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Frequently Asked Questions


Free Listings/Profiles
1. How do I get a free listing?

Please go to our submission form here and fill out the appropriate form in order to request a listing. If you have any problems submitting your profile, you can also email your details to us directly at Please note that manually sent submissions will take longer to be approved so please use the automated form if possible!

2. Types of profiles and which one should I submit?

Punterlink currently offers six types of profiles, a description of each is below:

Independent Escort - This profile type is designed for escorts who work independently on their own and have clients who personally book them via their website, email, phone, text etc. They are listed as Independent Escorts on Punterlink. You must supply at least one of the following, website, email or telephone number, so potential clients can contact you. Independent escorts who have their own website and wish to have a link to it from Punterlink must add our banner to the front page of the website. If you work for an Agency, please ask the Agency to register as one on Punterlink (if they have not already) and submit a profile for you on your behalf. Please note: We may, at our sole discretion, ask for photo verification to prove you are the person depicted in the photographs submitted.

Escort Agency - This profile type is designed for Escort Agencies who maintain a roster of Escorts on their books that clients can then book through the Agency. Escort agencies must have a working website so we can verify that the Agency is legitimate and currently operating. Escort Agencies are also allowed to submit profiles for each individual Escort they have working for them, subject to the girl having a dedicated page on their website (the profile must include the link to the page) with pictures of the escort. They are listed as Escort Agencies on Punterlink and their Escorts are listed as Agency Escorts to differentiate them from Independent Escorts.

Massage Parlour - This profile type is designed for Massage Parlours and Massage Services who either have a fixed location with Masseuses available for clients or who have a roster of Masseuses on their books who clients can book through them who will then visit them at their location. Massage Parlours and Massage Services must have a working website so we can verify that they are legitimate and currently operating. Masseuses who work independently should use the Independent Escort form instead and clearly state in their description that they are an Independent Masseuse who clients can visit or request a visit from.

Strip Club - This profile type is designed for clubs where clients can visit and see Strippers and Strip Dances, Lap Dancing, Pole Dancing etc. Clubs must have a working website so we can verify that they are a legitimate business and are currently operating.

Escort Directory - This profile type is designed for websites who offer lists of Escorts, Escort Agencies and other similar listings.

Promoter - This profile type is designed for individuals and companies who offer promotion services for Escorts, Escort Agencies and other similar clients and wish to add to and maintain profiles on multiple clients with Punterlink. Promoters can submit directly any of the profile types above without having to register each client individually and then edit and control all profiles from one login. Please contact us if you require more information on how you can promote multiple clients on Punterlink

3. What must I NOT include in my submission?


You must NOT include any images, text or other media containing any of or reference to the following forbidden subjects. Submissions containing any of the following will be rejected and anyone violating this policy on an existing profile may be banned from the site without notice.

A - Anyone under the age of 18 or any implication thereof. Do not use the word "teen" in any text.
B - For images, visible genitals and/or bodily fluids or anything pornographic.
C - Any depiction of or reference to incest.
D - Any reference to animals.
E - Any dangerous or illegal acts, including weapons or any serious bodily injury.
F - Any reference to or depiction of bondage, BDSM, fetish, domination, submssion, spanking or similar activities (unless you are creating a Mistress or Submissive profile)
G - Any reference to necrophilia.
H - Any mention or depiction of BDSM equipment (unless you are creating a Mistress or Submissive profile).
I - Any reference to or depiction of activities involving human waste, including "squirting".

This list is not exhaustive - do NOT upload include anything of a similar nature either. If you are not sure whether something is permitted, please contact us

3. My free listing is not displaying?

The most common reason that your free listing is not displaying is that a moderator has not yet approved it - we normally approve most submissions within 1-2 working days. If a submission is declined the system will send out an email to you explaining why - some common reasons are detailed below. If you have received an email confirming your profile has been activated but it is not showing on the directory pages then please contact us so we can check your profile is correctly set up. If you've submitted a profile and have not had an email to confirm the profile has been approved or rejected within a few days, then again please contact us. Please note that all listings are at our sole discretion.

