Punterlink's Guide to Sexual Terminology

A guide to some of the terms and phrases used in the escorting industry.

Sexual Terms
Testicles The male reproductive glands
TG Transgender
Third sex Homosexuals
TLC Tender loving care
Tomboy A girl who prefers the activities, privileges and dress of boys, and avoids female restrictions; sometimes used to describe adult women.
Tongue (verb) To perform oral intercourse
Toolbox The male genitals
Torture Painful actions used to enhance sexual pleasure.
Trade A passive male prostitute for homosexuals
Training Discipline used by the Dom to control the sub's behaviour, condition and/or attitude. Pony training, anal training, position training, voice command response, etc. can be used for training.
Transgender An umbrella term for those who blur the lines of traditional gender expression.
Transgendered (TG) One who switches gender roles, whether just once, or many times at will. Inclusive term for transsexuals and transvestites
Transvestite A person who dresses in the clothes and assumes the gender expression of the opposite sex.
TS, Transsexual A person that mismatches his/her personal psychology. They go for counselling, hormone treatments and surgery. Before surgery a transsexual is referred as a "pre-op" TS and after surgery is a "post-op" TS.
Transvestite (TV) One who occasionally dresses in the clothing of the opposite sex for sexual or emotional pleasure, or both. Can be male or female, hetero- or homosexual, bi- or solo sexual, and may partially or wholly cross-dress. Some have felt the word is a negative medical term; cross dresser and cross-dressing are more commonly used today. Transvestism, tranny
Triad The most basic and common form of multi-partner relationship, consisting of three adult primary partners, usually two of one sex and one of the other. threesome
Uncovered Without a condom
Unisex Not pertaining to one sex only. Unisex clothing can be worn by both traditional sexes. A unisex hair salon invites customers of both sexes. Unisexual
Urethra Duct which carries urine and semen
Urolagnia Sexual pleasure from watching another drink urine
Vacuum cleaner One who applies great suction during oral sex
Vagina Orifice of female sex organs
Vanilla sex Any non kinky sex acts
Versatile Bi-sexual
VFM Value for money
Vinyl Material used for fetish fashions
Virility The sexual power and capacity of a male
Voyeur One who gains sexual satisfaction from watching others undressing or engage in sexual acts
Walk-up This is a type of establishment that is common in Soho (including Chinatown), A walk-up has an open door leading into a flat (or two or three) in each of which a prostitute works. They advertise mainly by means of a note by the entrance saying "model" and usually giving some details.
Watersports Urination in a sexual context. Usually means that the prostitute pisses over the client, or at least for the client to watch.
WG Working girl, same as prostitute/escort
Wham bam Rapid and hurried sexual activity
Wiener The penis
With Often means "with a condom"
Without Often means "without a condom"
Whip Object that can be also a cane, crop, paddle or slapper, or a single or multiple-lash whips to beat a submissive.
Working girl Euphemism for a prostitute
Work up To create passion or to be passionate
Worship To lavish attention to a body part (Ex: feet.) Also, a role playing attitude toward a dominant.
W/S Watersports
X-frame A bondage frame in the shape of an "X" in a horizontal position

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