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Punterlink is the high class escort directory to find UK Escorts, Escort Agencies and UK massage parlours. Find UK Escorts, London Escorts, UK Escort Listings by Region. Leading London Escort Agencies, UK Escort Agencies. Find European City Escorts, well populated USA and International Escort pages. Punterlink is your comprehensive guide to Escorts, Massage Parlours, and related special interest web sites


Punterlink UK Escort Directory - UK Escort Agencies

London Agencies - London Escort Agencies covering London, and surrounding area.

Regional Agencies - Regional Agencies in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.


Punterlink UK Escort Directory - Independent UK Escorts

London Escorts - London escort profiles, including independent London Escorts, London Escort Agencies, London Massage Parlours, London Strip Clubs, and London Escort Directories.

Home Counties Escorts - Home Counties escort profiles, including independent Home Counties Escorts, Home Counties Escort Agencies, Home Counties Massage Parlours, Home Counties Strip Clubs, and Home Counties Escort Directories.

South East Escorts - South East UK escort profiles, including independent South East Escorts, South East Escort Agencies, South East Massage Parlours, South East Strip Clubs, and South East Escort Directories.

South West Escorts - Bristol Escorts - South West escort profiles, including independent South West Escorts, Bristol Escorts, South West Escort Agencies, Bristol Escort Agencies, South West Massage Parlours, Bristol Massage Parlours, South West Strip Clubs, Bristol Strip Clubs, South West Escort Directories, and Bristol Escort Directories.

East Anglia Escorts - East Anglia escort profiles, including independent East Anglia Escorts, East Anglia Escort Agencies, East Anglia Massage Parlours, East Anglia Strip Clubs, East Anglia Escort Directories.

East Midlands Escorts - Nottingham Escorts - East Midlands escort profiles, including independent East Midlands Escorts, Nottingham Escorts, East Midlands Escort Agencies, Nottingham Escort Agencies, East Midlands Massage Parlours, Nottingham Massage Parlours, East Midlands Strip Clubs, Nottingham Strip Clubs, East Midlands Escort Directories, and Nottingham Escort Directories.

West Midlands Escorts - Birmingham Escorts - West Midlands escort profiles, including independent West Midlands Escorts, Birmingham Escorts, West Midlands Escort Agencies, Birmingham Escort Agencies, West Midlands Massage Parlours, Birmingham Massage Parlours, West Midlands Strip Clubs, Birmingham Strip Clubs, West Midlands Escort Directories, and Birmingham Escort Directories.

Yorkshire Escorts - Leeds Escorts - Yorkshire escort profiles, including independent Yorkshire Escorts, Leeds Escorts, Yorkshire Escort Agencies, Leeds Escort Agencies, Yorkshire Massage Parlours, Leeds Massage Parlours, Yorkshire Strip Clubs, Leeds Strip Clubs, Yorkshire Escort Directories, and Leeds Escort Directories.

North West Escorts - Manchester Escorts - North West escort profiles, including independent North West Escorts, Manchester Escorts, North West Escort Agencies, Manchester Escort Agencies, North West Massage Parlours, Manchester Massage Parlours, North West Strip Clubs, Manchester Strip Clubs, North West Escort Directories, and Manchester Escort Directories.

North East Escorts - Newcastle Escorts - North East escort profiles, including independent North East Escorts, Newcastle Escorts, North East Escort Agencies, Newcastle Escort Agencies, North East Massage Parlours, Newcastle Massage Parlours, North East Strip Clubs, Newcastle Strip Clubs, North East Escort Directories, and Newcastle Escort Directories.

Scotland Escorts - Edinburgh Escorts - Scotland escort profiles, including independent Scottish Escorts, Edinburgh Escorts, Scottish Escort Agencies, Edinburgh Escort Agencies, Scottish Massage Parlours, Edinburgh Massage Parlours, Scottish Strip Clubs, Edinburgh Strip Clubs, Scottish Escort Directories, and Edinburgh Escort Directories.

Wales Escorts - Cardiff Escorts - Wales escort profiles, including independent Welsh Escorts, Cardiff Escorts, Welsh Escort Agencies, Cardiff Escort Agencies, Welsh Massage Parlours, Cardiff Massage Parlours, Welsh Strip Clubs, Cardiff Strip Clubs, Welsh Escort Directories, and Cardiff Escort Directories.

