A Complete Guide to Sexual Terms

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Terms Meanings
69 Simultaneous fellatio and cunnilingus
A Anal sex
A-Levels Anal sex
Abstinence Refraining from all sexual activity
Abstinence Only Curricula Sexuality education programs that advocate sexual abstinence before marriage. They do not provide information about contraception, safer sex, or sexual orientation
AC/DC Bisexual.
Active The aggressive sexual partner
Agate A small penis
Age of Consent The age at which one is considered old enough to decide to have sexual intercourse
Age of Majority The age at which one becomes a legal adult
Age play Role playing involving pretending to be a child and often wearing children's clothing. Adult babies
AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) A set of conditions associated with the last stages of HIV disease
Algolagnia Another word for sadomasochism (SM) Algolagnia is when pain is transformed into sexual pleasure
Alternative sexuality A sexual orientation with a few variations that differ from vaginal intercourse when a monogamous heterosexual relationship has been established
Alternative lifestyle Sexual preference that is very different from the "norm," making it necessary and/or desirable. If the alternative sexuality is less common than the norm it will push the individual to reach an accepted subculture
Alveoli Sacs inside the breast that produce milk
Androgens Certain hormones that stimulate male sexual development and secondary male sex characteristics. They are most abundantly produced in the testicles of men but are also produced in small amounts in women's ovaries. The most common androgen is testosterone
Androgynous / Androgyny One who is / the quality of simultaneously exhibiting "masculine" and "feminine" characteristics. Androgyny: A person psychologically ntermediate between male and female; or a person who rejects a specifically male or female gender role
Animal play When one or both partners pretend to be an animal (Ex: dog, horse) in a role play
Anal/Anal intercourse Using the rectum for Sexual Intercourse
Anilingus Kissing and penetration of the anus by tongue
Anorgasmia The inability to have an orgasm.
Anus The opening of the rectum
Aphrodisiac A substance that is supposed to increase sexual desire
Areola The dark area surrounding the nipples of women and men
Around the world Kissing the entire body before sex
Asexual Absence of sexual feeling
Auto-eroticism Masturbation
Auto-fellatio Performing fellation on ones own penis
Auto-sadism An act whereby one inflicts pain on oneself
AW0 Anal without a condom
Back scuttle Perform anal intercourse
Bag The scrotum
Back yard The buttocks
Balanitis An inflammation of the glands and foreskin of the penis that can be caused by infections (including sexually transmitted infections) irritations, drugs, or other factors.
Ball A wild sex activity
Balls The testicles
Banana The penis
Bare-assed Nude
Bareback Sex Without a condom
Barrier Methods of Birth Control Contraceptives that block sperm from entering the uterus. These are the condom, vaginal pouch, diaphragm, cervical cap, and spermicide.
Bartholin's Glands Glands in the labia menorah on each side of the opening to the vagina that provide lubrication during sexual excitement.
Basket The bulge of male sex organ in clothing
Basket shopping Observing the male organ through clothing
Berdache French term for younger partners in male homosexual relationships
Chastity Belt Garment meant to ensure fidelity in women in the absence of their husbands. Others were designed to prevent masturbation and nocturnal emissions in men and boys.
Cheat To be unfaithful to one's sex partner
Chemical Castration The use of Depo-Provera to decrease sexual desire and arousal.
Cherry One who is still a virgin
CIM Come in mouth
Circumcision Surgical removal of the foreskin
Chlamydia A common sexually transmitted organism that can cause sterility in women and men.
Clap Gonorrhoea or other venereal disease (std)
Climacteric The time of change that leads to menopause. The physiological midlife changes for women and men
Climax To achieve the high point of sex activity
Clit The clitoris
Clitoral Hood A small flap of skin that covers and protects the clitoris.
Clitoris A small erectile organ located in the forward area of the wife's vulva. Stimulation of the clitoris during foreplay and sexual intercourse can enhance the wife chances of an orgasm
Closet The confining state of being secretive about one's homosexuality
Closet queen A male homosexual who hides his desires for men
Closeted Hiding one's sexuality or gender predilection from others or the public. Closet case.
