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And it’s hot……….

And it's hot, wow it's hot.................................................

hope you're enjoying the heat.......................................................... 

An ideal opportunity to mention that wherever you happen to be and it doesn't have to be Birmingham or London, it is certainly possible to meet.

That said, if you take the time to read through my website and notice 'favourite places' 

thrn you'll know these places are: Cirencester, Oxford, York, Worcester, Harrogate and Cheshire.

And for the few who text saying 'hey babe' then do look elsewhere for your companion.

And the true gentleman who takes the time to send an email, politely requesting to meet, he's captivated

by every nuance, the intrigue, the intellectual complicity and the unique, unforgettable experience, that

he rightly knows I can boast, than this particular gentleman is most welcome to forward his email, irishcharmhj@fastmail.net

We would definitely be on the same page.

Meeting is not just a 'meeting', there's an undefined connection, a spark, a level of intellectual stimulation that leads to 

a captivating glance, and intrigue, with a playfulness sense of humour to ease your furrowed brow and so much more....

I choose to meet with true gentlemen and would 'never' the opposite. 

Enjoy a great weekend, look forward to your email.

Helen xxxxxx


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December …………..

Yes, I realise I've not posted a blog since September. And perhaps you're thinking 

Helen Jameson has disappeared, the answer is obviously 'no' I 'certainly haven't disappeared'

If you allow it to, a blog can be repetitive series of posts on different dates but that 

covers exactly the same topic, over and over again.


And yes I'll repeat that I prefer to meet with 'mature, professional gentlemen'

Gentlemen who are thoughtful and respectful in the same measure.

Gentlemen who prefer sensual, seduction, which I think you'd agree is best 

savoured during a lengthier rendezvous, an overnight, combining 

dinner at a favourite restaurant. 

And yes, I have mentioned this before but at times I feel I need to reiterate


December almost here, time to stop and think that you've worked endless hours,

Zoom calls, conferences you've attended and you're wanting a work/life balance

and treating yourself really isnt selfish at all.

These last 'almost' 3 years have shown us all how very precious life is and that no one knows 

what's 'around the corner' but we can do our utmost to try to enjoy the moments we do have 

to create precious time, to actually 'enjoy life'

And yes on that note, 07955 302342 and irishcharmhj@fastmail.net

Many hugs and .....more

Helen xx


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Commonwealth Games

The  Commonwealth Games will very soon comes to an end.

Squash, basket ball, netball, weight lifting, hockey, cycling, 

swimming and many more.

It truly is a Summer of Sport, with the Goodwood Festival. A pity Stradivarius didn't win his race, but he gave it his all.

And I'm sure he'll not be grazing on the green pastures of retirement just yet.

So, which of the above would I list as my favourite sports, firstly it has to be horse racing and coming a close second

would be squash, followed by netball. 

I'm sure you'll thoroughly enjoy every minute of this wonderful sporting event.

And although the majority of your time will be spent enjoying the above, 

I'd be more than happy to accompany you to any of those events, to recommend fabulous restaurants and a thoroughly 

relaxed option of a dinner-date/overnight combined, would

certainly enhance your visit to Birmingham.

Do browse details mentioned on the pages of my website, as donations apply

regarding time enjoying each other's company, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

Gentle reminder, it is the case that I am exclusive to the more mature gentleman.

Who is age 48 plus and who has a professional role in the corporate world of business.


Helen xx

07955 302342

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August Availability

Helen Jameson - Helen JamesonAfter a recent conversation, it was assumed that during the summer months I may not be available. An incorrect assumption, as I do tend to be available with sufficient notice Although, tomorrow I will be visiting Chelmsford for the Fuel Fest which should be fantastic, celebs, art, music and of course sports cars associated with the recent Fast & Furious film.

Note: If you were to prefer to meet for a more relaxed dinner-date/overnight liaison, I can recommend 4/5 star hotels, once you have booked the hotel, an email with the booking reference would be required with your full name.

Discretion is assured at all times. And if for any reason you or I needed to postpone of course we would  be sure to make it known as soon as possible at least 4 hours prior to our pre-arranged time we were due to meet.

Although, the true gentlemen I do meet are more than courteous and extremely thoughtful and don’t necessarily  need to be reminded of this. Enjoy the weekend, look forward to meeting when your next window of opportunity arises.


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Autumn Pleasure

Enjoyed a fabulous summer, hope you did too. Autumn here already and to say “it’s my favourite time of year” is an understatement I absolutely love this time of year.

I do realise that it is a hectic time of year for you, the meetings, events and deadlines that you’re having to organise due to the fact that you’re annual Christmas break is but weeks away. A window of opportunity rarely occurs for you to unwind, unless of course you prioritise your leisure time.

And forward planning is key to ensuring a memorable tryst that you’ll want to repeat. On that note, if you happen to be visiting the Classic Car Show the Nec and you have booked one the fabulous hotels in Birmingham I’d be happy to discuss availability, for a  You may have read the text already within each page on my website, where I mention more than once that I much prefer to meet with gentlemen who have reached a certain stage in life, where a  quality encounter is a ‘must’

I may have waffled on a tad, but hopefully the point that I am exclusively available to mature professional gentlemen has  been noted. When we meet, trust me you will relish my Irish charm(yes, I’m part Irish but ‘convent’ educated)

Meanwhile, enjoy a fabulous weekend and the awesome Autumn sunshine.

Helen Jameson - Helen Jameson Sultry and Sexy

Helen x

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