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Hot and Sexy Escorts Available 24 hours

Find hot and sexy London escorts 24/7 only at PalaceVIP.

If you like to catch some fun in London, try our selection of sizzling hot and gorgeous escort models. Choose carefully your escort date with us and we will do our best for you to be happy.

Our escort London style at elite agency offers elite and outstanding ladies 24/7, who can be your perfect companion. From a romantic dinner date companion to the wildest hot sexy and busty model, our hot escort models in Gloucester Rd are at your service. Whether you are looking for stylish and hot blondes, flirty and naughty brunette escort girl or romantic read-heads vixens, please keep checking our website.


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University Scholarships are Being Offered to Some Hot Escorts.

We all go on different journeys in life. Where we end up depends largely on the people and events around us, with some people achieving their dreams, but many more not. Many High-Class London escorts, through no fault of their own, end up not achieving their goals in life. This is often down circumstances beyond their control meaning that certain opportunities were not available to them.

Amandita - Amandita

Education is often such an opportunity that many young escorts miss out on, causing them to go into adult life without the necessary qualifications to get the jobs they always dreamed of getting. One elite university scholarship scheme, however, is hoping to give some adults an opportunity to get the education that they missed out on, and some of the London escorts 24/7 girls are grasping the escorts opportunity with both hands.

Plenty of Lost Talent.

Managing director of the escort scholarship scheme Graduates, Simon Williams, has said that the scheme hopes to tap into a lot of intellectual talent that is otherwise not being utilised. “Britain has always had a reputation for intellectual innovation and we hope to help continue that fine tradition”, he said. “This means nurturing and educating our greatest minds 24/7, and this includes those that have not been fortunate enough to have the opportunity of higher education.”

“Obviously, there needs to be a certain level of intellect there if anybody is going to get a scholarship”, he added. “There is a great deal of intellect trapped in positions that you would not normally to be associated with academia”. “Some London escorts that have approached us have scored very highly in aptitude tests and could go on to do very well in higher education”, He added: “We intend to tap into that wealth of intellect.

A Second Chance.

This is wonderful news for some of Londons 24/7 escorts from Elite London escorts company PalaceVIP. That has always held onto a dream of getting a better education but thought that the chance may never come. “I have always wanted to study astrophysics but have just never seen a way that I would be able to afford it”, she said. “Even though I have taken tests to show that I have the intellect, scholarships always tend to go to young escort people”. “While I can understand that, it can still be very disappointing that I don’t get an opportunity even though I am clearly up to it”. “Many of us elite London escorts really are quite clever”, she finished.

If the idea of giving escort scholarships to older people rather than just young people works out, it could give a glimmer of hope to many people that want to be able to show just what they can do intellectually. Maybe with a lot of hard work and a little luck, we could discover some great minds such as the likes of Hawking and Newton. The initiative may even unearth the next great genius that will help to give us the next great discovery that will revolutionise how we see the world.

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Rita the Russian - Busty brunette in London High Street Kensington

Rita the Russian! She's wonderful isn't she? Book her now in London - High Street Kensington from only £250! She's amazing!

Babylon Girls - 24 Hour London Escorts

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BDSM Busty Clary in London High Street Kensington £200

Busty young Clary is here to entertain you. You can book this sweet young thing for as long as you want from just £200 in London - High Street Kensington. She's no stranger to the whip either, so be a good boy!

Babylon Girls - 24 Hour London Escorts

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Big boobs Kimmi in London Baker Street £200!

Big boobs and a very pretty smile! What more could you ask for from a woman? This is Kimmi and she has even more to show you when you book her. All yours in London Marble Arch from only £200!

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Beautiful dark haired angel Milly is all yours in London - Mayfair for as long as you want. She looks fantastic, and she's as charming as she is beautiful. Book incall or outcall services now from Park Lane Escorts.

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The pain of Elite Call girls When they Love Their Clients

This article describes what escorts face when they fall in love with a client who does not love them back.


Life is full of twists and turns. One minute you are at the top of the world while the other minute you are at rock bottom. Most people know what happens when elite London escorts meet a bad client. However, not many understand the emotional toll it takes when she falls in love with a client. More so, a married client.

I would compare this to the romantic film, “50 shades of Grey.” In the Movie, Christian Grey meets Anastasia after her roommate fails to have an interview with the billionaire. During the encounter, one thing leads to the other and she signs a non-disclosure agreement {NDA}. Anastasia develops feelings for Grey. However, Grey does not want to be emotionally connected to Anastasia, despite their intimacy.

How is this Related to us?

This movie has a lot in common when compared to what young escorts in the UK face.  During your work, you might meet a well-built handsome man. In addition, he may have qualities that you admire and is also gentle with you. He may also be filthy rich and treat you like his own wife. By this, I mean he buys you expensive jewellery and allows you to stay in one of his hotels under his tab.

The Problem

Two problems present themselves. First, he is a married man. Second, you love him, even though he does not love you back. In fact, he only sees you when he wants to have sex. 

The Pain 

After dating the guy for six months, you cannot stay away from him. You think about him and want him to sleep in your bed. However, he is has a ring on his finger and he does not love you. To him, you exist to satisfy his sexual needs.

As an escort, you want to be held close, hugged and to feel loved. After all, have you not given enough for this man? Do you not cook for him? Similarly, do you not iron his clothes when he is in town? You are like a wife to him, but he does not notice it.

Every Day You Die Inside

Every day you die inside. You feel rejected and it feels like you have lost a loved one. Your self-esteem is put to the test. In addition, you begin to believe that you are not adequate enough. As a high-class call girl, would you blame him? He pays you for your service. 

It gets even more painful when a London escort starts hugging him and the feelings grow. He takes you to corporate parties and to visit his friends. But still, he sees you as a call girl. The most painful part is when you call off the relationship after explaining to him that you love him. He does not respond as you had hoped for. He only utters two words, “Ok, can I have my money back then?”

Elite call girls of PalaceVIP, the best high class 24/7 escort agency, live a good life. Drive expensive cars and stay in 5-star hotels. However, their heart will pain if they break the golden rule.  To stay safe, never fall in love with a client.

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Young Busty and Naughty Marina

This stunning Brazilian VIP girl offers an amazing service. She is a young, open minded girl with totally natural DD breasts. She will charm you faster than you could possibly imagine. She is fun, can hold interesting conversation and most importantly is a drop dead gorgeous girl full of naughtiness . Don’t miss this sexy, classy VIP girl in London!

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Tall and Fun Aisha

Aisha is a very tall Eastern European young escort. This is an extremely beautiful girl that is always smiling. She takes care to provide excellent service and that reflects in her positive reviews. Aisha is open minded, loves roleplay and wearing sexy costumes, therefore we recommend her for roleplay lovers. 

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Sexy Vixen Camari

Camari is a naughty blonde girl who loves parties. This natural beauty enjoys being mischievous, she will blow you away with her dirty mind. Meet this sensual and playful European girl and just have fun time.

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Teen Escort Aletta

Aletta is a sexy teen London escort. This gorgeous girl is very adventurous and charismatic. She is full of energy so she will provide a wonderful experience whatever you plan. Aletta loves to party and with her youthful energy just gives fab experience. If you enjoy meeting teen London escorts, you definitely shouldn’t miss her.

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6 Best Shoes for busy escorts

elite women escorts wearing shoes

Are you keen on your shoe collection? Are you looking for fashion-forward shoes that will solve your Kensington escorts wardrobe dilemmas? With seemingly infinite options in the market, it can be easy to get carried away and, consequently, confused about what decision to make.

Whether you are headed to a nightclub, dinner date, or photoshoot session, stylish footwear will add a unique touch to every outfit and elevate your looks.