Code word(s) Word or words that are used in personal ads to unnotice sexual proclivities mostly unacceptable in society. Ex: French or Greek culture, clean, discipline, strict, leather, etc.
COF Cum On Face.
Cohabitation Living together in a sexual relationship.
Coitus Sexual intercourse
Coitus in ano Anal intercourse
Coitus interruptus Withdrawal of the penis prior to ejaculation
Cold Unresponsive to sexual relations
Colposcope A viewing instrument with a bright light and magnifying lens that is used to examine the vagina and cervix.
Come out To acknowledge one's homosexuality, either to oneself or to others; most often a public declaration of being lesbian or gay.
Completion Orgasm. For example, OWO to completion means until you cum
Comparison Warm happy feelings experienced when noticing ones loved ones enjoying loving relationships with others. The opposite of jealousy
Conception The moment when the pre-embryo attaches to the lining of the uterus and pregnancy begins; term also used to describe the fertilization of the egg with a man’s sperm
Condom A sheath of thin rubber, plastic, or animal tissue that is worn on the penis during sexual intercourse. It is an over-the-counter, reversible barrier method of birth control, and it also provides protection against the most serious sexually transmitted infections.
Consensual An agreement made by parties for certain type of behaviour or activities. When the consent is informed and there is a reasonable knowledge of possible risks is called true consent.
Continence To refrain from sexual activity
Contraceptive The prevention of pregnancy; birth control.
Corpus Cavernosa Two strips of tissue that lie on each side of the urethra in the penis. During sexual excitement, they fill with blood to create an erection.
Corpus Spongiosum The tissue that surrounds the urethra inside the penis and is responsible, like the corpus cavernosa, for an erection; also the type of tissue that forms the glands of the clitoris and the penis.
Corona Rim of flesh which forms the base of the head of penis
Cowgirl A position for sexual intercourse - the man on his back, the woman sitting on top.
Cowper's Glands The glands beneath the prostate gland that are attached to the urethra. They produce a substance that makes seminal fluid sticky.
Covered With a condom
CP Corporal punishment. You used to be able to get this in return for stealing things, but it doesn't work that way any more
Crabs Lice which infect the pubic area of the body
Cremaster Reflex An automatic response to stimulation (for example, cold temperature or touching the inside f the thigh) in which the cremaster muscle pulls the scrotum and testes closer to the body
Creampie Ejaculation in the vagina (or anus) without a condom
Cross dresser A person who occasionally dresses in the clothing of the opposite sex for sexual or emotional pleasure, or both. The most commonly-used term, having replaced transvestite. May be male or female, hetero- or homosexual, bi- or solo sexual, and may partially or wholly cross-dress
Cross-dressing The practice of dressing in clothes traditionally assigned to the opposite gender; also called transvestitism or drag
Cryptorchidism The condition in which one or both of the testicles do not descend from the lower abdomen before puberty
Cum Semen
Cum facial Same as facial
Cunnilingus Stimulation of the woman’s genital area, especially the clitoris, with the partner's lips and tongue
CWM CyberWhoreMonger. A punter who uses the Internet in connection with his paid-sex activities. This is mainly an American term, and contrasts with CyberCourtesan
Date Rape Coerced sexual intercourse during a dating relationship
Delayed Ejaculation Commonly used term for inhibited orgasm in men
Depo-Provera® A progestin that is injected into the buttock or arm every 12 weeks to prevent pregnancy. It is a reversible method of birth control available only by prescription
Diaphragm A soft rubber dome intended to fit securely over the cervix. Used with contraceptive cream or jelly, the diaphragm is a reversible barrier method of birth control available only by prescription
Dirt Sex slave members who's checks bounce
Discipline The other part of Bondage (B&D) that could also mean punishment or a structured training of a submissive.
