for experimenting and considering new ideas.
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Mistress Scarlett (Cheshire Mistress) Broken Link Button
I am Mistress Scarlett, a lifestyle Mistress from Warrington. Don't let my looks fool you, underneath my youthful face lives a Mistress who loves to humiliate and discipline naughty subs and slaves. I love nothing more than hearing the swish of the cane as it moves towards your quivering bottom, or the sharp intake of breath as I remove the pegs from your testicles one by one. Savoring your anguish, thriving on your pain.
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Mistress Scarlett Black (Leicester Mistress) Broken Link Button
Leicester's Premier Dominatrix and Supreme Fetishist Specialist in the Art Of Strap on and anal play. Mature-Alluring-Torturess.
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Mistress Shy (Staffordshire Mistress) Broken Link Button
The World of Torment is Now Within Your Grasp. Are you Willing to Put yourself into the World of Mistress Shy? Would you like to be Tied & Teased? Maybe you have been a naughty boy or girl and need to be Spanked? Tell Mistress Shy Your Desires. Let Mistress Take you on a Voyage Of Discovery.
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Mistresses Skorpia and Cindy (Bristol Mistresses) Broken Link Button
Two beautiful, imaginative and sadistic dominas who make for the most creatively cruel team. Operating exclusively as a Duo in London and now in Bristol, as well as offering distance domination, their range of delectible offerings is expansive yet their combined presence is truly unique. The Dominatrix Duo pursue a diverse range of scenarios and fantasies, conducting slut and slave training, pain and punishment, tease and denial and much more. Together and in sessions the Mistresses explore many facets of BDSM and kink; mind control and hypnotic domination are currently high on the Mistresses\' agenda. Willing victims should read the Mistresses' new website in detail to find out what this unusual form of psychological control really entails.
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Mistress Spankies (Telford/Wolverhampton Mistress) Broken Link Button
I am Mistress Spanky - Stern and I'm exceedingly Spiteful! I am very experienced with the use of my floggers, canes and whips! I cater for many fetishes - taking great delight caning and spanking disruptive schoolboys who once again haven't completed homework in time. Perhaps I could become your Maiden Aunt who delights in slippering your posterior after arriving home early to once more finds you looking through my panty drawer and wearing my lingerie. I am also a very experienced Harsh Mistress who simply loves flogging, paddling pathetic wimps, pansies and Imbeciles. I may also include skipping in the with your pathetic 'naughty bits' tied up with ribbon into a pretty bow.For some real humiliation I will make you go up and down the room on all fours to cock your leg, wag your tail and barking 12 times! This is my OWN HOME situated in a very RURAL LOCATION
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Mistress Suicide (Birmingham Mistress) Broken Link Button
My Domination scenarios are strict, controlling, firm, and demanding, I am a natural Domina and have been for the last fourteen years. I love the power I have over my submissive. I am the Mistress always in control and they are there to serve and worship me, as I deserve to be. The sensuous pleasure I have when I make a submissive submit to me is very gratifying. My style is intimate and caters for the Individual needs of my submissives. Some of my scenarios include Bondage, CP ,OTK and Spanking, CBT and NT, Watersports, TV Dressing and enforced feminisation. I am a very experienced Domina and have a multitude of equipment within an extensive fully equipped and regularly updated dungeon.
Mistress Sultrybelle (Belfast Mistress) Broken Link Button
I an an elite, skilled and experienced Dominatrix that has been involved in the lifestyle for several years and I enjoy it very much. I see many novices and believe that I am a good first point of contact for complete beginners, I have also had sessions with subs who have 30 years plus experience. I tailor the session to each individual as no two people are alike. Take some time to Google me and find out more about me, then get in touch. Many will claim to be experienced and involved in the lifestyle but they will not have a searchable internet history.
