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I am Rene Joile, an Australian International Luxury Companion and escort. I am comfortably in my 30's, sensual, romantic or as naughty as you want. I am available independently exclusively for the fussy man seeking an exquisite experience with a genuine courtesan.

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For gents and single ladies looking to take a holiday over the Christmas, I offer excellent holiday packages which include a luxury resort of hotel in many parts of the world.

Ask me, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Incall Rates

Breakfast in bed, 10-14 hours
Dinner Date
An evening, unrushed 4-5 hours
Evening Out
A night on the town, 4-5 hours

Outcall Rates

Breakfast in bed, 10-14 hours
Dinner Date
An evening, unrushed 4-5 hours
Evening Out
A night on the town, 4-5 hours
Luxurious Overnight
From breakfast to breakfast, 24 hours

Time and Travel information

As I am a frequent traveller across Asia and the rest of the world, I can make myself available with notice.

Depending on availability, I can be by your side in under 24 hours!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much notice do you require?
More is best!
Do you offer mistress services, role play, strapon, foot fetish etc?
Yes, I am very creative with role play
What makes you different on the other girls on the web?
I am a lifestyle companion, I love what I do and it shows in my calming nature.
Is it really you in the photographs?
100% ME!! Unedited and current October 2019
What time are you available till?
Until I fall asleep
would you ever consider indulging in something that isn't on your enjoy list?
Sure! What?
Do you put any restrictions on the type of person you are willing to see?
I am not racist
Do you offer outcalls?
Who doesn't?
Would you ever consider unprotected sex?
NEVER - in fcat if you even ask, I won't see you at all, even if you say it's ok to wear a condom...!
Do you lower prices?
Will you visit me at home?
What is your preferred method of contact?
Email first, whatsap 2nd
Where are you based?
Singapore.. but I travel everywhere!
I have never met a High Class Escort before and I am very nervous. Will you see me?
I am so easy to get along with. You will feel like we have known each other all our lives once we meet.
What services do you offer?
I don't offer services, I offer experiences
Do you have rules?
We all have rules!
Are you shaved?
No hair anywhere
Can I shower at your place?
Of course!
Are you real
100% with unairbrushed photos too!
Are you bisexual?
Do you enjoy party bookings?
Where are you working this week
This week... Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong (are you following me?)
Do you do car meets?
Are you kidding!?
How come you're so sexy?
Because I couldn't be any other way ;-)
Do you accept multi-intercourse at on rdv?
rdv.. ? no idea what that is
If you are really submissive can I do what I want?
Will you send me photos of Your face?
Will you send me yours? Kidding, there are some in my web gallery, but you need to register
Do you do Anal?
No, sorry, but will do it on you
Are you a fully qualified Masseuse?
Do you dress up?
What services do you NOT provide ?
NO bum bum for me, and certainly NO natural sex... and the obvious, nothing illegal or harmful
What should I do if I'm running late ?
Call me
Can I call you at short notice ?
You can try :-)
Can I request that you wear something specific ?
I love requests
Is there secure parking nearby ?
Do you provide a GFE ?
Do you travel internationally ?
I go through passports like wine... YES!
How far will you travel for outcalls ?
One side of the world to the other....
What languages do you speak ?
Which currencies can I pay you in ?
Any as long as it gets into my account
Do you provide refreshments ?
Of course
Will you answer withheld numbers ?
No, sorry
Regarding discretion..?
Discretion is a MUST for us both!
Are your photos recent and genuine ?
100% - current pics are from October 2019, unedited!!!
Do you book appointments with women or couples ?
YES!! I am very bisexual
What type of restaurants do you like ?
All of them!
Do I pay you before or afterwards ?
Always before!
Do I need to bring my own protection or will you provide them ?
Just bring kisses, and lots of them x
What do you define as an over night booking ?
Dinner followed by breakfast in bed and all that goes on in between...
Is there an age range for people you see ?
Legal age works best
Do you do a dinner and evening appointment ?
YES!! I have an amazing wardrobe to show off!
Do you provide a travel companion service ?
I spend my life travelling, YES
Is a deposit required ?
Yes, 50-100%
Do you see disabled clients?
I can
What is the best way to arrange an appointment with you
Email is always best of whatsapp +65 85904690
What type of male do you meet?
Lucky ones
Can I film/take photos of you?
You cantake as many pics as you like on our wedding day
Do you offer overnights?
I love breakfast in bed
Are you working for someone else/are you an agency girl?
Independent, so be patient getting a reply
Will you do prostate massage
Will you do OWO
I will... if you look as yummy as you should!
What do you look for in a prospective client ?
Nice manners