Doggie style A position for sexual intercourse - the woman on her knees, the man entering from behind
Dominance dominance and submission, D/S, D&S Used for erotic enhancement, one partner uses consensual empowerment for the other partner. In SM, dominance and submission are the psychological and emotional underpinnings.
Dominant, Dom, Domme, Domina, Dominatrix The person that in a consensual exchange of power is in charge. If the person is a male is called dominant or Dom; if is a female is called a Domme, Domina or Dominatrix
Don Juanism The desire by a man to have sex very frequently with many different partners.
Dose Gonorrhoea or other venereal disease (std)
Douche A spray of water or solution of medication into the vagina.
DP Double penetration, one penis in the vagina, another in the anus
Drag queen Male who dresses in female clothing
Dry fuck Moving against one another, clothed to simulate intercourse
Dyad A sexual love relationship consisting of two primary partners
Dyke A lesbian
Dyspareunia Painful intercourse for women that may be caused by hormonal imbalances, especially those that happen after menopause.
Early Ejaculation Ejaculation occurring before a man wants it to occur.
Eat To perform oral intercourse
Ectopic Pregnancy A life-threatening pregnancy that develops outside the uterus, often in a fallopian tube.
Effeminate Descriptive of a male who acts in a feminine manner
Egg The reproductive cell in women; the largest cell in the human body.
Ejaculation Discharge from the penis during sexual climax
Ejaculatory Inevitability The moment during sexual excitement when a man cannot stop his ejaculation. The prostate begins contracting and pulsing out seminal fluid.
Emergency Contraception The use of oral contraceptives or IUDs to prevent pregnancy after unprotected intercourse
Emergency Hormonal Contraception The use of oral contraceptives to prevent pregnancy after unprotected intercourse.
Enema An instrument or injecting fluid into the anus to flush the lower intestines. In SM scenes enemas are used for humiliation, for preparation for other activities (fisting or anal sex) and/or for pleasure.
Epididymis The tube in which sperm mature. It is tightly coiled on top of and behind each testis. The plural of Epididymis is epididymides.
Epididymitis An inflammation of the Epididymis
Erectile Dysfunction The inability to become erect or maintain an erection with a partner.
Erection The sexual aroused state cause by a rush of blood into the veins and capillaries of the penis, coupled with a valve action which prevents its release, and further aided by the contraction of certain surface muscles on the penis, all of which combine to keep it in a hard and extended configuration until the stimuli is taken away or ejaculation occurs
Erogenous Zone Any area of the body very sensitive to sensual touch.
Erotic That which is sexually arousing.
Erotica Sexually arousing imagery that is not considered pornographic, obscene, or offensive to the average person.
Erotophilia Appreciation of the erotic
Erotophobia Fear and anxiety about the erotic.
Erotic restraint When movement is restricted for erotic play. It is also referred to the devices used
Escort A person who sells companionship and may offer Sex
Estrogen A hormone commonly made in a woman's ovaries. Estrogens major effects are seen during puberty, menstruation, and pregnancy
Eunuch A male who has had his testicles removed
Exhibitionism A paraphilia in which sexual arousal becomes dependent on exposing the sex organs to those who will be surprised.
Exhibitionist A person who derives sexual gratification by displaying his body to others
Facial This is where you spunk over her face
Faeces Solid waste that leaves the body through the anus.
Fake Orgasm The pretence of having reached climax in order to end sex play or please a partner.
Family jewels The testicles
Fanny Same as pussy, cunny, quim, etc. (This definition is provided for the benefit of Americans, who generally have a very strange idea of what a fanny is.)
Fellatio To kiss, nibble, lick or cock-sucking
Female Circumcision The practice of removing a girl's clitoral hood, clitoris, and/or the labia; often called female genital mutilation. This is practiced in some African, Near Eastern, and Southeast Asian cultures.
Female Impersonator (FI) A male who, on specific occasions, cross dresses and employs stereotypical feminine dialog, voice, and mannerisms for the entertainment of other people.