Mistress Suzzie (Southampton Mistress) Broken Link Button
I am the ultimate in Domination and Beauty ! I demand respect, manners and cleanliness from you in session. if you know what is good for you, you will not insult me or my skills and knowledge in dealing with you. Mistress Suzzie always knows what is best for her slaves. If I allow you then you will be forced to become a contract slave, which involves signing your mind, body and soul to me. You will not shock me with any role plays or scenarios but do not ask me for any personal services as you will be kicked out of my dungeon.
UK Mistress Guide
Mistress Tammie (Birmingham Mistress) Broken Link Button
Allow me to introduce myself. I am of course Mistress Tammie and I am an experienced, professional dominatrix. Im a size 8 to 10 and 5ft 8in with a slim slender figure. I have a strong personality, so this is an extension of the real me and not just an act. For years I have been giving my slaves and subs punishment, torture, discipline and demanding their complete obedience. If you are curious about domination but have not visited a dominatrix before, I will take delight in training you to obey me. For all you regular subs out there I can be as brutal or sadistic as you need. Whatever your domination fantasies I can make them come true.
UK Mistress Guide
Mistress Tammy (High Wycombe Mistress) Broken Link Button
Strict sexy sensual Mistress - elegant busty leggy & very kinky - I invite all pervy submissive guys to report to my High Wycombe dungeon.
UK Mistress Guide
Mistress Tanya (Sheffield Mistress) Broken Link Button
I am Mistress Tanya, very experienced, strict, sadistic and a sensual Sheffield lifestyle Dominatrix. I am very well known for my attributes in BDSM and will cater for your desires with ease. I expect my slaves to be obedient, passionate, eager to please and on their knees.
UK Mistress Guide
Mistress Victoria (Cheshire Mistress) Broken Link Button
I am a naturally dominant woman in all areas of my life, who takes delight in governing my slaves with firm, yet calm control. My pleasure, always, is your pain. I have long been fascinated by a Slave's psyche, delving into his innermost depths and discovering his heights of longing, whilst he readily submits to my will and surrenders to my bidding. I offer a variety of services which can be tailored to individual requirements or scenarios; these will be discussed at the start of a session so that you can derive maximum enjoyment which will undoubtedly remain with you for a long time to come. Your will is mine when we are in the chamber and I expect full compliance with my demands. Failure to do so or merely stepping out of line will lead to punishment swift and just. The rule is simply to obey.
UK Mistress Guide
Mistress Violet (Essex Mistress) Broken Link Button
Your pain is my pleasure. Leggy, busty blonde Mistress. Specialities include tie and tease, foot worship, CBT, CP, NT, roleplay, humiliation.
UK Mistress Guide
Mistress Vivien (Surrey Mistress) Broken Link Button
Intelligent, perceptive, feminine, and sensually cruel Mistress based in Surrey. Endless imagination for Role-play fantasies and fetishes. Your Mistress welcomes miscreants who need correctional therapy, caning, over the knee spanking (0TK), kinky fetishes, erotically wicked Tie and Tease, TV Transformation, Makeovers, wigs, and creative mental and physical punishment, or you as my slave can bow down and worship my beautiful manicured toe nails or kiss and caress my silky stockings and exquisite footwear.
UK Mistress Guide
Pixie Quinn (Glasgow Mistress) Broken Link Button
Modern, Strict, Fun, Irish Glamazon based in Glasgow, Scotland. Welcome to your new addiction. I am Pixie Quinn, but you may refer to Me as "Princess", "Goddess", or "Mistress." I am perfection, and once you've entered into My world, your fate is already sealed. I have always known that from a young age that I was 'different' to what people expected young girls to be. I have always been, as you may say, 'alternative' as I have always wanted to stand out within a crowd, and feel that due to this my confidence grew, and with that my curiosity grew as well. With this new found curiosity I found it exciting and empowering when I am able to hold men down and make them submit.