Here are some of the best shoes for London's Elite escorts at the best 24/7 escort website:

Classy Shoes

Classy Loafers

Loafers are must-have footwear for every woman. If you want to don classy, casual outfits, loafers give the ultimate supplement. Available in many designs, loafers are seasonless and seem to match with everything. Look for brown, black, or blue ones because they never go out of fashion.

Classic Black Pumps

Black pumps are a must for escorts regardless of age. The best thing with black pumps is that you can wear them with practically anything in your wardrobe. Seriously, not having black pumps is a big letdown.

The best thing with pumps is that they look super modern and attractive. Moreover, they will never go out of fashion.

Straight Leg Boots

Get rid of the super-tight, uncomfortable footwear, and shift to sassier straight-leg boots. Not only do straight leg boots look great with long and flowing dresses, but they also keep you warm during cold weather.

There are many types of straight-leg boots available to upgrade your look to a more elite escorts London style, for a more fashionable and attractive look. You can choose something simple or go wild with funky patterns. If you want to bait clients by showing some extra leg, match these boots with short skirts and long jackets.

Chunky White Sneakers

If you want to take your sporty-chic to a whole new level, white sneakers are the perfect shoes for young escorts. Whether you’re wearing them for pure comfort, to trend, or for your new escort business, this footwear is a seamless combination of leisure and luxury. Wear white sneakers with jeans, sweatpants, or even long skirts.

White sneakers add glamour to your outfit.  If you often dress casually, whites will match perfectly with your collection. Furthermore, the white colour makes these shoes look stylish and ultra-chic, not to mention the confidence that you feel in them.

Flat Leather Sandals

Flat strappy sandals are excellent footwear for elite London escorts during summer and spring. If you want to try tropical destinations and enjoy the summer heat, you will need some flat leather sandals. Because of their great appeal, they match perfectly with shorts, dresses, and jeans.

Ballerina Flats

How often high-class London escorts like casual outfits? Ballerina shoes are the best because of the comfortable and feminine look that they give. They are easy to wear and go perfectly with almost everything. If you aren’t in for an expensive look, ballerinas are excellent everyday wear.

The Bottom Line

The above shoes are popular among new escorts due to their comfortability and classy for 24/7 use. Regardless of what outfit you are wearing, they will always complement your body.


PalaceVIP are the only VIP London escort agency to offer COVID-19 testing to all girls and clients. 


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4 Laws that Govern Escorts

This is article explores the four main laws that directly affect how London escorts conduct their business. This way, travellers will not find themselves on the wrong arm of the law.

Most people do not know that there are laws that govern how elite London escorts should be well treated. In addition, these same laws also govern how the escorts should behave. The good thing about London is that it is a liberal society. What this means is that politicians are now relaxing some of the laws that used to exist. 

At the moment, there has been a fierce debate on what is considered prostitution and what is not. Since politicians cannot decide on this, laws on prostitution also apply to call girls. The next time you are in the city, do not think that prostitution laws do not apply to you.

Legal age

According to the crown prosecution service, you should not sleep with a busty London escort who is not yet 18 years of age. If you sleep with underage escorts, you will be liable for prosecution based on the sexual offences act of 2003. According to this act, you will have committed an offence if you solicit for sex from an underage girl. In addition, you will also have committed an offence if you cause the child to engage in immoral acts. Also, if you introduce pornography to a young child, you will have committed an offence.

Since you cannot always be sure whether the young London escort 24/7, is underage or not, make sure to ask for her ID. If she is underage, run for your life! If you get caught, the law will assume that you forced the child to engage in sexual acts.

Brothel Laws

A brothel is a commercial property used by a group of men or women to engage in sexual activities. Yes, escorts are not only found in the online world. In a brothel, you walk in and pick a girl of your choice. The same thing applies to an online agency.

One brothel laws state that two or more people can work in the same building but not as a group. This is done to protect under-aged children from abuse or sexual exploitation. The law also helps eliminate sex trafficking.

Street Laws

Though it is legal to be a call girl, the law makes it illegal to solicit sex in the streets. In addition, it is also illegal to have sex in the streets. If this is one of your fantasies, don’t do it! Similarly, many blonde escorts and brunette escorts are not allowed to loiter around a given place while soliciting for sexual favours. I, however, have to admit that the law on loitering is a bit absurd.  Despite my opinion, the law is the law.

Kerb Crawling

Kerb crawling is the act of soliciting sex from drivers. This act will get you a fine of 1,000 pounds and other charges based on anti-social behaviour. One primary measure used to prevent this is gating off alleyways and the use of CCTV cameras.

You should also know about advertising laws. These laws are a bit absurd. For example, you are not allowed to sell your services near a telephone booth. In conclusion, a high-class London escort can use the internet and magazines for advertising her services, but she can not advertise them on Tv.


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4 Ways to Identify Fake Escort Clients

A man in London makes a fake call to an escort

Have you ever looked forward to making money but as the day ends, you realise that your London Client was wasting your time?  This is a common challenge that escorts have to face, and if you are not able to identify these Time Wasters, then you may end up losing a lot of money.

A Time Waster is a client who behaves like a possible prospect, but all they do is waste your time. In some cases, these clients are filthy rich who are toying around with the idea of going out with a call girl but do not have the guts. They are usually horny top flying CEO’s who like the thrill of talking to a call girl but have no guts to invite her over.

So how do you differentiate between a time waster and a non-time waster?

How to Identify a Fake London Client

Client Wants to Know About Other girls

These are the kind of clients who get pleasure by hearing you talk about other call girls. It’s like phone sex, but this time he does not pay for it. In most cases, it starts with the client showing interest in your services only for him to ask whether you are interested in an escort booking for 1 girl, and then 2 girls for a threesome. If you say yes, the client will expect you to recommend another girl and ask questions about her.

“How big is her butt?”

“Tell me more about her services “

If the conversation takes this line of action, know that you are dealing with a fake client.

He Texts Like a Teenager

I have one simple rule, if he texts like a teenager, then he is most probably too young to enjoy escorts service. If he is not a teenager, then he is a man who does not know what he wants. There are certain SMS words to look out for; these are “Hi Sexy” or “What are you doing today?” Guys who start their messages this way are probably testing to see whether your phone number is real.

In addition, when you text back, he starts to ask silly questions such as, “Do you think you will handle me?” If he does not commit to a booking after 2-3 texts, he is a fake client.

He Asks Too Many Questions

As London escorts 24/7, when we get a call we begin to celebrate too early. If the client starts to ask questions out of the blues, then begin to doubt his intention. To know if he is a fake client, look out for the following questions.

“Will you take a shower with me?”

“If I pay you this time around, will you lower your rates next time?”

If the conversation takes this path, ask the client to make a down payment, and if he says no, then know he is a fake client.

He Wants a Selfie First

These are the kind of clients who ask you for a selfie claiming that there are many call girls out there with a fake profile. From my experience, these are just Time Wasters. What would prevent me from still sending a fake selfie? Once I ask them this question, they hang up.

In conclusion, all escorts London with PalaceVIP Elite Escort Team should identify these fake clients early if they want to have more valuable time on their hands.

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New Escorts in London - PalaceVIP

Are you looking for sexy and busty London escorts? At the only real 24/7 London escort agency PalaceVIP, we offer London Escorts and new escort babes suited to the distinguished gentleman.


Find a beautiful, sexy, dress in quality attire with attractive and warm character models. Our premium escort services are perfect for gentlemen with an inclination for sexy London escorts.


PalaceVIP 24/7 London escorts are beautiful and ready for incall and outcall. 


You can choose your Elite London escorts on our website, book an escort date using our online reservation form, and have fun with gorgeous ladies.