Feminine The "gender role" assigned to "females".
Fetish Excessive or irrational devotion to some activity, a sexual interest in an object or a part of the body which someone is interested in to an extreme degree of worship with excessive devotion
Fetishistic Transvestite A Transvestite who consistently eroticizes Cross Dressing. May also eroticize fantasies of gender/sex change.
Fifth wheel A heterosexual in a homosexual group
Fisting The art of inserting the whole hand inside the vagina or anus
Flagellation Whipping or beating to sexual orgasm
Foot fetish/ Foot worship Sexual obsession toward feet or shoes
F->M Female to male. Used to specify the direction of a sex or gender role change.
Foreplay Physical and sexual stimulation (kissing, touching, stroking, and massaging) that often happens in the excitement stage of sexual response; often occurs before intercourse, but can lead to orgasm without intercourse.
Foreskin A retractable tube of skin that covers and protects the glands of the penis.
FOC Free of harge
FR Field report, a written report of an experience with a prostitute by a client
French French sex. Another term for fellatio. TO PERFORM ORAL INTERCOURSE
French kissing Deep kissing, tongue kissing.
FS Sometimes means full sex, but sometimes means full service
FTM female to male, as in cross-dressing or a transsexual
Full house Having more than one venereal disease (std) at the same time
Full service Bit vague, but generally means full sex and fellatio
Full sex Vaginal intercourse
Full strip Should mean that she takes all her clothes off - but beware that she may have a different idea of the meaning.
FWO French without [a condom]. Same as OWO or BBBJ.
Gang-bang An occasion on which several men successively have sexual intercourse with one woman, Usually organised parties
Gay Homosexual
Gaydar The uncanny and seemingly innate ability lesbians and gay men tend to have to recognize and detect one another; from gay and radar.
Gear Any equipment used for scene purposes
Gender The social-cultural expression of a person's biological sex (or self-perception of one's sex, which may vary from the strictly biological). Sometimes used to mean expressly male or female.
Gender Dysphoria (GD) Unhappiness or discomfort experienced by one whose sexual organs do not match one's gender identity.
Gender Identity The self-perception of being male or female, or a combination of the two.
Gender (identity) community People who identify as transvestite, transsexual, or Tran gendered, or as members of the gender community. Members of the gender community do not necessarily identify as members of the sexual minority community. (See "transgender community".)
Genderfuck Sending mixed gender messages, especially through appearance, such as wearing a prom dress, combat boots and a moustache.
Gender neutral Clothing, behaviours, thoughts, feelings, relationships, etc. which are considered appropriate for members of both sexes.
Gender outlaw A person who flouts the usual gender roles.
Gender role Arbitrary rules, assigned by society, that define what clothing, behaviours, thoughts, feelings, relationships, etc. are considered appropriate and inappropriate for members of each sex. Some clothing, behaviours, etc. are considered appropriate for members of both sexes. Which things are considered masculine, feminine, or neutral varies ccording to location, class, occasion, and numerous other factors.
Genitals The human reproductive organs
GFE The prostitute provide a girlfriend type experience, (treats you like her girlfriend, kissing, etc)
Give head To perform oral intercourse
Glans The soft, highly sensitive tip of the clitoris or penis. In men, the urethral opening is located in the glands.
Go down on To perform oral intercourse
Golden shower
Another name for watersports. One person urinates on another for sexual pleasure.
Gonorrhoea A sexually transmitted bacterium that can cause sterility, arthritis, and heart problems. (std)
Greek To perform anal intercourse
G-string A small brief worn over the genitals
HBV (Hepatitis B Virus) An infection that can be sexually transmitted and may cause severe liver disease and death.
Half & half An American term for French and sex.
Hand job Masturbation, particularly at the hands of another
Hard on An erect penis
Hardsports Defecation in a sexual context. Usually means that the prostitute shits over the client, or at least for the client to watch.
Hermaphrodite One who has both a penis and a vagina.