4. My profile is not linking to my website as I do not have a return link?

The Punterlink escort directory is provided as a free service. In order to help keep the directory service free, we do request that you include our banner code on your website's front page in order for your webpage to be linked to from your profile. We feel that this is a fair exchange and this has remained our preferred choice on site linking for quite a few years. In addition to the Punterlink listing, by adding a link to our site, you will not only have your site added to but will also be able to use where appropriate the additional features of (like the classifieds and forums). A selection of our banner codes can be found here. Please note that the link MUST be on your front or main page - placing it on a dedicated links page will not work. If you do have a banner but your return link is not showing, please contact us so we can manually check the banner - our automatic system is very good, but not perfect.

5. Some of my agency escort listings have been declined, whilst others have been approved?

One of the most common causes for an agency escort listing to be declined is an incorrect link. We require that all agency escort profiles on Punterlink link to their profile page on the agency website, for example, not Another reason is a description that is either a duplicate of another girl from the same agency, too short or is about the agency itself. If the girls page on your website does not show pictures of her, we will not approve the listing as we cannot verify the details on our website match yours. An email explaining why it has been rejected will be sent out to you.

Please note, you must NOT list agency girls as independents.

6. I would like to make changes to my free listing?

You can log in to your administration section here using the details that would have been emailed to you when the listing was set up. Once you have logged in you can then update your information; upload new images or suspend your advert should you need to. As a security feature, once new changes have been submitted for approval, no further changes can be made until a moderator has approved or declined the changes. If you've lost your password, you can also request a new one from the same page.

Please make sure you submit your changes when you've finished making them!

7. My free listing has been suspended by an administrator?

If this happens, then the likely cause is that your profile has been reported for breach of content policy. In such cases, you will need to contact us by email for review. If it is decided that the suspension can be lifted, we will email you explaining the issues and what steps you must take to resolve them. However the profile will not be re-approved until the moderators are happy that all the necessary changes have been made.

8. My free listing has vanished?

There can be a number of reasons a free profile has been removed.

a) Independent Escort (including Mistress and Submissive) profiles will be suspended and likely removed if they do not include at least one of the three contact fields - website, telephone number or email. Agency escort profiles will be suspended and likely removed if they do not link to a page dedicated to the escort being listed - this includes any profiles that link to a 404 page, or an agency gallery page or directly to the front page of the agency website (or that redirect to any of these) or the page linked to does not have any pictures of the escort on it (making it unverifiable).
b) Your profile had been reported for breach of content policy, such as using stolen images or using copyrighted or trademarked material. Linking your profile to porn sites, or sites promoting illegal activity will also result in the profile being deleted and your account being banned.
c) Your profile has not been logged into for some time. The system automatically sends out reminders to registered users who have not logged in. Once the final reminder has been sent then the profile is removed. Profiles removed by our automated system cannot be recovered - please resubmit yourself here.
d) Your profile fell below our quality standards. Punterlink is a professional website and we require profiles to adhere to reasonable standards in both text and pictures. Poor quality or badly shot pictures or ones that are simply too
small to render properly on Punterlink can cause your profile to be suspended or deleted. Likewise poor grammar, punctuation or spelling or excessive use of exclamation points, ALL CAPS or odd characters in your description or other areas may also cause suspension or deletion.

9. Why doesn't my free listing constantly appear at the top of the directory page?

The highlighted listings that appear constantly at the top of the directory pages are Sponsor listings, and are available to users who have purchased one or more of our qualifying banner packages - see here for advertisting options. Profiles underneath the Sponsor listings are displayed in the order they were last updated in to encourage people to regularly update and add new information to their profile.