Our booking lines are open 24/7. After your booking confirmation, your chosen sexy and petite earls court escort will be at your doorstep within 30 minutes or ready to visit your home.

So what are you waiting for? Hire our smoking high-class London escorts and let her set your world on fire.


Either Book your date online or call 020-70999232 or WhatsApp 07957920214!


PalaceVIP are the only London escort agency to offer COVID-19 testing to all girls and clients. 


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4 types of Erotic Escort Massages

man receiving massage from a London escorts 24/7 service

There are different types of erotic massages offered by massage escorts. Before we discuss this further, it is important to know that an erotic massage is different from other ordinary massages. For example, an erotic massage involves stimulating the body to achieve pleasure. On the other hand, normal massages such as a Swedish massage are done to relieve stress or body pain.

Most elite London escorts do not offer erotic massage. High-class London escorts also do not offer erotic types of escort massages. Erotic massages are not just for achieving pleasure. They have other health benefits, such as improving erections. In addition, massages such as prostate massage are known to reduce the risk of contracting prostate cancer. Apart from this, erotic massages also prevent stress and anxiety after a long day at work.

Other benefits include improving muscle and joint health.

Erotic Massages Offered 

Lingam massage 

If you like it hardcore and straight to the point, then a lingam massage is what you should consider. This is because It focuses on male genitalia. The main aim of this kind of massage is to relieve sexual tension and differs from a handjob.

However, this kind of massage involves a testicle massage, prostate massage and perineum massage. In addition, while a handjob requires you to have one orgasm, a lingam massage focuses on numerous orgasms during your session. This massage is the most sexual.

Soap Massage

Just as the name suggests, a soapy massage is a massage done in the bathtub. In some cases, it can be done on a waterproof bed. It involves the use of exotic soaps that cleans and exfoliates your skin. The main aim of this massage is to create a mode of intense relaxation.

Depending on your personality, other people may prefer a threesome. While in the bathtub, the call girl applies lather soap all over your body for a deep emotional connection. This massage has a happy ending.

Nuru Massage

Nuru massage originated from Japan. It is a unique way to sexually stimulate an individual. It involves the lady rubbing herself on the man. For a sensual feeling, an ultra-slippery gel is applied. The massager will then slide her body in an up or downward motion while at the same time targeting the erogenous zones of the man.

Though a Nuru massage does not involve sex, you can try to ask if your body demands it. This kind of massage also ends in a happy ending.

Tantric Massage

Another sexual massage offered by low-class escorts is the tantric massage. It focuses on genital stimulation to achieve orgasm. The massager tries to find your erogenous zones by using her hands on your feet, thighs, nipples, abdomen and buttocks. You can also do this massage with your girlfriend as it involves the stimulation of the private parts of the body.

The main aim of a tantric massage is not to give you an orgasm. Rather, it is to help you explore your sexuality. In conclusion, the kind of high-class massage from VIP escorts, that you want can only be found from the London escorts 24/7 agency PalaceVIP. Your choice from the girls should depend on what you want to achieve.

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Mia, from Russia Available for Outcalls/incalls £ 300/1 hr

Hot and beautiful 20 years old Russian girl, Mia is a London escort available 24/7 and she can be at your door within minutes. Get ready for an unforgettable experience.

Great Reviews!

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PalaceVIP, the only 24/7, Elite London Escort Agency

Call on 020 70999232

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Factors Affecting Rates of Escorts in London

Picture of one of the high class london escorts

Are you wondering how call girls set their own escort rates? Wonder no more. High-Class London Escorts at PalaceVIP set their price based on demand and the time they have been escorts. For example, if they frequently receive phone calls and are forced to turn clients down, then prices increase.

The escort will continue to raise her prices until it reaches a point where phone calls have reduced. In such a scenario, she will be able to know the best price for her services. If she wants to attract more clients in a day, she will just lower her price.

In addition, if the call girl is new in the industry, she is probably looking for quality high-value clients. In this regard, she will prefer to have lower rates.  If she has a constant flow of clients, she increases her price. It would be unfair to judge an escort by price alone. This is because newbies in the industry will offer more services but at lower prices to attract clients.

In this regard, it is essential to factor in the services been offered as well as the price.

Factors Affecting Rates of Escorts

Personality and Charm

Elite London Escorts who have a pleasing personality tend to earn more. This is because they offer more than just their bodies to the client. They provide companionship, especially to London visitors. If the visitor finds her valuable, he will pay more. In the process, she will be able to evaluate the best price for her services based on the average tips she receives.

 Residence Area 

If the Chelsea escort lives in a lavish location, then she will charge more for her services because of her target market. In addition, if she is in a location where 24/7 London escorts in that area do not meet demand, she will be forced to raise prices. Similarly, a call girl in another part of town may charge lower fees for her service because of competition. She may also charge lower prices if there is no demand for her services.

Operational Area

High-net clients may make an offer to a VIP London model for her to spend time with him as he travels around the world. In such a case, the slim escort will have to factor in how much her time is worth and then bill the client. For example, if 1 hour is charged at 10 pounds, and you want her travel for two days, you simply multiply 1000 pounds by 48 hours. This comes to 4800 pounds for two days.

This is, however, in the condition that you pay for her air ticket and accommodation.


One of the most common ways used by busty young girls to bill a client is the service method. For example, a date with an elite escort will cost 100 pounds per hour. However, if you require a date and an erotic massage that will come to 300 pounds.

In conclusion, to avoid disputes with a call girl, always make sure you look at the services offered and the amount charged. If in doubt, ask for clarification.

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6 Online Dating Tips to Help Men Stay Safe

online dating concept

Hi there! Did you know that online dating with elite London escorts is a fulfilling experience but may put you at risk of being scammed? It is not always as glamourous as people may want you to believe. One major risk associated with dating an escort online is identity theft. Keep in mind that not all call girl dating sites are secure and that not all call girls are genuine people.

Another danger of dating call girls online is that you risk being conned of your hard-earned money. So how can you stay safe when dating call girls?

6 Online Dating Tips to Stay Safe

1. Do a Simple Google Search

When dating a blonde or brunette escort online, it won't hurt to do a simple google search about her. You can ask her about her social media profiles, so you get to understand more about her personality and what drives her. This way, you will know whether she is a good fit or not. Also, its good to go through the comment section and see what people say about her.

2. Share Your  Google Voice number with Your Escort

To protect your data, it is better to offer a skype number or a google voice number instead of your real phone number. Google Voice enables you to call any place in the world with a monthly subscription. This means you will save hundreds of pounds on voice calls and SMS while at the same time, protect your privacy.

3. Know-How to Tell a Fake Social Profile

One important safety tip is knowing how to tell between a fake and a real social media profile. A fake social media profile will have very few connected friends with little or no posts. Some times, it can be one post or two pictures.

4. Don't give out too much information

Most men get easily swayed when they are dating a high-class London escort. They think if she is a high-class escort then she is safe. Due to their charms, they give out too much information about themselves, forgetting that they are putting their life at risk. For example, if you give the location of the place you frequently visit, this can be used against you.

5. Don't Drink In your First Date

Men believe that they are strong enough to protect themselves. Though this is partially true, there have been reports of men who have been brutally raped during a first time date. In worse case scenarios, they have ended up dead. To protect yourself, avoid taking alcohol during the first date or in front of your date until you know them well.

6.  Tell Your Friends About Her

Sometimes, it is good to tell your friends at the best London escorts 24/7 agency, PalaceVIP. Update them about your escort booking. Tell them about the girl and what you see in her that makes it attractive. If you have caring friends, they will do some background search about her and help you know more about the lady in question. Also, by telling your friends about the lady, they will watch out for you in case you decide to meet her.

In conclusion, dating a call girl online is just the same as dating a normal call girl. Watch out for red flags and always stay safe.