Hetrosexual One who has significant sexual and romantic attractions primarily to members of the opposite sex.
Heterosexism The assumption that identifying as heterosexual and having sexual and romantic attractions only to members of the other sex (than oneself) is good and acceptable, and that other sexual identities and attractions are bad and unacceptable. The assumption that anyone is straight whose sexual orientation is not known, usually coupled with a "blindness" to the existence and concerns of Lesbians/Bi/Gays
HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) An infection that weakens the body's ability to fight disease and can cause AIDS.
HJ Hand-job. Same as hr
Hobby The "hobby" is punting
Hobbyist Euphemism for a man who frequents prostitutes. A (habitual) punter
Homophobia Literally, the fear of homosexuals and homosexuality, sometimes merely implied, but often taken to the point where biased statements are made or biased actions are taken against lesbians and gay men.
Homophobe One who is afraid of or oppresses people because one (perceives them to) have sexual and romantic attractions to members of the same sex.
Homosexual One who desires sex only with the same sex
Hormone therapy Used to change secondary sex characteristics, including breast size, weight distribution, and facial hair growth.
Horny Sexually aroused; passionate
Horse around To explore sexually without engaging in intercourse
HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) Any of 90 different types of infection, some of which may cause genital warts. Others may cause cancer of the cervix, vulva, or penis.
HR Hand relief. Same as HJ
H/S Hardsports
HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus) An infection that can be sexually transmitted and cause a recurring rash with clusters of blistery sores on the vagina, cervix, penis, mouth, anus, buttocks, or elsewhere on the body.
Humiliation Part of the erotic control to embarrass or to humble someone by teasing them about their sexual desires. In SM humiliation, ironically, can build a person's self-esteem by reinforcing their sexuality.
Hustler Prostitute that searches for customers
Hyperphilia Having sex more often than most people.
Hypoactive Sexual Desire The lack of sexual desire.
Inclusive relationship An intimate sexual love relationship in which all partners have agreed to form a synergistic group and in which each dyad is warm and trusting. The existing relationship may expand to include more people with mutual consent.
Identify/ied (as) To think of oneself as having a particular sexual identity or gender identity.
[I "identify as" a bisexual. I am bi-"identified".] To emphasise that an identity term refers to one's internal reality, as opposed to what others think or observe of one, "self-identify" is sometimes used.
Identity How one thinks of oneself. One's internal self, as opposed to what others observe or think about one.
Impotent Unable to engage in sexual intercourse
Incall Where the client visits the prostitute. Opposite of outcall.
Infantilism Infant-like behaviour in role play by wearing diapers, nursing, etc
Intersexual A person biologically between female and male, sometimes with genital and/or reproductive body parts of both sexes. Replaces hermaphrodite. At one time meant homosexual
Jack off/jerk off To masturbate
Jealous Resentfully envious or suspicious of rival influences.
Jealousy Neurotic anxiety based on fear of losing control over a partner one regards as a possession.
Jock Itch A very common fungal skin infection in the genital area of men that is caused by wearing tight clothing, sweating, or not drying the genitals carefully after bathing. It can cause a reddish, scaly rash that can become inflamed, very itchy, and painful.
John One who financially supports another for sex favours/ also known as client or punter
Kicks Sexual thrills
Label How someone else sees or thinks of oneself or others.
Lace curtains The foreskin of the penis
Latex Material used to make fetish items like clothing
Lavender Pertaining to the homosexual lifestyle
Lay To perform sexual intercourse
Leather, Leather sex, Leather lifestyle A synonym for SM used in fetish fashion and gear.
Lesbian A female homosexual. A woman who has significant sexual and romantic attractions to members of the same sex, or who identifies as a member of the lesbian community. Bisexual women often do not feel included by this term.
Libido Sexual appetite
Limit In SM are the boundaries set by the dominant and the submissive for what to will or to will not do within a scene. Limits must be respected and applied to roles, levels of dominance and submission, time and also activities like whipping and paddling.
