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15 hours ago

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Ruth Strawberry, some of the gorgeous lingerie I will wear for you. - Ruth Strawberry  - Cumbria Ruth Strawberry - Ruth Strawberry  - Cumbria
7 days ago

I thought you’d like to hear about my recent experience where I seduced my sons friend … Do you like roller coasters? I don't think I qualify as the sort of adrenaline junky who goes around seeking out the latest, tallest, fastest, most-time-upside-down kind of roller coaster, so don't expect to see me undressing on "The Big One" any time soon (I was so disappointed when I found out that one was not that sort of ride, by the way!) but you don't have to go clattering around a track at Alton Towers to experience ups and downs and excitement, as I found out on Mother's Day. To set the scene: a couple of weeks beforehand my son had been in touch, to say he was planning to visit me on Mother's Day. Now, while I love him to bits and his heart is undoubtedly in the right place, he is not the most organised of people, and experience should have taught me that things very rarely go exactly according to plan where he is concerned. I didn't know whether he planned to whisk me out for a meal, or perhaps he was expecting me to cook for us, but one thing was for sure I would need to keep the page clear in my diary, which meant no gentlemen callers! This meant letting down one particular chap who had been hoping for an extended meeting the evening before. And when I say an extended meeting I mean an extended meeting - we were planning to explore how it would feel for him to be tied spread-eagled to the bed while I had my wicked way with him over the course of three or four hours - extended in two senses of the word! He has this ability to fuck for ages before he allows himself to come (there's no point asking me how he does it, I am just happy that he can!) so there were two disappointed people on the phone call when I said we would have to postpone our get-together. Now my son works in IT, and his job means he can get called out to client sites to fix important systems if a problem crops up with one of them. I don't know whether he forgot to swap his weekend on call with one of his colleagues, or someone grabbed the weekend off the rota before he could, but on the Sunday morning he dropped me an email to let me know that all the arrangements were still on track for the day (even though I still didn't know what they were!) he might have to take a phone call or two during the day. It wasn't quite the "mother-son" time that I had been expecting but given how he seems to flit around from one place to another and the social whirl he operates in I felt I should be grateful for small mercies. Then I closed the email and saw a horny text from "Sir Lastalot" saying he was happy to meet up at short notice if the chance occurred, and a certain part of my body had a pang of regret! And that, Your Honour, is why Lorna had taken herself off to the bedroom and put her hand in her panties at exactly that point in time... If the interruption had come five minutes later - or if I had come five minutes sooner! - then things would have turned out differently. I was just on the point of easing myself on top of my fantasy companion, making a cone of my fingers to push into my pussy, when there was a knock at the door. I tried ignoring it at first, but my caller was insistent and with a shock I thought it might be my boy turning up early for once. I pulled up the clothes I had pulled down, pulled down the clothes I had pulled up and tried to overlook the fact that I was about three quarters of the way to what promised to be a highly satisfactory orgasm in a bid to look respectable. There was a third knock, so I called out "Coming!", which I felt was adding insult to injury under the circumstances and went to open the door. It was Brian, a friend of my son going back to primary school days. Seeing him standing there was a little shock and kind of threw me at first. He had been a frequent visitor when the boys were growing up, then came adolescence and I think he developed something of a crush on me, which made him act a little shy around the house. I tried to make light of it, which worked for the most part, until one day when he was waiting for my son to get changed I went into a room unannounced and found him sitting on the sofa with his eyes closed and a tentpole of an erection in his trousers. I didn't know for sure if I was the cause, but he caught me staring at it and we both got terribly embarrassed and pretended very unsuccessfully that nothing was out of the ordinary. In a way the shared experience brought us closer over time, but neither of us acted on it, which was just as well as I think I might have wound up breaking the law with him! Not too long afterwards my son went off to University so I saw much less of Brian though he would still feature in the occasional fantasy of taking a young man's virginity. So between that and the fact I had just been playing with myself barely two minutes beforehand you can imagine I was slightly flustered when I saw him! I invited him in and we chatted politely. It seemed to me there might have been a double booking, or perhaps the idea was to go out for a few beers once the Mother's Day obligations had been discharged, but just as I was getting to grips with the situation my mobile rang and a son-shaped spanner got chucked in the works! A server had gone down at a local company, it would take a while to fix and it had to be up and running