Interview / More about me

Q: Do you have any particular requirements regarding hygiene? What are the guidelines that your client should follow?
Clean EVERYWHERE you want my lips to meet x
Q: What payment options are available? How would you prefer the client to pay?
Direct bank transfer. Online.
Q: How would you prefer the money to be given?
In a HUGE bag!
Q: If a client decided to make you a present, what would you be happy to receive? What is your wish-list (maybe flowers, lingerie, perfume, music albums, books etc.)?
Surprise me
Q: Do you travel? If so, what does that involve on the client's part?
It depends..
Q: Do you allow kisses?
I love kisses, and I am a super kisser too!
Q: Do you allow the clients to take photos or video? If yes, on what terms?
Terms... If we are regular travellers, holiday snaps are fine, but up close sexy pics I would be horrified if my grandmother saw, NO!
Q: How do you handle first-timers or those who have limited experience with escort services? What are your suggestions to such clients to make your encounter the most enjoyable?
I am a gentle leader and a lovely teacher x
Q: Have you ever had experiences with disabled clients? How do you meet their special needs?
I haven't actually.
Q: What is your attitude towards tobacco, alcohol and drugs? Do you drink or smoke yourself? Do you allow the client to do it during your meeting?
I am a non smoker and a light drinker, not that I judge, but my reference is to spend time with light drinkers and non to light smokers.
Q: How do you prefer a client to make an appointment? What information is important for you? Is screening required before the appointment?
Screening is common sense!
Q: Will you meet on a regular basis
I see all my clients more than once. Many of my clients become regular lovers, and many for years!
Q: Enjoy your life with the company you have, do you ever miss the one friend who made a difference?
Everybody in my life makes a difference (that was a leading question really)
Q: Are your rates negotiable?
I am sorry, I do NOT negotiate my rates. I do, however, offer some really great packages that include social time, outings and romantic escapes.
Q: Can I see you at 2 am?
You are welcome to watch me sleep at 2am.
Q: Can you do some anal play on me?
Q: How long have you been escorting ?
Many lifetimes
Q: Have you worked in any other areas of the industry ?
Yes, I have had 30 years in the adult industry!
Q: What advice would you give someone wanting to become an escort ?
Don't trust everyone you meet!
Q: Do you enjoy being an escort ?
I love my life. I wouldn't have it any other way!!
Q: If a client takes you out for dinner, what would be your favourite restaurant or favourite type of food ?
I love good food! French and Japanese are my 2 favs
Q: Do you accept gifts from clients? What sort of gifts do you like ?
Who doesn't love gifts!! You are welcome to treat me to anything from a single flower to a Rolls Royce with a ribbon around it. I am grateful for the thought. Thank you in advance.
Q: Can I book a massage and dinner date together
Oh yes, I would love that!
Q: How do you rate yourself compared to other escorts??
I don't rate anybody against anybody.
Q: Do you offer Bareback?
NOPE - and don't ask!
Q: Do you have girlfriends you play with ?
I might... but I will also play with yours ;-)
Q: Do you like being an escort? What do you enjoy most in it? What is important and have value for you in it?
I love creating memories, lovely memories and building relationships beyond the norm. I really love my life and the amazing people I meet in it!

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A mix of favorite pics

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