Please find below a brief guide to creating and publishing blogs on Punterlink - it should answer most questions.

However, if you still need additional assistance, please contact us  and we will be happy to assist.

Punterlink Blog Guide
1. How do I create a blog post?

Please login to your profile and click any of the prominent "Add a New Blog Post" buttons or links. You can also find this link under the "My Blog" tab and a direct link is here. Note this link will not work unless you are logged in already! Instructions on what to put in each box are below.

2. What should I put in each box on the form?

Title of the blog post: - This should be a short title letting people know what the blog post is about. For example "Back in London today!" if you've just returned from holiday and are available again or "Special Offer - Three hours for the price of two" if you have a special deal where a client can get a three hour appointment for the normal price of two hours

Tags associated with this post: - You can use this to enter relevant tags so people can search for and find your blog post if they are looking for the same things you are offering. For example if you have an offer on a GFE experience in London, you might enter the tags "GFE,London,Offer" so anyone searching for something like that will see your post.

Post Content: - This is where you enter the actual blog post itself. Just copy and paste or type directly into the box the text you want to appear. Please be mindful that other people have to read your post, so avoid using excessive punctuation, ALL CAPS, odd or strange characters, excessive spacing or ridiculously large text. We reserve the right to amend, edit or outright delete blog posts that violate reasonable standards. See below for how to insert images.

3. How do I insert a picture?

To insert a picture, please click this button,  ,in the editor window to add an image. This will give you two options. The first option, "General" allows you to add images directly using the image location. You can optionally add a description and set the size of the image to fit your post. Please note - this may not work unless your website is secure (i.e. the image URL starts with https:// Also Do NOT insert images from other websites without permission, this is bad netiquette.

Alternatively you can upload a suitable image by selecting the "Upload" tab. You can then drag and drop an image into the box from your device or browse for the correct image. Again you can optionally add a description and set the size of the image to fit your post.

Please note - all images must meet our guidelines - no explicit genitals, no hardcore or pornographic content and you must own them or have permission to use them on Punterlink.

4. What do all these other optons in the editor window do?

These are various advanced formatting options. Unless you are familiar with the TinyMCE editor, we recommend you do not use any of them and just stick to standard text and images for your blog post. Please note - you cannot currently upload videos into blog posts, please use the dedicated "Multimedia" tab on your profile instead.

5. What should I do when I've finished writing my blog post?

Click on either one of these buttons at the bottom of the page:

Save and submit for moderation - this will send an email to us, we will check your blog post, make any edits required and publish it for you. This may take some time depending on when you submit it, you'll be emailed when it is published. You will also be emailed if for any reason we are unable to publish the blog post. If your blog post has remained unpublished for more than 48 hours please contact us.

Publish - Trusted users can use this button to publish their blog post immediately. PLEASE NOTE - abuse of this privilege or repeatedly publishing poor quality posts will result in it's removal and require all future blog posts to be moderated before publication.

6. What do the other buttons at the bottom do?

Save - this saves your current post and allows you to continue editing. We recommend periodically saving your post if you are writing a long one to avoid losing your work.

Save and return to list - Use this button to save your current post in it's current state and return to your main blog post list. You can then continue editing it at a later date or start a new post instead.

Cancel - Use this button to completely cancel and delete your current blog post. CAUTION - cancelled blog posts cannot be recovered! Be sure you want to delete it before clicking this!

Preview - Click this button to open a new tab/window showing how your blog post will look when published. You can use this to make sure it's laid out properly.

7. How do I customise my blog?

Click any of the prominent "Customise your blog" links on your admin page. You can also find this link under the "My Blog" tab. Here you can give your blog a customised name and description as well us uploading an image for your blog and your avatar for commenting on other blog posts.

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