Punterlink's Guide to Sexual Terminology

A guide to some of the terms and phrases used in the escorting industry.

Sexual Terms
Narcissism One who is stimulated by one's own body
Novice A person with lack of experience in SM, but willing to learn.
Nuts The testicles
Nymphomania The desire by a woman to have sex very frequently with many different partners.
"O" Oral sex
Obscenity Sexually arousing imagery that is considered socially offensive.
O-levels Oral sex
Old dirt road Using the anus for intercourse
One way Will perform only one type of sexual activity
Oral intercourse A sexual activity whereby the mouth of one per-is used in connection with the sexual organs of another person to produce sex gratification
Oral Oral sex. Either fellatio or cunnilingus - usually the former in the context of punter talk.
Orgasm The peak of sensation during sexual activity
Other sex/gender The other sex or gender than the reference person's own. [She has another sex partner (than her own sex).] [Are you currently in a relationship with a member of the same sex (as yourself)?]
OTK Over the knee (spanking)
Out [someone] To disclose a second person's sexual identity to a third person, especially without the second person's permission. 2. To disclose one's own sexual identity, sometimes without choosing to do so.
Outcall Where the prostitute visits the client's home or hotel. Opposite of incall
Outer course Sex play that does not include inserting the penis in the vagina or anus.
OWO Oral without [a condom]. Same as FWO or BBBJ.
Paedophilia Sexual love/attraction of a child by an adult
Passing Cross-dressing well enough to be seen as a member of the opposite sex.
Passive The person receiving intercourse
Pearl diver One who performs oral sex on the penis
Significant Other One's chosen romantic partner.
Sixty-nine Genital oral intercourse performed on each other. simultaneously by two partners
Slave A submissive that is involved in a slave/master fantasy.
Slave training The instruction of a submissive in a dominant's preference. The submissive’s behaviour is conditioned.
SM Sado-masochism See also BDSM
Smash A young woman's crush on another woman. The term was used in late nineteenth century and early twentieth century women's colleagues.
Smegma White matter which collects under the foreskin of penis
Sodomy The insertion of the penis into the anus
Solid sports Another term for hardsports.
Solo sexual Having a preference for sex with one's self (a term invented by Valory Gravois; please advise if there is a better existing word)
Snowballing The action of kissing to exchange cum immediately after CIM.
Spanking Striking or paddling a submissive in their butts.
Sperm The fluid that erupts from the penis during ejaculation
Spoons A position for sexual intercourse - both partners lying on their side, with the man behind the woman.
Stallion A male who possesses a very large penis
Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs): Infections that are often or usually passed from one person to another during sexual or intimate contact. Please refer to here for details. https://homehealth-uk.com/gumclinics/.
Straight A heterosexual
Straight sex Vaginal intercourse
Stud A male who is in great demand as a sex partner
Suck off To perform oral intercourse on the penis
Sugar daddy A man who keeps a younger person for sexual favours
Swallows Means that she swallows your cum
Swinger One who accepts free love doctrine
Swish A male who behaves in a feminine manner
Switch When a person trades places in a SM role or physical play. Ex: top or bottom, Dom or sub. It is also a tree or bush branch used for corporal punishment.
Switch hitter A bi-sexual
SWO Sex without [a condom]. Same as BBF
Sexual Terms
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