PalaceVIP are the only London escort agency to offer COVID-19 testing to all girls and clients. 


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Book now: Hire Now!

When looking to hire busty London escorts, you always seek a female with all traits you ever wanted in your girlfriend. PalaceVIP, the Elite 24/7 agency offers you sexy London escorts 24/7 who are always available whenever you want.


We have the sexiest, the most beautiful and the most stunning girls as young escorts. Our high-class London escorts expect to be treated with courtesy and respect. The elite London escorts, stylish women are not only gorgeous but also professional, and are ready to fulfil all your desires and fantasies. They have the perfect body and right skills to attract anyone with their curves and sweet-talking.

If you are single for a long time and are now looking for a hot London escort girlfriend, then our elite or busty escorts are the right choice. The rates of our independent escorts are reasonable. Just make sure to book in advance and get ready to experience the seven heavens.

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Blonde and Brunette Escorts at central city locations

The perfect combination of beauty and intellect, our hot busty models make sure you have a great time of your life.

At the best London escorts 24/7 website in London.  Call girls from agency PalaceVIP, are high London escorts. Our main aim is to allow natural relaxation to you with our elite London escorts. We understand that when you are single or alone, you need someone who takes away your worry and make you feel comfortable. Great advice on the top girls in London. Operators you can trust to give you accurate feedback. Hot blonde escorts know how to woo a man with their moves and curves. If you are on a solo trip, you can hire an elite european escort girl to accompany you. Travel the city for escorts for incall and outcall to be with you.


You can browse our high-class escort gallery 24/7. See photos of our hot young girls. Once you book your busty London escort and received your confirmation, your escort will come to your location within 45 minutes of the booking. For more details, call us now.

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Premium Escort Agency

Are you looking for hot and sexy escorts in London

At elite agency PalaceVIP, we offer escort services perfectly suited to the distinguished gentleman.


Our premium escort services are perfect for gentlemen with an inclination for sexy elite London escorts. Our beautiful busty London escorts are fresh and refined ladies who are warm and attentive as you expect. You can choose your favourite model on our website, make a booking and have fun with a sexy call girl.


Our booking lines are open 24/7. After your booking confirmation, your chosen sexy, and a petite escort will be at your doorstep within 30 minutes.




So what are you waiting for? Hire our smoking hot model and let her set your world on fire.

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High Class Escorts | 4 Reasons to Avoid Cheap Girls

This article looks at the advantages of hiring Mayfair escorts when compared to hiring low-end call girls who might get you in trouble. 

If you are reading this, you are probably confused about whether to call a low-end call girl or one of the several high-class London escorts on the internet. Don’t worry, you are not alone.  The problem comes when you factor in price. It is common sense that high-end escorts in London might cost ten times more than the average call girl.

Are you thinking that you are throwing money down the drain by paying ten times more?  After all, is sex not the same everywhere? Or is she made of vanilla ice cream?  The answer to these questions is no. No, sex is not just having an orgasm and going to sleep.  Good sex is where you feel your soul flowing out of you while having an orgasm. 

3 Reasons to Choose a top girl

She Knows How to Take Care of Her Body

Only a blind man can see that a low-end cheap escort can not afford proper medical care. This is because they are torn between paying rent and going for a medical check-up. On the other hand, high-end call girls charge enough per client to enable them to pay rent and go for a medical check-up.

The question is simple, would you prefer a call girl that gives you mind-blowing sex but infects you with STI? Or, do you prefer mind-blowing sex minus the STI? High-end call girls are regularly screened for sexually transmitted diseases and this makes them the best alternative in the market.

She is not Shallow

Have you ever gone on a date with an elite London escort from high-Class agency PalaceVIP? And who was more shallow than your 10-year-old son? To make matters worse, you sat there for 2 hours only to be told how her cat chases away visitors. Probably not! Elite agencies like PalaceVIP choose carefully who to send to a client.

High-class models and escorts 24/7 ready, are educated and understand history, economics, religion and music. If you take this girl out on a date, you will not realize that you are paying for it. This is because she is worth every dime you spend on her.

She will Not Steal Your Wallet

Imagine the agony of having to call your wife to send you money because a hot busty London escort stole your wallet. In addition, the sex was not that great as she had not bathed for two days and kept farting the entire time. This low-end call girl has not only put you in an awkward position, but she has also ruined your stay in London.

High-end call girls don’t need to steal your money. VIP escorts respect their work and would want you to be a regular each time you visit.  She is clean and will make your date worth while.

No Drama or Side Shows

Every client in London has had drama with at least 1 escort. You have probably seen this on Yu Tube. A man visits London and a woman claims that he slept with her and made her pregnant.  In addition, she threatens to release videos and photos of the two of you having a good time. Yes, she had a secret camera, and yes, you are screwed. 

In conclusion, elite escorts do not come cheap. However, they are free of drama and know how to handle a man.

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Select Stunning Escorts - PalaceVIP

 If you are looking for hot and sexy London escorts, PalaceVIP, the best 24/7 escort agency is your one-stop-shop.

Roza, hot escort at Lancaster

Our sophisticated and attractive young London escorts 24/7, will make you fall for them with their looks and curvy bodies. Whether you want to take them for lunch dates, dinner dates, or for joy, excitement, and pleasure, they will accompany you everywhere. They know how to keep their clients happy and satisfied. Our busty escorts know different seducing & tempting tricks and can offer services, such as girlfriend experience, BDSM, and role play.

Roza, a sexy escort at Eastern London

PalaceVIP elite London escorts are with experience and genuine talent, our escorts are humorous, seductive, and have a style, personality, and positive attitude towards life.  So, what are you waiting for? Call us now on 020 70999232 and book your favourite escort today!

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Want an Escort? Write a Good Bio

Most people who would want to have a good time do not know what to do when contacting a London escort at PalaceVIP, the high class escort agency. This explains why they do not attract premium call girls. To attract the right girl, you must be willing to go an extra step so that premium girls can want to be with you.

London escort waiting for client

Let me take the cat out of the bag and tell you a little secret. Though money is a significant factor when deciding which client to go out with, it is not the only factor. Contrary to popular belief, a call girl will go out with you if you have an interesting personality and do not come out as arrogant.

If you craft the right message, you will attract the right escort.

The perfect Bio to attract a hot escorts

Here are examples of bad introductions that you should avoid:

“Hey, I am Dan from Manchester. I am 5’6, and dry spell is killing me. I need you Now!”

“Hello, I am Dan from Central London, and I want to pump tonight.”

“What’s up? I am Dan from Central London and I am a Bull with a donkey’s penis. Interested in fast cash? Holla.”

The above introductions will get a response. However, the answer will not be from premium escorts. It will be from girls who are looking for cheap money with no other added value. To only attract premium escorts, take time to write a good bio.

Example of a Good BIO

Tell her about your name and character traits that will make you stand out. For example, you can say that you are funny and are passionate about the green economy. Tell her what you are looking for apart from sex. This is because she already has other messages of men who have probably told her the same thing.

Example of a Good Escort Bio:

“Hey there, I hope you are doing great. I am Scarlette an escort from Central London and by the look of your profile, you seem like a good person to hang out with. Am 20 years of age, a scientist and a conservationist. I hope to relax my mind and have a good time. If you are free, kindly let me know so I can plan my time table. Thanks.”

The above message tells the escort more about you and makes her willing to respond.  The fact that you used words such as “Kindly” suggests that you are a gentle person. Also, you even go a step further to ask if she is free. Similarly, this shows that you respect her time and what she does.

The Meet-Up

Once you have introduced yourself, expect to receive feedback. If she is free, she will ask you to send her an address and the time.  Make sure you are not late. Also, During the meetup, start with formalities and explain to her what you hope to achieve from the meeting.