10. How can I suspend or delete my free listing?

To temporarily suspend your profile, log in to your administration section here and click the appropiate option. If you require permanent deletion, please contact us to request this. We also periodically purge suspended profiles from our systems if they've been suspended for an extended period of time. If your profile has been permanently deleted it cannot be recovered - please resubmit yourself here.

11. Why did you change my description/photos/name/profile image?

We reserve the right to edit your profile and change your images for any reason to do with site policies and the site layout. Common reasons for edits include removing excessive capital letters or odd characters, removing excessive spacing, moving information to the correct area such as time and travel, removing website links from any places apart from the website field, removing references to illegal or dangerous activities, removing reserved words from names and editing/changing photos so they display correctly on Punterlink. Please note that while we normally will work to edit your profile to meet our standards, we do reserve the reject profiles requiring excessive work, see section 13.

Please note: If we edit your profile to meet our standards you must not undo our changes by resubmitting the original text or images that were changed. Doing so may cause your profile to be suspended or deleted.

12. Why are there changes in my profile edit history that I don't recognise?

If we make any edits to your profile in order to bring it into compliance with our policies, these will appear in the edit history. For example if we need to resize or crop some of your images to fit our display ratios or edit your description for reduce excessive spacing or other layout issues, these changes will show in your edit history.

13. Why did you reject my profile?

You will normally receive an email with an explanation but some common reasons are: Missing contact information, an unsuitable profile name, poor quality images or images or text that breach our content policy (no pornography, no explicit genitalia, no excessive image filters or graphics overlaid, no references to forbidden subjects) or are too small to display correctly, stolen images, a poor quality or non-working website, you are based in an area we do not cover for legal or other reasons, you've submitted a duplicate profile, issues with your description or other text (excessive captilisation, ASCII art, emoticons, non standard characters, poor spelling and grammar etc.), references to illegal activities or activities not permitted to be advertised on Punterlink or listing you may cause a confict of interest. This list is not exhaustive, we reserve the right to reject a profile for any reason. If you are unsure as to the exact reason please contact us for more details.

14. What is Punterlink's explicit media policy and why do you enforce it?

Punterlink is an adult website but we do not permit hardcore or explicit images or videos. The reason we have this policy is twofold - one to keep our site quality high and two to avoid getting penalised by search engines for having pornographic content on our website as this can reduce our visibility and by extension the peformance of your profile(s) on our website. Pornographic or explicit images or videos will not be accepted in submissions - explicit or pornographic videos and pornographic images will be deleted outright and explicit images will be rejected, deleted or censored as we see fit. Any uploaded pornographic or explicit images or videos drawn to our attention will be deleted immediately. Repeated attempts to upload or include pornographic images or videos in profiles may result in your account being flagged as requiring manual review of all changes or in blatant or excessive cases your account being banned and your profile deleted.

15. What images or videos are not allowed on Punterlink?

The following images are not permitted on Punterlink. Please note this list is not exhaustive, other images or videos may be disallowed on a case by case basis
Hardcore or explicit images or videos - any images or videos showing explicit genitalia or actual sexual activity. Nude images or videos containing nudity not showing explicit genitals are permitted.
Images or videos with other people in - due to issues with permission, only the person in the profile may be in any images or videos. This extends to images or videos containing photos of other people in the background. Profiles that are explicitly for a duo are permitted to upload images or videos of the two members of the duo together (no explicit activity of course).
Images or videos containing copyrighted material - no images containing a television show in the background for example and no videos using copyrighted music.
Very low resolution or low quality images or videos - Punterlink is a high quality site, we do not permit low resolution, grainy, blurry or overexposed images or videos.
Images or videos containing minors - Anyone uploading any image showing a minor (even in the background of the image or video or as a background photo in a video) will be banned from the site, no exceptions.
Stolen / fake / copyrighted images or videos - Anyone uploading stolen, fake or copyrighted images or videos they do not have permission to use will be banned from the site.
Images with website URLs on
- In order to maintain our policy on return links, we do not permit images with URLs on Punterlink as this can be a way to get around our return link requirements.