UK Mistress Guide
Porcelain Beauty (Liverpool Mistress) Broken Link Button
I am Porcelain Beauty a cruel sadistic yet sensualy hypnotic Mistress based in Liverpool. I will drawer you in with My melting blue eyes and you will be hanging on to every word. You will be left with My gorgeous face imprinted on your mind never to be alleviated of My tempting ways. I love all aspects of BDSM/Fetish, if you do not see what you are looking for here email me with your request. If you are interested in being My toy for a session, contact Me or view My website for further details.
UK Mistress Guide
Princess (North East Mistress) Broken Link Button
UK Dominant Princess specialising in Financial Domination, Humiliation, Blackmail,Small Penis Humiliation, Verbal Abuse, Cuckolding, Foot Fetish, Female Supremacy, CBT, Goddess Worship, Forced Fem, Forced Intox, Domination, Crushing, Tease & Denial, Body Worship, Forced Feeding and lots more
UK Mistress Guide
Princess McKenzie (Luton Mistress) Broken Link Button
I am Princess McKenzie and I am looking for sissy, subs and slaves to humiliate and degrade. I am looking for submissives that will serve me in my own home and become my personal little sissy slut Before you think about booking a session, I am NOT a pro dominatrix and I am NOT into extreme BDSM equipment and leather,pvc,latex outfits. My sessions are strictly on a casual "girl next door" basis and will take place in my home. Please take this into consideration before booking a session with me I do, however, take great satisfaction in turning submissive men into my sissy little slave boys. You will be my table, my foot stool, my sissy maid... anything I desire. If you think you have what it takes to be my sissy little slave, get in touch and book a session.
UK Mistress Guide
Sinful & Wicked Mistress Leyla (Reading Mistress) Broken Link Button
I am an alpha Female. Strong and confident with a desire to dominate and control. I am powerful yet playful. I am sinful, wicked and sadistic yet sensual, sophisticated and highly intelligent. I take pleasure in being in control. I will manipulate people or demand. Human psychology, kinkiness, fetishes and sissy maids intrigue me. I take pride in what I do. I enjoy what I do. I am not a cold or cruel Mistress, I enjoy getting to know my slaves. I particularly enjoy role play sessions and hearing about my slaves fantasies.
UK Mistress Guide
Subtrainia (Witham, Essex Mistress) Broken Link Button
Welcome to my world of domination... A world of sophistication and pleasure, a world that by you reading this tells me that you would love to be a part of it. My name is Madison, but once inside my world you will address me as Mistress Madison. I am based in Witham, Essex and have a fully equipped dungeon. I have been a Pro Dominatrix for many years offering training for both novice to experienced subs, both males & females catered for. Master also available, Mistress & Master sessions also available.

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UK Mistress Guide
Fifty Shades of Glasgow (Glasgow Dungeon ) Broken Link Button
Fifty shades of Glasgow dungeon hire is a city centre premises based in the heart of Scotland. As well as hiring out the studio for private play, we are here to guide novice couples in SAFE, SANE, CONSENSUAL play. We are situated on Hope Street, across from central station, and we are here for one reason alone. We are a small friendly studio for people that wish to indulge in kink in a safe, non-revolving door environment. At no point shall you EVER encounter another human being here, except the Dom/Domme/Sub/Partner you have booked with, as it is a STRICT one session at a time rule. We do not agree with there being more than one session happening at the same time as it can be off putting.
UK Mistress Guide
Yorkshire Dungeon (Huddersfield Dungeon ) Broken Link Button
The Yorkshire Dungeon is not only West Yorkshires premier dungeon it is also home to the infamous Mistress Jay who now runs the best equipped dungeon in the North of England, and cater for most requirements. These spectacular chambers house two fully equipped play rooms, an authentic Head's Office, a wet room, an adult baby creche and a sissy room. The chambers house a variety of equipment, including St. Andrews crosses, a spanking bench, suspension hooks, a complete selection of whips, canes, floggers, a full arsenal of needles and electro-stimulation devices, breath control apparatus, body bags, sensory deprivation masks and mummification tools.

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