In conclusion, once you meet the busty London escort, explain what you want. Do you want an erotic massage? Or perhaps a good time under the sheets? Make this clear, and you will have a good time.

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4 Events Where Call Girls Feel at Home

Event for busty London escorts

London is full of life, whether you are a local escort or first-timer. With many events and activities to do, London is inarguably one of the best places to have fun. If you want to have a good time with hot young escorts, forget the old dinner dates. Busty young escort girls for elite escorts for overnight fun are in and dinner dates are out.

Londons 24/7 escort industry boasts of the kookiest events and parties. A place to have fun and experiment. Here are 4 top created to kill the boredom and have a great time with London Escorts from PalaceVIP the best elite Agency escorts in London.

Top Events for Girls

Club Antichrist

If you are a lover of rock, this is the place to be. You will get everything great, from the 80s, punk, and alternative anthems such as industrial. It is an extremely friendly kink event that features live music and dancing. Also, it is loyally and fiercely loved by the young and smiley crowd that attend the event.

Club Antichrist has an informal and fun party ambience, with live bands providing the ultimate antidote.

Some of the most impressive things about Club Antichrist include;

happy hours at the bar
couples’ darkroom
themed photo booth
dungeon and play areas
ushers carrying trays of free sweets

Above all, you probably won’t find other fetish clubs so snooty!

Torture Garden

Torture Garden is among the most famous fetish events in the world. If you want to experience far beyond the norm, step into Torture Garden. Furthermore, you can dress extravagantly, get the extreme version of yourself, and enjoy world-class performances with your elite London escort.

Most importantly, club antichrist features designers and body artists, cool DJ music, erotic encounters, and dark dungeons and playrooms. If you love cool events without much cockiness, Torture Gardens is the perfect place to be.

Killing Kittens

This is a rather sex-oriented event. The London-based event features more than 70,000 members. To attend this event, you need to become a club member first. Trust me when I tell you that these wild hedonistic parties will forever be fresh in your mind.

Club Subversion

This is amongst the longest-running events of adults for London Escorts. It is a monthly kinky play and dance event hosted by Mistress Absolute and Bobette.

It features a strict fetish dress code and trendy themes. Also, there are chill-out zones for couples to relax with their high-class brunette escort and dressing gowns to usher you into the event. A top-notch team of actors will ensure you have a great time and a night out to remember.

The 90’s Brunch

If you want to have a great time and get the best of the 90s, this event is perfect for you. The overall atmosphere is good with some cool music, lip-smacking’ food, and dope drinks. This bi-monthly themed party is among the most popular daytime event in the world. Moreover, nostalgic pop and non-stop old school music will bring up memories of the 90s.

To Sum Up

If you want to spice it up with young escorts, these are some of the best events to attend. Besides the sheer fun, they create lots of memories that you will never forget. London Escorts are the best, everyone has admitted.

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Hot Escorts by PalaceVIP

Whether you are looking for an escort for a naughty night of entertaining and memorable trip in London or a night out, PalaceVIP, elite escort agency team provides the chosen girl right at your doorstep.

Johanna as Eastern Blonde

Our Elite London escorts are gorgeous, sexy, and always dressed to perfection. The seductive and good looking models guarantee to give you a great time and put you at ease. They will make you welcomed, relaxed, and 100% satisfied. Our gorgeous escorts cater to every taste, fantasy and kink. You can choose from big busty sexy escorts to petite girls of every skin tone.

Emmi, Eastern babe

Our VIP London escorts 24/7, satisfy your every whim and take you the world of pleasure and enjoyment. Book your desired escort at PalaceVIP and get ready to enjoy the soft curves and perfectly toned body.  For details call - 020 70999232

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Want an Escort? The Dos and Don'ts of Dating

Have you ever had a bad experience with a VIP London escort with PalaceVIP, the 24/7 escort agency? Maybe she just walked out on you before you could have an orgasm.  Or perhaps she all of a sudden started yelling and foaming at the mouth. During this encounter, you felt frustrated and you ended up writing her a negative review.

sexy looking London escort

This is despite the fact that she did not take your money. Have you ever wondered that maybe she is not to blame? After all, it bits logic to claim that she just walked out of the room without any genuine reason. We don’t blame you. Many people do not know how to handle an escort.

What to do 

The following tips will help you have a good time with high-class escorts in London:

Have a Good Introduction

High-class London Escort girls will not come to you because of your money. They are looking for a good experience at the same time. Keep in mind that thy can judge a client by how they write to them.

A good bio will create positive energy and makes the call girl more enthusiastic about hanging out with you.

Have a Pleasing Personality

When you meet up with an escort, do not be rough. Also, avoid rude words such as “I will tear you into pieces” or “When am done with you, you will not be able to walk for several days.”

In most cases, guys who use vulgar language are not as good as they claim they are. In addition, rough talk is just a turnoff! Be sweet and smile often. If you are lucky she will give you more than you paid for. Trust me, free things are much better {In this case atleast}.

Do a Background Check

An escort is only valuable if she delivers the services you want. You might be asking her to give you an erotic massage, but she does not offer that. Also, you may require certain sexual acts performed, which she does not do. In such a scenario, she will just pack up and leave. In the process, you feel frustrated and rejected.

Also, as part of your background check, make sure to read reviews about her and what other people say.

What Not Do 

Don’t Brush 30 Minutes to your Appointment

This golden rule does not exist to protect her, but to protect you. This is because most people are known to have sensitive gums. Also, they do not know how to use their toothbrush correctly. As a result, they tear their gum which increases their chances of getting STIs.

Don’t Eat Garlic or Onions

Garlic and Onions have a sour smell that remains in your mouth for some time. This may make your escort uncomfortable during your service. It is always polite to apologise in advance.

In conclusion, don’t leave your call girl alone in your room. This is because you are both strangers and she might steal from you. Not every girl is a church girl!

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Dating a brunette Escort? 5 Things to Know

If you are travelling on a business trip in London, you are probably wondering how to relieve stress. The first thing that comes into your head is to get a VIP London escort who will touch your body in a way that your wife has never touched in a very long time.

Vickie - Vickie

Don’t worry, we will not tell her. Also, we understand that 30-year marriage is not the same as 2-year marriage. In a two year marriage, the couples hump more than rabbits. This is especially so if they are looking to make babies. In a 30-year-old marriage, you only sleep together after several months. If one of you has diabetes, you will sleep together once a year.

5 Things to Know When Looking fun

Anyway, when you come to London, there are certain things you should know when looking for an escort with PalaceVIP, the 24/7 agency. These are:

Know Who to Call

Laws on elite London escorts can vary from one country to another. While it is legal to call a call girl in London, some countries will sentence you to death. Make sure the website you are looking at is genuine with call girls who have real pics.

The best way to be safe is to stay away from newspaper adverts and random internet advertisements. In addition, the escort agency should have professional staff to help you out.

You, Will, Have to Make an Appointment

Yes, escorts in London are some of the most beautiful in the world. In this regard, they are in demand 24/7.  This means that you have to call and set an appointment before you kiss her. It can either be an incall or outcall appointment. If your favourite girl is unavailable, don’t worry as there are many more to choose from.

Don’t Touch a Young Girl!

The good thing about reputable escort agencies is that they verify the age of their call girls. This is, however, not the case with other agencies. Some are run by child traffickers who exploit children for money. If you sleep with a girl who is not yet 18 years or more, you will be in big trouble.

To avoid this, if you suspect the girl is a child, ask her to produce her identification card. Take precaution, Stay out of jail!

Know Your Time

We almost forgot to tell you this. In London, escorts charge their services based on time.  Depending on how deep your pockets are, you can pay for 30 minutes worth of services or 5 hours worth of service.

