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Submission Page for Fetish Club and Fetish Munch Sites.
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Fetish Club and Munch Sites Submission Page
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Fetish Club and Fetish Munch Sites are sites covering individual fetish / bdsm clubs and munches. This category also includes other fetish events. As Fetishlink has individual information pages for clubs / munches, more information is required than for some other types of listing. Before you submit, consider whether your site would fit better in our Community Section.

Click the Submit Your Site link below to email us. Please include your Name, Webmaster Email, Public Email, Site URL, Club/Munch Name, Location (General), Theme (eg Play, Fashion, CP etc), Regular Date (if any), Entry Price, Dresscode, Entry Details (eg Members Only) and Description.. You will also need to attach a logo or photo - if you do not do so we will take one from your website - submitting means you agree to this.

We will check your front page for a return link to Fetishlink. If you do not have a front page return link to Fetishlink your submission will be rejected. Banners and link instructions can be found below


1. Take a copy of one of the banners below. (Right mouse button, click on the image)
2. Place it on the Front or Main page of your site (or ask your webhost / developer to do it)
3. Link it to (or ask your webhost / developer to do it)
4. Test the link, then scroll down to submit your site

A front page Fetishlink banner is REQUIRED. You will receive a lot of traffic from Fetishlink, it is therefore also the most fair link exchange. - These banners have not been designed for links pages!

click the above link

Reasons why a site may not be listed on Fetishlink
The fetishlink return link is either hidden or missing. A front page link is REQUIRED
Your site violates one of the following rules - No scat, bestiality, pregnancy or similar sites. No 'lolita' or 'teen' sites. No generic hardcore pornography sites.
Your site is in a backlog of sites to be listed.
Details have not yet been uploaded. (Fetishlink is written off line and uploaded once per day).
The link is not prominent (hidden in 100s of other links).
Your website is not of sufficient quality. Poor Design or Quality.
Your site uses popups or dialers
A potential clash of interests may occur if your site is listed.
Your site is not an fetish / bdsm related site.
Complaints about your site or services have been received.
Your site is considered by us to be illegal or immoral.
We reserve the right to decline a listing or part listing in Fetishlink or any of the related sites to Fetishlink.
Sites which infringe copyright.