Load The fluid from an ejaculation
M->F Male to female. Used to specify the direction of a sex or gender role change.
Macho Describing extreme masculinity which may involve the subordination of women. Machismo.
Male Impersonator A female who, on specific occasions, cross dresses and employs stereotypical masculine dialog, voice, and mannerisms for the entertainment of other people.
Masochism Where sexual gratification is achieved by pain
Masculine A highly subjective concept of the essential qualities of a man.
Master When the man takes control in the SM role play.
Massage parlour Usually a brothel. This is illegal in the UK but is tolerated in many areas - although official toleration, as in Edinburgh, is rare.
Masturbation Manual manipulation of genitals
Matinee A sex session in the afternoon
MFS Massage and full sex
Mish Missionary position
Missionary position Woman on her back, man on top facing her
Mistress When the woman takes control in the SM role play.
MMF A male-male-female threesome
Molluscum Contagiosum A virus that can be sexually transmitted, causing small, pinkish-white, waxy, round, polyp like growths in the genital area or on the thighs.
Môn gendered One who is comfortable in only one gender role? (Do people actually use this, or is it just a syntactic extension of "bi gendered"?)
Môn sexual One who has significant sexual and romantic attractions primarily to members of one sex. Straight, Gay, Lesbian. Someone who is not Bisexual
"Morning-After" Pills Emergency hormonal contraception that is taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse.
MTF Male to female, as in cross-dressing or a transsexual.
Multiple Orgasms More than one orgasm occurring within the same sexual encounter.
Mutual masturbation Where partners manipulate each other's genitals
Narcissism One who is stimulated by one's own body
Novice A person with lack of experience in SM, but willing to learn.
Nuts The testicles
Nymphomania The desire by a woman to have sex very frequently with many different partners.
"O" Oral sex
Obscenity Sexually arousing imagery that is considered socially offensive.
O-levels Oral sex
Old dirt road Using the anus for intercourse
One way Will perform only one type of sexual activity
Oral intercourse A sexual activity whereby the mouth of one per-is used in connection with the sexual organs of another person to produce sex gratification
Oral Oral sex. Either fellatio or cunnilingus - usually the former in the context of punter talk.
Orgasm The peak of sensation during sexual activity
Other sex/gender The other sex or gender than the reference person's own. [She has another sex partner (than her own sex).] [Are you currently in a relationship with a member of the same sex (as yourself)?]
OTK Over the knee (spanking)
Out [someone] To disclose a second person's sexual identity to a third person, especially without the second person's permission. 2. To disclose one's own sexual identity, sometimes without choosing to do so.
Outcall Where the prostitute visits the client's home or hotel. Opposite of incall
Outer course Sex play that does not include inserting the penis in the vagina or anus.
OWO Oral without [a condom]. Same as FWO or BBBJ.
Paedophilia Sexual love/attraction of a child by an adult
Passing Cross-dressing well enough to be seen as a member of the opposite sex.
Passive The person receiving intercourse
Pearl diver One who performs oral sex on the penis
Significant Other One's chosen romantic partner.
Sixty-nine Genital oral intercourse performed on each other. simultaneously by two partners
Slave A submissive that is involved in a slave/master fantasy.
Slave training The instruction of a submissive in a dominant's preference. The submissive’s behaviour is conditioned.
SM Sado-masochism. See also BDSM
Smash A young woman's crush on another woman. The term was used in late nineteenth century and early twentieth century women's colleagues.
Smegma White matter which collects under the foreskin of penis
Sodomy The insertion of the penis into the anus
Solid sports Another term for hardsports.
Solo sexual Having a preference for sex with one's self (a term invented by Valory Gravois; please advise if there is a better existing word)
Snowballing The action of kissing to exchange cum immediately after CIM.
Spanking Striking or paddling a submissive in their butts.
Sperm The fluid that erupts from the penis during ejaculation
Spoons A position for sexual intercourse - both partners lying on their side, with the man behind the woman.