You will Pay Up First

Call girls prefer to be paid before the job begins. This is because of past experiences where they over-deliver on what they had promised only for the client to start silly excuses. If you don’t pay up, they don’t serve you. In most cases, they will prefer to be paid in cash instead of checks and credit cards.

In conclusion, ensure you are confident when dealing with an elite escort. Confidence and enthusiasm make you attractive and this increases your chances of getting extra services.

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Smoking Hot, Super Beauty Lisa, a Latin Escort in Kensington £ 600 for 1 hour

Beautiful, and glamourous Lisa can blow your mind with her sensuous looks. Based in Kensington, this 24 years old busty Latin escort enjoys parties and make sure you have the best time. 


Explore our escorts and models at PalaceVIP

Available for incall or outcall from one hour to overnight. 

Professional Escort services

Call on 020 70999232

SMS/Watsapp 07957920214

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Beautiful Russian Ellie in London Kensington £200

Eliie is a very classy young woman. She can be all yours for as long as you want in London - Earls Court from only £200! Book her now through Babylon Girls and have a great time!

Babylon Girls - 24 Hour London Escorts

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5 Photography Tips for Escorts

inner vixen pic for busty London escorts


When going through the profile of a new girl, the first thing potential clients look at is your pictures. All busty escorts need is a string of photos to get that person engaged and want to say hey. If your profile isn't updated, you might be losing a lot of money!

London Escorts best advice is having a great profile is imperative to winning clients in the online world. Here are some photography tips to make your profile on the best agency website a success.


Photography Tips

Work With an Expert Pose

London Escort tips can help alot for budding new Photographers. The majority of high-class London escort photographers claim to be perfect posers. However, this is far from the case. In fact, many photographers do not understand the art of posing. Regardless of the cool shots, bad poses won't sell you to clients.

Find the best posing coach possible. A great posing coach knows how to position both the escort and the camera and, more importantly, how to minimize your weak points. They know how to feature your strong points to make great sexy shots.

Find a Great Location

Why would you take photos in an environment that is not attractive?  Poor photo backgrounds are unattractive and can send the wrong impression to clients. In this case, ensure that your Instagram photos are environmentally attractive. Take pictures in an environment that portrays your character to stand out from other petite escorts.

If you are shooting in a studio, ensure it has a boudoir or glamour photography set up.  Also, try to get studios with bedroom vignettes that can make your pictures look professional.

Bring Out Your Inner Vixen

It is a fact that photo sessions can be very intimidating, especially to newbie escorts. Vixen photography is best done if you have an expert around. If not, use YuTube to learn some useful tips.

Once you get your photography session running, bring out your inner vixen. The professional studio should set up a professional theme based on what you hope to achieve. The studio will ensure you have a perfect face by smoothening it. Also, professionals can adjust their busty curves to make them more attractive.

After your photo session, your photos will be edited by adding filters and colour to it to make you stand out.

Stick to your Theme

Choose something that goes hand in hand with your niche. For instance, if you are an elite London escort, try ripped up jeans, hat, cowboy boots, or even tight t-shirts. Get something like studded boots, and leather jackets if you are a rock-and-roll escort. Always have something that fits perfectly with your style.

Bringing in your favourite pet might be a great idea. Always get something that strikes the client's nerves. Sticking to a theme is one of the fastest ways to make your escort profile a success.

Don't Forget Your Accessories

When going to a high-class photoshoot session, take your accessories with you. Don't forget body jewellery, earrings, and necklaces. Most importantly, don't forget your shoes. Try different accessories to make your photography lit.

The Bottom Line

These elite photography tips will help build a great profile. As long as you do everything professionally, your Instagram profile and other online profiles will be a great hit.

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Sofia - High Class London escort in Paddington

It's truly high class escorting all the way with the lovely Sofia. She's been waiting far too long for your call. Here in London for an indeterminate amount of time, book her whilst you can in the London - Paddington area from Park Lane Escorts

Make sure you check out our other fabulous Paddington London escorts

Someone for everyone!

Park Lane Escorts – Experience the best!

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Call: 07866840000


Check out Sofia!

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Sensuous massage with Super Busty Britta -07736361150

Even in these days Britta is here to see you. Very hygienic and clean place, nothing to worry about. Just one call away. Time is no limit. Any money gift is a bonus. Please take a minute and call.

Xxx Britta

Danish Britta - Danish Britta

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Sexy 24/7 Kristina

Young and petite brunette in London. This European girl is an open minded party girl in London that is available for late night fun dates.

Arrange a meeting with Kristina by calling: 07745 370000.

For more information about Kristina click here.

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Young and Slim Erika

Erika is a young elite escort who is looking to have fun with men. This natural beauty with a stunning slim body is an excellent choice for gentlemen who love meeting young, naughty and passionate girls. If you are looking for a girl who provides a wide range of interests then Erika is the right girl for you.

Arrange a meeting with Erika by calling: 07745 370000.

For more information about Erika click here.

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Elite Sexy Beauty Giselle

Giselle is a London elite escort originally from Eastern Europe. If you are looking for a hot and naughty brunette to be your date Giselle is one not to miss!

Arrange a meeting with Giselle by calling: 07745 370000.

For more information about Giselle click here.

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Sexy Temptress Nadia

Very elegant and classy busty brunette but at the same time ever so naughty and adventurous.

Arrange a meeting with Nadia by calling: 07745 370000.

For more information about Nadia click here.

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What You Can Expect When Meeting Escorts

Meeting a new elite London Escort for the first time can often be exciting, or even daunting, depending on who they are. Perhaps it is a new boss which can be a very nervy experience indeed, maybe it is friends of a friend which can be fun, or maybe you are meeting a lady on a date, which can often be among the nerviest of all experiences.

Lunna - Lunna

Meeting an escort for the first time can also be a very nerve-wracking experience for some people as it can be difficult to be sure just what to expect. Many people are likely to have pre-conceptions about escorts although these pre-conceptions are often shown to be wrong once they do finally meet and escort for the first time. Which leads to the question of just what people can expect when meeting with an escort anyway?

Just Like Everybody Else.

John, a 45 years old Londoner that does occasionally use an escort service at PalaceVIP, says that the escorts he has met are all very much different from each other, with very different personalities “I did have some pre-conceptions before I started using an escort service, but I soon found that I was very wrong”, he said. “The reality is that meeting an elite London escort is just like meeting anybody else”. “You can never be sure of what to expect”, he added. “Every escort that I have had the pleasure of meeting has had their own personalities and identities.

“Some of the ladies that I meet are very intelligent people”, he continued. “I wondered why some of them would be in the escort industry at all but it seems that some of them can make very good money from it”. “If you are happy with the job and it is financially rewarding to you, then why not?” he added. “For some others it’s a means to an end”. “I met one escort that was studying to become a biologist and was a member of Mensa, she was a very bright young lady indeed and just needed to make enough money to fund her education”, he continued. “The only thing that I can think of that applies to all of the escorts that I have met is that they are all very attractive ladies”, he added.

Wonderful People to Work With.

One escort that has been in the industry for nearly 15 years said that during her time as an escort she has met all types of people. Some bad, but mostly good. “It’s just like any other job, you meet some people that are great, and others that are not so great”, she said. “If you get a job in an office you will find exactly the same thing”. “There’s always a wide variety of people”.

“On the whole though the escorts that I have had the pleasure of working with have been wonderful people”, she added. “I have been fortunate enough to make some very good friends within the industry and they all have their hopes, fears, strengths and weaknesses just like everybody else”.

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Escort | Tips You Need to Know

The main question that most people ask themselves is how to date a London escort with PalaceVIP, the 24/7 escort agency. Matters of the heart are complicated. Don’t worry because you are not alone. Scientists world over are still trying to understand how the escort heart works and what triggers it to have a deep emotional connection.

