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4 hours ago

Available Mon to Thurs 11am to 5pm and Fridays 11am to 3pm As Mae West said "come up and see me sometime."

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Dexi Delite - Dexi Delite - Cheshire Dexi Delite - Dexi Delite - Cheshire
2 weeks ago
Seamed Stockings and Heels - Lorna Blu - Cheshire
Outcall £200

Hi Everyone, My latest set of ‘Policewoman’ photos are a real treat for bum fans … with lots of anal play, butt plug and DP. Visit my website to view these. 'So, I have this idea for a video clip.' 'Go on,' I said, as I put the business end of a truncheon between my breasts and smiled into the lens, 'I'm listening.' The voice I was listening to belonged to Steve, a friend of mine who was watching my performance as a naughty policewoman with interest, not to mention trousers that told me he liked what he saw. He was having one of the bursts of creativity he has from time to time. I was taking advantage of the visit to his place to do a photo shoot in a different setting. 'Hang on a second,' he replied, 'let me just do this first.' He walked up to where I was leaning provocatively against the wall, my legs apart. I wasn't sure what he had in mind, so I just stood my ground, looking straight at him. His eyes never left mine as he stopped, almost within kissing distance. He reached over and put his hand on my breast. Not too hard, but firmly and deliberately, as if he was trying to let me know he could take what he wanted from me. It was a battle of wills, a little power struggle. I think he was testing out the entry I had put on my Adultwork interview - the part where I said I liked cheeky and confident men who could dominate and take the lead. Well, the fact is that I do like that. But not all the time. Sometimes Lorna likes to take the lead a little, and today was one of those days! I leaned in towards him, pushing my breast into his hand just a little bit, to let him know it was what I wanted too. I leaned close enough to kiss him, wearing an expression with a hint of defiance. I could see his confidence falter a little. It made me smile. I put one hand on his shoulder, my fingers curling around the back of his neck, then closed my eyes down to heavy-lidded slits and gently drew his head to me, then very slowly but very purposefully put my tongue right into his mouth, pressing and forcing his to one side. The flash fired automatically as we were in mid French kiss. He was startled a little and pulled back. 'I bet you won't let me use that one,' I said. He was very camera shy. 'We'll see,' is all he said. I could see him turning ideas over in his mind, and I decided to find out how far I could turn the tables. But gently - the teasing and the anticipation was part of the fun, after all! Now I had his attention I began to flirt a little more. You may think that is silly, because this was an escort booking, when all was said and done. But though it might seem that the sex was inevitable, there was the highly important consideration of how we would get there, and I thought there was pleasure for the both of us if I took control. I poked my truncheon out, making it into an erection. I took a couple of shots of myself like that, then started to think of it as someone else's cock, treating it to a blow job. Smiling eyes and lips stretched around a large head. I knew these would look good. 'Do you wish it was your cock, Steve?' I asked, poking my tongue to touch the very tip. He moaned a little, and I saw his hand move to his zipper. I heard the rasp as he undid himself, then pulled it out. I waited a second till he was fully out, then motioned for him to stop. 'How about if it was mine, though?' The end of the truncheon was very wet with my saliva. Slowly I rotated my hand, turning the wet head so that it no longer pointed at my face, but pointed at his. I saw his puzzled expression as I held it in front of him. 'Would you like to suck my cock, Steve?' I thought perhaps I might have taken things too far, but no. He was still watching me, his face a picture of conflicting thoughts. I noticed he was still hard - if anything perhaps a bit harder. He hesitated a couple of seconds, but his gaze was even, clear and direct into my eyes as he opened his mouth and moved to take the truncheon head between his lips. I smiled approval, and whispered. 'Go on...' I watched fascinated as he began to move his head back and forth, taking the head of my make-believe cock deeper into his mouth. I made some playful - but still very genuine - sounds of arousal as he sucked. I didn't have to fake my heavy breathing, the sight of what he was doing really was getting to me. 'Good boy!' I said, then decided to test him a little further. 'Oh, you've got me close, I'm nearly there. Can I come in your mouth?' Quite solemnly he continued, then pointedly stopped for a few seconds. I knew he was fantasising about the juice filling his mouth. So was I. I waited a second or two. 'Show me?' In full-on pornstar mode now, he opened his mouth as if he really was showing me a mouthful of my cum. I nodded approval, and he closed his mouth and pretended to swallow it for me. I wanted him there and then, but there was the little matter of finishing off the photos first. You'll see that they get quite raunchy quite quickly because by now I was eager to be fucked! It was as I was part way through using the truncheon on myself that I remembered his first remark. 'OK, what was your idea for a video clip then, Steve?' I was breathing heavily by this point, working the truncheon deep into my pussy, and truth be told getting quite close to coming. 'Two video clips, really,' he said, 'with the joint title "Sauce for the goose"'. 'That's an interesting title,' I said, 'what made you think of that?' He pointed towards the butt plug I had put in for the later shots. 'That did. I want to be that toy. I want to fuck you there, to be there inside you when I come.' I knew he was keen on my bum, perhaps a bit keener on the idea of it than I was these days! 'Well, that's certainly saucy in its way,' I said, panting, very close now. 'I still don't quite get the title though!' 'Oh, I thought it would be obvious by now, especially after that blow job! Do you have a strap-on, Lorna?' The combination of the movement of the truncheon and that thought did it for me. I closed my eyes and made myself come hard. Two seconds later I felt the warm splashes on my pussy and thighs that told me my bottom was safe as far as this visit was concerned. His too, of course. But only until the next time! I’ve done a video to go with these photos – I’ll publish it soon ;-) Stay Horny! Love Lorna Blu xxx