Stallion A male who possesses a very large penis
Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs): Infections that are often or usually passed from one person to another during sexual or intimate contact. Please refer to here for details. http://www.homehealth-uk.com/medical/gumclinics.htm If worried please use this link http://www.playingsafely.co.uk/worried/where/where_can_i_get_help.asp
Straight A heterosexual
Straight sex Vaginal intercourse
Stud A male who is in great demand as a sex partner
Suck off To perform oral intercourse on the penis
Sugar daddy A man who keeps a younger person for sexual favours
Swallows Means that she swallows your cum
Swinger One who accepts free love doctrine
Swish A male who behaves in a feminine manner
Switch When a person trades places in a SM role or physical play. Ex: top or bottom, Dom or sub. It is also a tree or bush branch used for corporal punishment.
Switch hitter A bi-sexual
SWO Sex without [a condom]. Same as BBF
Testicles The male reproductive glands
TG Transgender
Third sex Homosexuals
TLC Tender loving care
Tomboy A girl who prefers the activities, privileges and dress of boys, and avoids female restrictions; sometimes used to describe adult women.
Tongue (verb) To perform oral intercourse
Toolbox The male genitals
Torture Painful actions used to enhance sexual pleasure.
Trade A passive male prostitute for homosexuals
Training Discipline used by the Dom to control the sub's behaviour, condition and/or attitude. Pony training, anal training, position training, voice command response, etc. can be used for training.
Transgender An umbrella term for those who blur the lines of traditional gender expression.
Transgendered (TG) One who switches gender roles, whether just once, or many times at will. Inclusive term for transsexuals and transvestites
Transvestite A person who dresses in the clothes and assumes the gender expression of the opposite sex.
TS, Transsexual A person that mismatches his/her personal psychology. They go for counselling, hormone treatments and surgery. Before surgery a transsexual is referred as a "pre-op" TS and after surgery is a "post-op" TS.
Transvestite (TV)
One who occasionally dresses in the clothing of the opposite sex for sexual or emotional pleasure, or both. Can be male or female, hetero- or homosexual, bi- or solo sexual, and may partially or wholly cross-dress. Some have felt the word is a negative medical term; cross dresser and cross-dressing are more commonly used today. Transvestism, tranny
Triad The most basic and common form of multi-partner relationship, consisting of three adult primary partners, usually two of one sex and one of the other. threesome
Uncovered Without a condom
Unisex Not pertaining to one sex only. Unisex clothing can be worn by both traditional sexes. A unisex hair salon invites customers of both sexes. Unisexual
Urethra Duct which carries urine and semen
Urolagnia Sexual pleasure from watching another drink urine
Vacuum cleaner One who applies great suction during oral sex
Vagina Orifice of female sex organs
Vanilla sex Any non kinky sex acts
Versatile Bi-sexual
VFM Value for money
Vinyl Material used for fetish fashions
Virility The sexual power and capacity of a male
Voyeur One who gains sexual satisfaction from watching others undressing or engage in sexual acts
Walk-up This is a type of establishment that is common in Soho (including Chinatown), A walk-up has an open door leading into a flat (or two or three) in each of which a prostitute works. They advertise mainly by means of a note by the entrance saying "model" and usually giving some details.
Watersports Urination in a sexual context. Usually means that the prostitute pisses over the client, or at least for the client to watch.
WG Working girl, same as prostitute/escort
Wham bam

Rapid and hurried sexual activity

Wiener The penis
With Often means "with a condom"
Without Often means "without a condom"
Whip Object that can be also a cane, crop, paddle or slapper, or a single or multiple-lash whips to beat a submissive.
Working girl Euphemism for a prostitute
Work up To create passion or to be passionate
Worship To lavish attention to a body part (Ex: feet.) Also, a role playing attitude toward a dominant.
W/S Watersports
X-frame A bondage frame in the shape of an "X" in a horizontal position

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