Beautiful London escort laying on the best

How to Date an Escort

The following tips will help you date an elite escort and even lead to a happy marriage.

Talk About It

It might not be easy, but this is the best option. Your brain might be telling you that this is the right thing to do. At the same time, your heart might be telling you that this is a suicidal move. From experience, the last time you opened up about your work, you got damped.

Before you decided whether to open up or not, you have to ask yourself whether you want to live a double life. During the day, you sleep with other men, and during the night, you sleep with your man.  This might sound ok, but the moment your partner knows about it, he will be heartbroken.

Have a  conversation with your man about your work. This way, he will understand if you don’t pick up his call during the day. Also, openness in a relationship is the key to a happy marriage.

Work Through Your Insecurities

We would actually be lying to you if we told you that you would not have any insecurities. It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman. Dating a big bust girl requires you to have the mental stamina of a soldier.  After all, your partner comes from work, having had an intimate relationship with the client.

So how can you remove these insecurities?

  • Accept that she is just working: Yes, she gets paid for it and it is like any other job

  • Acknowledge she is with you for free: She charges a premium for her time, but you are charged nothing

  • Her work is performance-based: However, with you, she exposes her vulnerability

Talk About Her Job

Your partner does not stop being a partner because she/he is an elite London escort. They are not prisoners and in that regard, they want to be heard. They want to share their feelings and talk about their experiences.

When dating, let your partner tell you about the job. Hear about the different clients she has had, the lousy ones, and the ones that gave them the perfect orgasm.  In the process, you will learn to accept her for who she is and not what people think about her.

Don’t Break the Golden Rule

What is the golden rule? Don’t tell people that your partner is a busty escort. This is done to respect her work and also to maintain her privacy.  The only time you are allowed to say this is if she permits you to say it.

In conclusion,  dating an escort is no different from dating a church girl. This is because they all need to be loved and taken care of.

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Find Love with an Escort and Live Happy

Most people have different experiences when it comes to hanging out with the sexy model. In most cases, the experience is fulfilling and out of this world. Today, we will talk about one feeling that drives the world mad. That feeling is Love.

London escort waiting for client

Case of Mia

Mia was an escort in downtown London at PalaceVIP, the 24/7 elite escort team. Also, she was a beauty to behold. Mia migrated to London 20 years ago when her father worked as a diplomat. She was tall and had a broad Russian accent that melted your heart away. Also, Mia had Brown eyes and was 5’6. Men who interacted with Mia confessed that she walked and looked like a goddess.

A few months ago, Mia received a call from Peter, who was in London for a business seminar. Peter, on the other hand, was a charming older man who had risen the ranks to become one of the most paid CEOs in his organisation. Though Peter was a smart guy, he lacked female skills, if you know what I mean.

He spent all of his time working for his boss and forgot how to date. When he arrived in London, he felt lonely and wanted companionship. He was not looking for an erotic affair; he just wanted someone to talk to and share his success. However, Peter got more than he bargained for.

The Romantic Flare

On the first day, they met at a five-star hotel, and he couldn’t stop sweating. He felt as if he was in an interview. His knees could not stop shaking, and his voice betrayed his confidence. While he sat there trying to explain why he was nervous, Mia studied him like a specimen. She noticed his oversized-coat and designer suit.

Mia also noticed his simple watch and hairy chest. She realised that despite his success, he lacked a woman to make his world full. A woman to share his dreams with; a woman to make him feel like the man he was.

More Than a Service

We asked Peter about the first date and he chucked in his office.

“It was horrible. I think she fried me with her beauty. I think I forgot how it feels like to talk to a woman.” He chuckles

On his last day in London, he called Mia, his favourite 24/7 London escort. She arrived wearing a sexy dress that revealed her thighs and designer pants. He smiled when he saw her and she smiled back. She could not understand why she was getting attracted to a client. This was against her code of ethics. However, Peter was not an ordinary guy.

The Day She Flew Away With Him

She held his hand and walked him to his hotel’s balcony.

“Look at London. Is it not beautiful?” She asked

“Yes, it is. But not as beautiful as you. Fly with me to America.”

“That is crazy. I can't just leave my escort job and drop everything and fly with you!”She complained

“All you have to do is say yes. I love you, and that is all that matters.” He kissed her, and she kissed him back.

The rest is history. Mia has no idea how she found herself in America. However, she does know that her heart is no longer hers.



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How to Find a Genuine Escort Website

This is a comprehensive guide created to help travellers identify Genuine London Escort websites. This way, they will find value in money.

Hey there, are you coming to London any time soon? Do you want to explore the nightlife and have fun like a 20-year-old rock star? If the answer to these questions is yes, then it is time to search for a high-end escort. I am not talking about an ordinary call girl. I am talking about a girl who will make your stay worth it.

I am talking about a girl that will offer companionship and take you to dates around the city. She will show you what the city has to offer and take you to the best hotels near you. In addition, when you are done touring the city, she will prepare essential oils and use her magic hands on you. 

Similarly, the escort can go a step further and give you an erotic bath after your massage. This will calm your nerves and prepare you for bed. You can have her for as long as you want. If you are satisfied with the service, feel free to give her a call when you are in town.

How to Find the Right Website

Your escort fantasy will only be realised if you find the right website. If you are not careful, you will be disappointed and curse the city of London for a very long time. So how do you find a reliable call girl website?

Understand London Prices

If you understand call girl rates, it will be easier to find the right website. For example, if you require high-class call girls, find the best call girl website. Similarly, if you prefer low-end call girls, know the rate. This way, you will not end up spending more than budgeted for. 

Know What You Want

Different call girl websites offer various services. For example, one site may only offer incall and outcall services for regular sex. Similarly, another may offer services such as an erotic massage, domination and oversea travels. By knowing what you want, it becomes easy to choose the right website.

Check for Responsiveness

Once you have the right budget and know what services you require, move to phase three. This phase involves checking out the website to identify any potential red flags. Don’t trust everything you see in London. People want to make money and they will make it off your sweat if you are not careful. 

Does the website have a customer care number? Is the number real or fake? In addition, check whether the picture you see is real. The easiest way to do this is to search for the images on google. If they are from another website, then the agency is fake.

Check the Payment System

Different agencies in London operate differently such as PalaceVIP, the 24/7 escort agency. Some take a cut from the call girls while others will charge the call girl for listing. However, the most common is where the girl pays the website for listing.

In case you find one that requires you to give your credit card details, read their privacy policy. Does the system look secure? For example, the website should have an SSL certificate. This is a padlock sign in the left upper side of the search bar.

In conclusion, the first step to finding an escort is identifying a genuine website. After that, contact the website to know if they have any safety measures put in place. Also, make sure you understand the price of different services.

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Escorts at your Service

Are you ready for High-Class London Escorts and the top fun activity in London? If yes, PalaceVIP, the 24/7 elite escort agency is your ultimate destination.

We provide you with beautiful and sexy brunette models that will take you to the world of FANTASIES. Hot and curvy, our every young and elite escort is well cared for, friendly and professional. You will forget all your worries behind when you meet these gorgeous models. Our London escorts 24/7, maintain their bodies perfectly and possess charming personalities that leave a mark on your heart. We have hot and naughty blondes, brunette, redhead vixens and more. 

You can choose your desired model and make a booking. Our sexy and elite hot escorts are ready to meet you in 30 minutes. They could offer you a massage, and a nice wine to break the ice. A massage assured to make you feel heavenly. Call us now - 020 70999232. 

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Escorts with PalaceVIP

Hot, sexy, bold and beautiful are the critical components that make PalaceVIP, the 24/7 escort agency the best in London with the best girls.