Northern Ireland Escorts - Belfast Escorts - Northern Ireland escort profiles, including independent Irish Escorts, Belfast Escorts, Irish Escort Agencies, Belfast Escort Agencies, Irish Massage Parlours, Belfast Massage Parlours, Irish Strip Clubs, Belfast Strip Clubs, Irish Escort Directories, and Belfast Escort Directories.


Punterlink UK Escort Directory - Escort Directories

UK Escort Directories - Categorised list of all the major escort directories that have comprehensive UK coverage. Includes UK pay sites.

Ireland Escort Directories - List of Escort, Agency and Massage Directories specifically concerned with the Republic of Ireland.

Worldwide Escort Directories - Worldwide escort, escort agency and massage parlour directory link sites.

Oriental Escort Sites - Our featured Oriental Escorts, including links to our featured oriental Escort Agencies; massage parlours, and directories

BBW Escorts - BBW escort services. UK BBW Escorts. Worldwide BBW Escorts.


Punterlink UK Escort Directory - Massage Parlours
Massage Parlours - Links to specific UK massage parlour web sites categorised by Region.


Punterlink UK Escort Directory - Punterlink Advertising

Punterlink UK Adverts - Details of UK advertising packages.

Punterlink International Adverts - Details of Punterlink International advertising packages.


Punterlink UK Escort Directory - Medical Information

STD, HIV and UK GUM Clinic Resources - Resources to better understand STDs and AIDS. Also contains resources for GUM clinics in the UK, and UK Warning Sites.

Viagra - Official and unofficial Viagra information and number of UK and non UK suppliers.

Condoms - Condom information and reviews, and a number of key suppliers for those interested in bulk or specialist purchases.


Punterlink UK Escort Directory - International Sites

Including information, reviews, agencies and travels reports - Largely Non-UK

Repubic of Ireland - Dublin - Republic of Ireland Escort profiles, including independent Irish Escorts, Irish Escort Agencies, Irish Massage Parlours, Irish Strip Clubs, and Irish Escort Directories.

France - Paris - Monaco - Lyon - France Escort profiles, including independent French Escorts, French Escort Agencies, French Massage Parlours, French Strip Clubs, and French Escort Directories.

Germany - Berlin - Cologne - Frankfurt - Munich - Germany Escort profiles, including independent German Escorts, German Escort Agencies, Germany Massage Parlours, Germany Strip Clubs, and Germany Escort Directories.

Spain - Milan - Rome - Venice - Italy Escort profiles, including independent Italian Escorts, Italian Escort Agencies, Italian Massage Parlours, Italian Strip Clubs, and Italian Escort Directories.

Italy - Barcelona - Madrid - Marbella - Spain Escort profiles, including independent Spanish Escorts, Spanish Escort Agencies, Spanish Massage Parlours, Spanish Strip Clubs, and Spanish Escort Directories.

USA - New York - California - Florida - Texas - Agencies - United States Escort profiles, including independent US Escorts, US Escort Agencies, US Massage Parlours, US Strip Clubs, and US Escort Directories.

Czech Republic - Prague - Czech Escort profiles, including independent Czech Escorts, Czech Escort Agencies, Czech Massage Parlours, Czech Strip Clubs, and Czech Escort Directories.

Brazil - Sao Paulo - Brazil Escort profiles, including independent Brazilian Escorts, Brazilian Escort Agencies, Brazilian Massage Parlours, Brazilian Strip Clubs, and Brazilian Escort Directories.

Thailand - Bangkok - Thailand Escort profiles, including independent Thai Escorts, Thai Escort Agencies, Thai Massage Parlours, Thai Strip Clubs, and Thai Escort Directories.

Australia - Sydney - Melbourne - Australia Escort profiles, including independent Australian Escorts, Australian Escort Agencies, Australian Massage Parlours, Australian Strip Clubs, and Australian Escort Directories.

Russia - Moscow - Romania - Bucharest - Japan - Tokyo - Additional popular International cities and locations


Punterlink UK Escort Directory - Miscellaneous

Sexuality - Various useful sexuality web resources from around the world.

Strip Clubs - UK Strip Clubs - Various sex club and strip club directories and web sites.

Swingers and Dating - Dedicated page for swinging and dating sites.


Punterlink UK Escort Directory - Punterlink Sister Sites

Punterlink International - International section of Punterlink.

Fetishlink - A dedicated extension of Punterlink, devoted to fetish, BDSM, sub/dom and more.

London UK Escorts - Punterlink's dedicated London Escort site.


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