before evening for their production schedules to be generated. About an hour, hour and half tops, was that OK, Mum? There wasn't much I could say except fine, then hang up and break the news to Brian. I had a rather nice bottle of Pinot Noir in the kitchen, on standby in case my darling son was expecting home cooking and forgot to visit the off licence en route, and under the circumstances I thought it might well help things along while we waited! I asked Brian if he'd like a drink, and he accepted eagerly. I took a couple moment or two while I was fetching the wine to think things over, knowing that he used to fancy me, knowing that I had fantasised about seducing him on quite a few occasions, and above all knowing that I was feeling horny as hell. You don't get too many opportunities to revisit that kind of situation, and here it was on a plate. I took a deep breath and decided, if things went that way, I would fuck him. He was sitting in the corner of the sofa, exactly where I had seen him that time when he was still a schoolboy. I handed him his glass, then sat just a little closer than I really needed to, folding a leg under my body. There was an awkward but delicious silence, broken by Brian asking when my son would arrive. We both knew that he was an atrocious timekeeper, just as we both knew that when Brian said that, he was really asking if we had enough time to fuck each other. We had more than enough time, but not if things were only going to develop at a snail's pace, so I decided to push things along a little. 'I'm not wearing any knickers, you know.' I think I was expecting a bit more of a reaction, but he seemed to take it in his stride. There was a pause, then he asked if I was joking. I assured him I wasn’t, then sat back as he took hold of my hem and lifted it slightly. I asked if I had shocked him, and he said I had, though I think it was perhaps more a case of surprise than shock. Maybe he had been thinking of a little mild flirtation with me, something he could elaborate on when he got home later, but I had other plans. I lay back while he tentatively touched me and did for real something he must have dreamed about over the years. He put his hand flat on me, then touched me gently, fingers tracing their way over and gently in between my pussy lips. He must have felt how wet I was. 'Would you like me to fuck you?' Play it cool, Lorna, I thought, but I think I must have had the silliest of grins on my face as I just nodded at him. I took him into the kitchen, leaving him there a moment while I made sure the Yale lock was most definitely on. When I returned he was naked from the waist down, so I made him get up on the work surface while I sucked and rubbed him into stiffness. We changed places, and he sank into my very willing pussy, making up for lost time with every long, hard stroke of his cock inside me. He freed up my tits, kissing and squeezing them, then gave me a deep French kiss as I came. The counter top was not built for comfort, so we moved back to the sofa, where I stripped him fully and made him take me doggy for a long and satisfying fuck that gave me two very nice orgasms. I was beginning to think I had found a new challenger for the title of Sir Lastalot, then he announced he had always wanted to cum on my face. So, it was his turn to lay back, while I leaned over him and sucked my musky cunt juice from his cock. I was more than happy to take his load and swallow it, but he said he wanted to see me covered. I was a little sceptical, but he said he had wanted to do this for years and it would be very special for him, so I agreed. Experience has taught me you don't want sperm in your eyes if you can help it, so I insisted on putting my glasses on, but this seemed to make things better from his point of view. I pulled back a little, without getting completely out of range, and he took hold of his cock, pointed it straight into my face, and with a few slight hand movements let me have the lot - my cheek, my nose, my lips - nowhere seemed to be safe from Brian's powerful jets of sperm. I think he managed to get some in my hair, and even one final jet went on to hit my right breast, where it rested delicately on his left thigh. I caught a final droplet on my tongue and used it as a kind of top glaze on my moist, glossy red lips. Oh dear … I’m never going to get to heaven! You can watch the video depicting just what happened if you visit my website: http://lornablu.com/home

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Miss Jones - Lorna Blu - Cumbria White Thong - Lorna Blu - Cumbria
2 weeks ago
Retro look - Escort Annabelle  - Cumbria
Outcall £160

Check my website for my whereabouts. I will be coming to your area soon x

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Escort Annabelle  - Escort Annabelle  - Cumbria Gold basque - Escort Annabelle  - Cumbria
6 months ago
Your bubbly BBW escort  - Josephine Baker  - Cumbria
Incall £130 / Outcall £160

Touring Carlisle, Worlsey, Manchester and Cumbria in my private accommodation on this a week. So feel free to make an appointment, Josephine x. Come and be pampered and relax for the GFE experience with some naughty fun. So don't hang around come on down. Josephine xxxx.

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Busty Josephine Baker  - Josephine Baker  - Cumbria
1 year ago

Overnights from £800 available throughout the year.

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Eva Outcalls  - SexySpexs Mature - Cumbria Sexy Mature Eva - SexySpexs Mature - Cumbria

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