These gorgeous escorts have everything that can fulfil your desires. You can spend time with a beautiful High-Class London escort exploring the city or taking them for a nice romantic dinner. Our models will take good care of you and make sure that you have the best time of your life.


For anyone craving the companionship of a softly curved body model can hire our elite London escorts. They offer the most erotic experience that you have always wanted. Our friendly, down to earth models provide you with the best escort services in the town.


Our hot chics make sure to satisfy all your fantasies and expectations. So, what are you looking for? Call us now on 020 70999232 and book a beautiful London escort today!

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Leyre Very discreet service

Aa totally independent escort and if you're looking to meet a luxury girl to have fun and enjoy an appointment full of pleasure and delivery then we should know each other. I have 26 years and I have a splendid body and an affective and affectionate personality, I'm sure you'll forget the rest of the world and relax completely. No doubt, I am a loving, cultured and talkative. I define myself as intelligent, playful, naughty and experienced in many things, however, behind closed doors, I become a lewd and perverted whore who loves to please. 

I have a very vivid imagination, erotic and, why not say, a very dirty mouth (with a very sexy accent). I love to talk about dirty ... when my mouth is not busy in anything else! I also love what I do and I will certainly give you one of the best private experiences of your life.I offer you the perfect company for business trips, romantic evenings or for an occasional meeting.

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Petite brunette - Dulcie - London Marble Arch from only £200

She may only be small in stature, but she's got a big smile and even bigger boobs! You can book this pocket rocket now in London - Marble Arch from just £200. Book her now from Babylon Girls

Babylon Girls - 24 Hour London Escorts

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Why Should You Choose Liverbirds Escorts

Here are some of the reasons to book a Liverpool Escort through Liverbirds Escort Agency

  • Liverbirds Escorts provide the best escorts Liverpool has to offer. Our ladies are high class, well dressed, elegant companions who are available for dinner and drinks or something more intimate. 

  • From the girlfriend experience to all-night parties, our girls provide a wide range of escort services. Liverbirds escorts are open minded and know how to have a good time. We have escorts offering services for men, women and also couples, ladies with enhanced figures and natural ladies- there really is the perfect girl for everyone. 

  • Liverbirds Escorts have some of the cheapest rates for escorts in the Merseyside. Our girls are high class and deliver a quality service at affordable prices.

  • Liverbirds Escorts are an established Liverpool Escort Agency who are trusted and reliable and come highly recommended. Our friendly receptionists will walk you through any problems and answer any questions that you have.

  • Because all our ladies are from or reside in Liverpool, they can show you round our wonderful city. Our girls can take you to the Royal Albert Dock for a sophisticated dinner with views of the Liver Building and the River Mersey. Grab a drink together at one of Lark Lane's many independent bars or head to the world famous Matthew Street. If you want to spend time in a beautiful city with a beautiful girl, give us a call on 07729513406

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Evolution of Escorts Since Covid-19

This article explores the challenges faced by London escorts and the emerging opportunities available as a result of Covid-19.



The coronavirus has affected pilots just as it has affected elite London escorts. The consoling thing is that the effects are global. We have seen thousands of workers laid off with desperation levels at an all-time high.

“What do you expect us to do? We are confined in our houses and the government does not recognize us. Do they want us to die in our homes from hunger? Asks Mary M. One of the thousands of beautiful blonde girls who feel frustrated with the government.

Since the lockdown began, most of the call girls dried up their savings in less than two weeks. This is because, unlike high-class call girls, these only earn enough for rent, food and basics. To survive, they have to cope and adjust.

Girls are Using WhatsApp

Thanks to Covid-19, it has now become harder to make money. In addition, call girls have had to adjust some of their services such as introducing whats app sex. This is a service that enables them to communicate with their favourite clients.

Using WhatsApp, the girls call the men and use seductive tactics to try and arouse them. For an additional pound or two, she will show off her firm breasts to the client. In the process, the client begins to stimulate himself until he climaxes.

“Since the government is not offering us any incentives, we have to be creative. We have introduced online sexting, which our clients find refreshing to use. Also, since they too are immobile, all they have to do is lock themselves in the bathroom where their wives can’t see them. She laughs.

Use of Web Cams

Before the outbreak, the work of an escort was straightforward. All they had to do was take a high-quality picture of themselves wearing seductive lingerie. The picture is then posted on their agency’s profile. In addition, they also list some of their services such as domination, oral sex and erotic massage. If a client is impressed, they send her a message and they plan a meet.

At the moment, however, this is not possible. To solve this challenge, webcams are used. Here, escorts use seductive gestures to attract men. At the same time, if a man is impressed with the woman’s body, he may decide to have a private chat with her. For a small fee, she will expose her nakedness to him. He will imagine that he is fondling her until he achieves orgasm.

Friendly Chat

Another method used by escorts of PalaceVIP, the best 24/7 escort agency, to survive through the pandemic is by providing companionship. This is a new emerging trend where you can hire a person to chat with you. This concept is non-sexual. It is preferred by older men who have lost their wives and just want someone to talk to.

Community Support

When life became unbearable, some of the young escorts came together and formed community groups using social media. These groups were intended to help each other in times of need.

In conclusion, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced call girls to be creative. They have taken advantage of technology to make money during these hard times. This has seen new trends emerge.

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4 Laws that Govern Escorts

This article explores the four main laws that directly affect how call girls conduct their business. This way, travellers will not find themselves on the wrong arm of the law.


Most people do not know that there are laws that govern how PalaceVIP top London girls with high-class London escorts should be treated. In addition, these same laws also govern how the escorts should behave. The good thing about London is that it is a liberal society. What this means is that politicians are now relaxing some of the laws that used to exist. 

At the moment, there has been a fierce debate on what is considered prostitution and what is not. Since politicians cannot decide on this, laws on prostitution also apply to call girls. The next time you are in the city, do not think that prostitution laws do not apply to you.

Legal age 

Elite London Escorts have a minimum age. According to the crown prosecution service, you should not sleep with an escort who is not yet 18 years of age. If you sleep with underage escorts, you will be liable for prosecution based on the sexual offences act of 2003. According to this act, you will have committed an offence if you solicit for sex from an underage girl. In addition, you will also have committed an offence if you cause the child to engage in immoral acts. Also, if you introduce pornography to a young child, you will have committed an offence.

Since you cannot always be sure whether the young escort is underage or not, make sure to ask for her ID. If she is underage, run for your life! If you get caught, the law will assume that you forced the child to engage in sexual acts.

Brothel Laws

A brothel is a commercial property used by a group of men or women to engage in sexual activities. Yes, escorts are not only found in the online world. In a brothel, you walk in and pick a girl of your choice. The same thing applies to an online agency.

One brothel laws state that two or more people can work in the same building but not as a group. This is done to protect under-aged children from abuse or sexual exploitation. The law also helps eliminate sex trafficking.

Street Laws

Though it is legal to be a call girl, the law makes it illegal to solicit sex in the streets. In addition, it is also illegal to have sex in the streets. If this is one of your fantasies, don’t do it! Similarly, high class London escorts are not allowed to loiter around a given place while soliciting for sexual favours. I, however, have to admit that the law on loitering is a bit absurd.  Despite my opinion, the law is the law.

Kerb Crawling

Kerb crawling is the act of soliciting sex from drivers. This act will get you a fine of 1,000 pounds and other charges based on anti-social behaviour. One primary measure used to prevent this is gating off alleyways and the use of CCTV cameras.

You should also know about escort advertising laws. These laws are a bit absurd. For example, you are not allowed to sell your services near a telephone booth. In conclusion, an escort can use the internet and magazines for advertising her services, but she can not advertise them on Tv.

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