Punterlink's Guide to Sexual Terminology

A guide to some of the terms and phrases used in the escorting industry.

Sexual Terms
Gang-bang An occasion on which several men successively have sexual intercourse with one woman, Usually organised parties
Gay Homosexual
Gaydar The uncanny and seemingly innate ability lesbians and gay men tend to have to recognize and detect one another; from gay and radar.
Gear Any equipment used for scene purposes
Gender The social-cultural expression of a person's biological sex (or self-perception of one's sex, which may vary from the strictly biological). Sometimes used to mean expressly male or female.
Gender Dysphoria (GD) Unhappiness or discomfort experienced by one whose sexual organs do not match one's gender identity.
Gender Identity The self-perception of being male or female, or a combination of the two.
Gender (identity) community People who identify as transvestite, transsexual, or Tran gendered, or as members of the gender community. Members of the gender community do not necessarily identify as members of the sexual minority community. (See "transgender community".)
Genderfuck Sending mixed gender messages, especially through appearance, such as wearing a prom dress, combat boots and a moustache.
Gender neutral Clothing, behaviours, thoughts, feelings, relationships, etc. which are considered appropriate for members of both sexes.
Gender outlaw A person who flouts the usual gender roles.
Gender role Arbitrary rules, assigned by society, that define what clothing, behaviours, thoughts, feelings, relationships, etc. are considered appropriate and inappropriate for members of each sex. Some clothing, behaviours, etc. are considered appropriate for members of both sexes. Which things are considered masculine, feminine, or neutral varies ccording to location, class, occasion, and numerous other factors.
Genitals The human reproductive organs
GFE The prostitute provide a girlfriend type experience, (treats you like her girlfriend, kissing, etc)
Give head To perform oral intercourse
Glans The soft, highly sensitive tip of the clitoris or penis. In men, the urethral opening is located in the glands.
Go down on To perform oral intercourse
Golden shower
Another name for watersports. One person urinates on another for sexual pleasure.
Gonorrhoea A sexually transmitted bacterium that can cause sterility, arthritis, and heart problems. (std)
Greek To perform anal intercourse
G-string A small brief worn over the genitals
HBV (Hepatitis B Virus) An infection that can be sexually transmitted and may cause severe liver disease and death.
Half & half An American term for French and sex.
Hand job Masturbation, particularly at the hands of another
Hard on An erect penis
Hardsports Defecation in a sexual context. Usually means that the prostitute shits over the client, or at least for the client to watch.
Hermaphrodite One who has both a penis and a vagina.
Hetrosexual One who has significant sexual and romantic attractions primarily to members of the opposite sex.
Heterosexism The assumption that identifying as heterosexual and having sexual and romantic attractions only to members of the other sex (than oneself) is good and acceptable, and that other sexual identities and attractions are bad and unacceptable. The assumption that anyone is straight whose sexual orientation is not known, usually coupled with a "blindness" to the existence and concerns of Lesbians/Bi/Gays
HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) An infection that weakens the body's ability to fight disease and can cause AIDS.
HJ Hand-job. Same as hr
Hobby The "hobby" is punting
Hobbyist Euphemism for a man who frequents prostitutes. A (habitual) punter
Homophobia Literally, the fear of homosexuals and homosexuality, sometimes merely implied, but often taken to the point where biased statements are made or biased actions are taken against lesbians and gay men.
Homophobe One who is afraid of or oppresses people because one (perceives them to) have sexual and romantic attractions to members of the same sex.
Homosexual One who desires sex only with the same sex
Hormone therapy Used to change secondary sex characteristics, including breast size, weight distribution, and facial hair growth.
Horny Sexually aroused; passionate
Horse around To explore sexually without engaging in intercourse
HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) Any of 90 different types of infection, some of which may cause genital warts. Others may cause cancer of the cervix, vulva, or penis.
HR Hand relief. Same as HJ
H/S Hardsports
HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus) An infection that can be sexually transmitted and cause a recurring rash with clusters of blistery sores on the vagina, cervix, penis, mouth, anus, buttocks, or elsewhere on the body.