Images with excessive text, watermarks, borders, snapchat filters, photoshop effects etc. - For site quality purposes, we will reject images that contain excessive amounts of text overlaid on them or other intrusive graphic elements.

Paid Advertising
1. Where will my advert be displayed?
A. We have a number of different advertising packages available for our UK and International clients, each of which has its own display set up. A full list of where each advertising package will be displayed can be found here.

With advertising options dedicated to independent escorts, agencies, and parlours, if you require any advice choosing, please contact us or call Brian on +44 (0)7815 049 645.
2. Do I need to pay VAT?
A. All prices listed for Punterlink advertising packages exclude VAT - we will automatically add VAT to any payments requiring it. Generally any adverts where the advertiser is either living in, working in, advertising in or paying from the UK or an EU country require VAT to be added unless you have a valid GB or EU VAT registration and contact us in advance with it. Advertisers who fall completely outside the UK & EU are not liable for VAT. If you are unsure as to whether your payment is liable for VAT, please contact us or call Brian on +44 (0)7815 049 645 and we will be happy to assist.

If you have submitted payment via the online form we will automatically add VAT if the amount submitted does not include it.
If you are paying into our bank, then you must add VAT @ 20% to your payment if applicable. Failure to do so will either delay the activation of your advert or reduce the advertising time proportionally.
3. When will my advert appear?
A. Generally, your advert will appear within 1-2 working days depending on the time the advert & payment were submitted. As direct bank payments require manual verification, these may take a little longer. Please note that your advertising period starts from the day your advert goes live, so if there is a delay in activating your advert, you will not lose any advertising time while everything is set up.
4. Do you have any restrictions regarding the content of a paid advert?
A. Our primary restrictions are that the content of the advert must not be explicit, and that no prices are on display. If you have any concern that your advert may be rejected, please send it to us and we will let you know if any changes need to be made. We reserve the right to make reasonable edits to submitted adverts so they comply with our policies.
5. My advert has been rejected - why?
A. In the unlikely event that your advert is rejected, we will inform you why by email. The most common causes for a rejected advert are incorrect or non-existent urls or improper use of images.
6. Do I need to display your banner on my site's front page in order to run a paid advert?
A. No, the paid adverts are treated as completely seperate to our free directory listings and so you do not need to display our banner if you are only running a paid advert. If you have both a paid advert and a free listing, then you are exempt from displaying our banner to keep your return link activated for the duration of the advert. We do suggest you include the return banner link as a courtesy and to keep your return link active if you stop advertising with us.
7. My paid advert has been removed - why?
A. The most common cause for an advert being removed is that it has reached the end of its current advertising period and has not been renewed. Reminder emails are sent out to all advertisers when their advert is due for renewal. If your advert has been removed and you would like to know why, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.
8. I did not receive any reminder emails about my advert renewal?
A. Sometimes our emails can get caught in various spam filters, so it is always worth checking before you contact us. Another issue that we sometimes get is a change of email address, resulting in the reminders being sent to an old email address. If you are running a paid advert and you do change your email address, please contact us as soon as possible so we can update our records.
9. I would like to make changes to my paid advertising?

At the moment, the best way to make any changes to your paid advertising, is to contact us with the new details and any images that you wish to change. We will get the changes made for you as soon as possible and will email you back when done. Please include your advert reference number that would have been emailed to you when the advert was originally set up.

10. Can I advertise more than one escort in a Gallery advert?

Our Gallery and Featured adverts are designed to highlight an individual girl. In the case of agencies, this is especially useful for advertising a new escort, or announcing the return of a past favourite. We do also appreciate the fact that there may be a need to change the advertised details, which is why we do allow changes to be made (as mentioned in the previous question) If you wish to advertise more than one escort simultaneously, you will need to take out a separate Gallery advert for each lady.

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