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However, if you still need additional assistance, please contact us or call Brian on +44 (0)7815 049 645 and we will be happy to assist.

Frequently Asked Questions
A selection of our most frequestly asked questions.
Paid Advertising
Q. Where will my advert be displayed?
A. We have a number of different advertising packages available for our UK and International clients, each of which has its own display set up. A full list of where each advertising package will be displayed can be found here.

With advertising options dedicated to independent escorts, agencies, and parlours, if you require any advice choosing, please contact us or call Brian on +44 (0)7815 049 645.
Q. Do I need to pay VAT?
A. All prices listed for Punterlink advertising packages exclude VAT. If you have submitted payment via the online form, then our system will calculate whether you need to pay VAT or not. If VAT is not included in your payment, then it will be processed with the payment at that time if applicable.

If you are paying into our bank, then you must add VAT @ 20% to your payment if applicable. If you are unsure as to whether you need to add VAT, please contact us or call Brian on +44 (0)7815 049 645 and we will be happy to assist.
Q. When will my advert appear?
A. Generally, your advert will appear as soon as our accounts department has confirmed payment and we have all the required information from you. However, adverts submitted at the weekend or bank holidays will not be processed until the following working day when the office is open.
Q. Do you have any restrictions regarding the content of a paid advert?
A. Our primary restrictions are that the content of the advert must not be explicit, and that no prices are on display. If you have any concern that your advert may be rejected, please send it to us and we will let you know if any changes need to be made.
Q. My advert has been rejected. Why?
A. In the unlikely event that your advert is rejected, we will inform you why by email. The most common causes for a rejected advert are incorrect, or non-existant, urls and improper use of images.
Q. Do I need to display your banner on my site's front page in order to run a paid advert?
A. No, the paid adverts are treated as completely seperate to our free directory listings and so you do not need to display our banner if you are only running a paid advert. If you have both a paid advert and a free listing, then displaying our banner is still a requirement for the free listing.
Q. My paid advert has been removed. Why?
A. The most common cause for an advert being removed is that it has reached the end of its current advertising period and has not been renewed. Reminder emails are sent out to all advertisers when their advert is due for renewal. If your advert has been removed and you would like to know why, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.
Q. I did not receive any reminder emails about my advert renewal
A. Sometimes our emails can get caught in various spam filters, so it is always worth checking before you contact us. Another issue that we sometimes get is a change of email address, resulting in the reminders being sent to an old email address. If you are running a paid advert and you do change your email address, please contact us as soon as possible so we can update our records.
Q. I would like to make changes to my paid advertising

At the moment, the best way to make any changes to your paid advertising, is to contact us with the new details and any images that you wish to change. We will get the changes made for you as soon as possible and will email you back when done. Please include your advert reference number that would have been emailed to you when the advert was originally set up.

Q. Can I advertise more than one escort in a Gallery/Featured advert?

Our Gallery and Featured adverts are designed to highlight an individual girl. In the case of agencies, this is especially useful for advertising a new escort, or announcing the return of a past favourite. We do also appreciate the fact that there may be a need to change the advertised details, which is why we do allow changes to be made (as mentioned in the previous question)

Q. How do I appear as a Recommended Site?

The Punterlink Recommended Sites indicate sites that we feel have a quality design & well maintained web site and does not reflect or endorse the quality of the service provided by the agency or parlour. For more information, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Free Listings
Q. My free listing is not displaying

The most common reason that your free listing is not displaying is that a moderator has not yet approved it. If a submission is declined the system will send out an email explaining why. If you have received an email confirming your profile has been activated, but it is not showing on the directory pages, then it may be that the profile has no location tags. In that case, you will need to log in to your administration section to make any necessary changes.

Q. My profile is not linking to my website as I do not have a return link

The Punterlink escort directory is provided as a free service. In order to help keep the directory service free, we do request that you include our banner code on your website's front page in order for your webpage to be linked to from your profile. We feel that this is a fair exchange and has remained are preferred choice on site linking for quite a few years. In addition to the Punterlink listing, by adding a link to all our main sites, you will not only have your site added to but will also be able to use where appropriate the additional features of (like the classifieds and forums). A selection of our banner codes can be found here.

Q. Some of my agency escort listings have been declined, whilst others have been approved.

One of the most common causes for an agency escort listing to be declined is an incorrect link. We require that all agency escort profiles on Punterlink link to their profile page on the agency website. An email explaining why it has been rejected will be sent out to you.

Q. I would like to make changes to my free listing

You can log in to your administration section here using the details that would have been emailed to you when the listing was set up. Once you have logged in you can then update your information; upload new images or suspend your advert should you need to. As a security feature, once new changes have been submitted for approval, no further changes can be made until a moderator has approved or declined the changes.

Q. My free listing has been suspended by an administrator

If this happens, then the likely cause is that your profile has been reported for breach of content policy. In such cases, you will need to contact Punterlink staff by email for review. If it is decided that the suspension can be lifted, we will email you explaining the issue. However the profile will not be approved until the moderators are happy that all the necessary changes have been made. Another common cause is removal of our banner from your website after your listing has been approved.

Q. My free listing has been removed by an administrator

There can be a number of reasons a free profile has been removed.

a) Escort profiles (independent and agency) will be removed if they do not link to a page dedicated to the escort being listed. This includes any profiles that link to a 404 page, or an agency gallery page.
b) Your profile had been reported for breach of content policy, such as using stolen images or using copyrighted or trademarked material. Linking your profile to porn sites, or sites promoting illegal activity will also result in the profile being deleted and your account being banned.
c) Your profile has not been logged into for some time. The system automatically sends out reminders to registered users who have not logged in. Once the final reminder has been sent then the profile is removed.

Q. Why doesn't my free listing constantly appear at the top of the directory page?

The highlighted listings that appear constantly at the top of the directory pages are Sponsor listings, and are only available to users who have purchased one or more of our qualifying banner packages.


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