Humiliation Part of the erotic control to embarrass or to humble someone by teasing them about their sexual desires. In SM humiliation, ironically, can build a person's self-esteem by reinforcing their sexuality.
Hustler Prostitute that searches for customers
Hyperphilia Having sex more often than most people.
Hypoactive Sexual Desire The lack of sexual desire.
Inclusive relationship An intimate sexual love relationship in which all partners have agreed to form a synergistic group and in which each dyad is warm and trusting. The existing relationship may expand to include more people with mutual consent.
Identify/ied (as) To think of oneself as having a particular sexual identity or gender identity.
[I "identify as" a bisexual. I am bi-"identified".] To emphasise that an identity term refers to one's internal reality, as opposed to what others think or observe of one, "self-identify" is sometimes used.
Identity How one thinks of oneself. One's internal self, as opposed to what others observe or think about one.
Impotent Unable to engage in sexual intercourse
Incall Where the client visits the prostitute. Opposite of outcall.
Infantilism Infant-like behaviour in role play by wearing diapers, nursing, etc
Intersexual A person biologically between female and male, sometimes with genital and/or reproductive body parts of both sexes. Replaces hermaphrodite. At one time meant homosexual
Jack off/jerk off To masturbate
Jealous Resentfully envious or suspicious of rival influences.
Jealousy Neurotic anxiety based on fear of losing control over a partner one regards as a possession.
Jock Itch A very common fungal skin infection in the genital area of men that is caused by wearing tight clothing, sweating, or not drying the genitals carefully after bathing. It can cause a reddish, scaly rash that can become inflamed, very itchy, and painful.
John One who financially supports another for sex favours/ also known as client or punter
Kicks Sexual thrills
Label How someone else sees or thinks of oneself or others.
Lace curtains The foreskin of the penis
Latex Material used to make fetish items like clothing
Lavender Pertaining to the homosexual lifestyle
Lay To perform sexual intercourse
Leather, Leather sex, Leather lifestyle A synonym for SM used in fetish fashion and gear.
Lesbian A female homosexual. A woman who has significant sexual and romantic attractions to members of the same sex, or who identifies as a member of the lesbian community. Bisexual women often do not feel included by this term.
Libido Sexual appetite
Limit In SM are the boundaries set by the dominant and the submissive for what to will or to will not do within a scene. Limits must be respected and applied to roles, levels of dominance and submission, time and also activities like whipping and paddling.
Load The fluid from an ejaculation
M->F Male to female. Used to specify the direction of a sex or gender role change.
Macho Describing extreme masculinity which may involve the subordination of women. Machismo.
Male Impersonator A female who, on specific occasions, cross dresses and employs stereotypical masculine dialog, voice, and mannerisms for the entertainment of other people.
Masochism Where sexual gratification is achieved by pain
Masculine A highly subjective concept of the essential qualities of a man.
Master When the man takes control in the SM role play.
Massage parlour Usually a brothel. This is illegal in the UK but is tolerated in many areas - although official toleration, as in Edinburgh, is rare.
Masturbation Manual manipulation of genitals
Matinee A sex session in the afternoon
MFS Massage and full sex
Mish Missionary position
Missionary position Woman on her back, man on top facing her
Mistress When the woman takes control in the SM role play.
MMF A male-male-female threesome
Molluscum Contagiosum A virus that can be sexually transmitted, causing small, pinkish-white, waxy, round, polyp like growths in the genital area or on the thighs.
Môn gendered One who is comfortable in only one gender role? (Do people actually use this, or is it just a syntactic extension of "bi gendered"?)
Môn sexual One who has significant sexual and romantic attractions primarily to members of one sex. Straight, Gay, Lesbian. Someone who is not Bisexual
"Morning-After" Pills Emergency hormonal contraception that is taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse.
MTF Male to female, as in cross-dressing or a transsexual.
Multiple Orgasms More than one orgasm occurring within the same sexual encounter.
Mutual masturbation Where partners manipulate each other's genitals
Sexual Terms
Sexual terms from N through to S

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