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Miss Jones - Lorna Blu - Cheshire White Thong - Lorna Blu - Cheshire
2 weeks ago
Side - Aveline Noir - Cheshire
Outcall £160

I am Aveline Noir, but you can just call me Aveline. I am your unique American ebony BBW GFE companion and Domination provider. Although I am based in Manchester I tour quite regularly. I am in my early 20's with a lovely youthful face, my rich ebony skin is silky soft to the touch, warm brown eyes that draw you in, ample 42 E breasts that are more than a handful, my equally bountiful bum has been known to entrance. Rest assured that my body is a wonderland we can get lost in. I love to give myself over to the sensuality and raw passion that can form between individuals. Let us build an experience to remember.

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Aveline Noir - Aveline Noir - Cheshire Aveline Noir - Aveline Noir - Cheshire
3 months ago

How about a late night overnight? Once you are known to me, you can book anything from 4 hrs at £100 per hour. This is ideal for a cosy dinner at your home or hotel.Start and end times to suit! X

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Eva Outcalls  - Sexy Spexs - Cheshire Sexy Mature Eva - Sexy Spexs - Cheshire
5 months ago

Availablity week beginning 21st May 2018: > Thursday 24th May - Wolverhamptom, City Centre - 2pm til 11pm > Friday 25th May - Coventry, City Centre - 2pm til 11pm > Saturday 26th May - Coventry, City Centre - 8am til 11pm

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Come and join me - Indian Nisha - Cheshire Curves - Indian Nisha - Cheshire
8 months ago

Hi,I am Kirsty, a very attractive & sexy blonde bisexual milf, a younger mans fantasy and an older mans dream. I am 43 years old with long blonde hair and 36D natural assets with a size 10 figure and silky smooth skin. I am based in Manchester for Incalls or Outcalls throughout the North West. I offer full, sensual GFE or full on PSE for the more adventurous and also offer fantasy Role Play. I specialise in nervous first time guys and couples as well! I also have a couple of hot girlfriends for the ultimate "Real" 3 way 3 some for the best 2 girl in Manchester.

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Kirsty  - KirstyBlonde - Cheshire

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